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  1. Taken a while to get this one posted, my metallic blue Aristotle with both turrets (link to gallery):
  2. Covenant forces painted with a metallic effect achieved by a metallic base coat with washes applied over the top.
  3. It's an ambitious nation that attempts to camouflage its hundred metre tall aircraft carrier.
  4. Why, it just stands for big boat.
  5. Might well be the tip why I haven't seen any clogging: .2mm is pretty thin and .35mm is almost twice as wide. Will have to get some thinner and try it out. Thanks
  6. Couple of queries. I use similar paints to yourself, but with a couple of differences. I use a .35mm Iwata with Vallejo paints. 1. What made you start thinning the primer? Vallejo's instructions say you don't need to, does the stick of the paint remain when thinned? 2. How do you find the thinner vs water? Due to availability I haven't picked any up and so use water to make the model air colours flow through the brush, but I can special order it. If it's a noticeable improvement then I might get some. Cheers.
  7. I'm stealing this idea, brilliant work. I'd been trying to think of a project for all those spare landing barge bits. Thank you.
  8. Despite no TV we do have the fastest broadband internet access on earth.
  9. I'd say there is no modifier, as there is nothing saying there is one.
  10. Yes, but Colossus is definitely a classical term (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossus_of_Rhodes) and the CoA have the Iron Men which are yet to make an appearance.
  11. I agree with everything bar this. I think the Colossus looks more CoA. On the chest it looks more like a CoA ball turret you see all over their ships. Plus the KoB don't have any robots/walkers thus far
  12. I don't think they are all to scale. Number 8 (a Prussian heavy) is the sized like a medium on the preview, but looks similar o their land ship. It also might be incorrectly named (I.e. should be a medium).
  13. I never leave without my Uwatsus. I often try to max them out (40% of my fleet). At 1000 points that is 4 full squadrons. The extra CR means they often only get damaged and can still contribute to your swarm broadside. In range 1 against a BB , I've taken out a number of them.
  14. Spartan have added the MARs to the downloads section (see here). Incidentally there are other documents there that describe the infantry, new weapons and new generators.In there it specifically says attachments cannot be made to squadrons already containing the attached unit. Ergo, 1-2 vessels is you limit for a squadron of hoods.
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