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  1. Ok thanks for the feedback guys I will chat with the folkes at Beanie Games & will see if we can re-schedule - will probable be November/December now We will keep folkes updated
  2. Just a quick reminder Tournament is this coming Saturday @ Beanie Games in Stockton Prize Support has been...Aquired
  3. Back again for our next Season of Events.... New & Improved... We have a new location Beanie Games in Stockton on Tees - Teesside (UK) The first Event of this new season is Saturday June 25th - so a bit short notice this first event I'm sure Peanutbreath will be along shortly with the updated rules etc Looking forward to all who can come along
  4. 1 week to go folkes for those with free time Next Saturday
  5. So just a little bump for this Tournament is 20/02/16 - 2 weeks this Saturday All comers welcome Including Excellent Prize support for Spartan
  6. Ok folkes Next tournie date Feb 20th (third Saturday) Final round of season 2
  7. Quality day was had THanks Gaz for running the campaign day I really enjoyed it as a difference to standard tournament format
  8. Almost certainly the third Weekend in February for the next round Just need to confirm with Waugh Games
  9. Tired of looking at a million different fleet builds so list done & sent
  10. Date for the next tournament not set for definite But will be in February
  11. I'll bring Prussians but if you need to even out sides I can bring Russians Steve
  12. Shocking state of affairs..... this post dropped to page 2!! ...Sorted now tho...
  13. I will be back to Sheffield in December Some small matter of taking Guernsey for the Prussian Empire
  14. Tournament Is this coming Saturday For any that want to come along
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