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  1. So I'm posting this in two places, because it crosses over a little bit into both WWX and DW (trying to link the two slightly). So this is a cross over story for WWX and DW, which I hope you will enjoy Also big thanks to Sarah Cawkwell for offering sage advice, encouragement, and a fair wedge of editing. Diversion.pdf
  2. So I'm posting this in two places, because it crosses over a little bit into both WWX and DW (trying to link the two slightly). I accept that those that don't like the move over to the Dystopian Age won't necessarily like this story, but I wanted to see what people thought of this. Yes, this is a background re-write, and yes it is in keeping with the new WWX storyline which frankly I quite like. Even if you don't like the reasoning, would you be so kind to see if you like the story? Also big thanks to Sarah Cawkwell for offering sage advice, encouragement, and a fair wedge of editing. Diversion.pdf
  3. Very nice work, this looks very well put together. I even can see my old Spartan community posts... wow.. that was a while ago. Anyway, nice to be back. Shame I can't change my forum name to BigGrumpyGamer, but I'll live
  4. Cold Fusion spotted a few mistakes on the Terran Cards. I've made the fixes needed and uploaded a new version to the blog site. I'm also sending the new sip to The Black Ocean right now.
  5. Its ok, I had seen you'd been rather busy. You should have all the zips now
  6. Ok holiday period over, so as a temporary drop zone I have put the cards in rapidshare. Still just the 6 core atm. I really have no idea if these are any good. Hope they help someone out there. Find them linked off of: HTTP://kalisix.wordpress.com
  7. All being well the core 6 races are with the Black Ocean now. All not being well they should be with them later
  8. PNG is indeed the likely format, same as YLLAN's stat cards. In similar vein once the colour versions are done I will put together a grey scale format which will have better contrast for black and white printers. But ill get the colour versions done first and make them available.
  9. I don't know if I will pre make the sheets up. That should allow them to be organised as the downloader sees fit. I have however printed off a couple and in black and white the writing becomes difficult to read when they are card sized. I would recommend 4 per A4 sheet personally. A little large for card sleeves unfortunately. Sorylian and Aquan are done and I've started work on the Dindrenzi. Now I have the layout templates fixed in Photoshop files moving things around and adding in new stuff is becoming easier (though the Dindrenzi Dreadnought has a hell of a lot of options which made fitting it all in a little challenging).
  10. I might just put a makers mark on the card somewhere.. I'll think about this
  11. I've decided to carry on putting more together. I've adjusted Aspect Ratio to 2:3 (or at least as close as I can get it) I'm working on the Aquan Prime stats as I type I would certainly like to put them onto Black Ocean as soon as I have them done. I'll likely package them up into Race specific Zip folders.
  12. I really like the alternative stat cards for Dystopian wars, and as I'm just about to break into Firestorm Armada for the first time I thought I would look out for some. Obviously with 2.0 just having kicked off I realised there wouldn't be any, so I started making my own. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/album/703-firestorm-armada-stat-cards/ Some of these are Low-Res as the main file was too big for the Spartan Gallery. Yes the design is heavily stolen from YLLAN Do I continue and make the others? Also if people want them, does anyone know a good file hosting site I could use?
  13. Kalisix

    Firestorm Armada Stat Cards

    My attempt at YLLAN style stat cards for Firestorm Armada 2.0. Sorylian only so far, but I might make the others.
  14. While I accept the Rochelle is very good (having fielded it in a large game recently), I think in a 750pt I like the idea of being able to get my tft's back out to cause havoc, hence the Couronne. That said the games are limited to 4 turns each... so may be not. I'm trying to hash together a few ideas so that I can play test them. Thus far my play style has been stemmed slightly by only getting to play against 2 local players who only hvae starter boxes (1 ottomen and 1 eotbs). The Heat Lance offensive with Cherbourgs and the La Rochelle has more or less seem me through the Ottomens on occasion (though I got thumped first time by them) and for the Empire I've been going with plenty of AA and armour to annoy the hell out of his rocket heavy box set. Realisically I adapt playstyle a lot. I got the french in the first place due to the look of the Surface skimmer models, I've stuck with them as I love the air dominance and heat lance combinations, even if I do find that generally the fleet has to concentrate and elimate rather than spread its fire like other fleets can.
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