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  1. Hard counters exist to many things. Most fleets won't have bombards.
  2. If your getting the attack flotilla make sure to grab a single requin at the same time, max out the squad. Countrary to the detractors the Requin pairs well with a heat lance heavy fleet. While the fire effect itself takes a while to function, a volley of three unlinked Battlecruiser lances are quite capable of an outcome of shredded defenses and/or hardpounding on a battleship. If you can follow up with the requins it's a easy 200-400 pts.
  3. I find the Cherbourg fine. It's all a matter of timing. It's worth holding it behind your battleship(s)
  4. I won't comment on the balance (isn't the Couronne the most bad ass carriers in game) but it's worth noting that the fixed channel arc on the Epaulard is a small downside given it's one of the most maneuverable navel ships in the game.
  5. If someone wants to link a water painting guide, that would be good enough.
  6. I intend to make a ocean table out of 2ft squares (referred to as tiles here on in). Eventually I will add shore tiles and reefs will be painted into a couple of the sea tiles. But I don't have a clue how to paint water well. So what do you think is the best way to paint water given: 1) the tiles must be able to rotate so no waves 2) the tiles must have the same shade around the entire edge of each so they match up ?
  7. I'd love to be a beta tester. 1. Yes I do play the game, I have two armies (800pts russian, 1400pts french) and regularly attended gameing groups and just go over mates places to have games. 2. I read that rulebook for fun sometimes, so yeah, I'm pretty good with the rules. 3. Happy to sign. Not my first beta test. 4. Yep. I understand, done enough structured essays to get that. 5. I pretty sure I've managed to be courteous so far on these forums though I'll try my best to tone down the sarcasm, one sin I am guilty of. 6. I was patient enough to wait till the last minute to post this... or is that lazy? I can never tell. 7. I don't think I have any relevent formal skills or experience, though I have argued balance in a variety of games, notably I tweaked many of the rules in the Lord of the Rings strategy game to make a large campaign in one of my groups more fun (bows are really useless in that game). 8. English is my first language.
  8. If it wasn't for the fact that Polish vessels can no longer support russians like they used to I wouldn't care about the allied rules at all. But with the resource rules gone the alliance rules need to be a capable replacement, which they aren't now and would be even less capable if you removed ships with limited availability.
  9. The problem is with the small factions is some of the core fleet IS limited availability. For example, in the polish land fleet ALL of the capital models have LA. If you added the no LA rule to the current allies rules you wouldn't be allowed to field a polish land force as a allied force at all. Additionally it's normally the most interesting models which have LA. Such as the Fafnir. The main reason I would consider a Denmark allied fleet is because that airship adds something cool to the game. Without it... meh. It's just another fleet of close range hard hitters and decent mines, as the French I already have that.
  10. Something I'm against mind you, A lot of the small newer factions would be kinda pointless if your ruled out models with limited availability.
  11. Despite the fact this entire conversation stemmed from the fact that there are Rocket Launching Steel Interceptors in the fluff. RC needs more than just close range brutality, they shouldn't be forced to be a one trick pony when nobody else is.
  12. This. Especially something along the lines of: Sturgnium Meltdown Play when a large capital ship is destroyed. Place a small energy votex where the ship was. SO MUCH FUN!
  13. Recon planes with target painters... [salivates]
  14. So a primary navel force wants to hit a airship hard... now what? This game is all about cross theatre battles. Such a limitation limits that.
  15. RoF and RC both NEED this. They only have one type of bomber each. Rof needs this so they can hit land and air targets hard and RC needs this so they have some range. Rof uses Rockets alot so that's not hard to explain and it says RC uses Rocket Bomber TFs in storm of steel. Big NO for limiting it to two of the factions that already have well rounded TFTs.
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