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  1. AC hasn't been touched or mentioned since the release of Operation Sirroco. It appears dropped and forgotten
  2. Since Spartan don't release models in blisters anymore, does this mean there's a new box coming out, with more new models than the bomber?
  3. The single 'turrets' weapon is correct. It also has a heat lance, mortars and a generator, for the same price as the Washington, which has none of these things. I don't think that's nerfed at all.
  4. mortars are never identified as gunnery, and gunnery is not the default weapon type. not all non-spec weapons are gunnery p120. broadsides are identified as gunnery p120, and they can only link with other weapons identified as gunnery. if mortars are not gunnery type, the broadside is prevented from linking with them p115. p120 says most p/s weapons are gunnery. p64 says all gunnery is primary, secondary or tertiary. neither mean that all p/s weapons are gunnery. mortars not identified as gunnery cannot link with broadsides raw. if this is intended, it must be corrected or made clearer in errata. alternatively, bombards/mortars could be given names such as "Light Mortar Gunnery (S)" in the next update.
  5. ah, now i feel sad for the fictional 1/1200 soldiers
  6. page 115 says "same type: gunnery with gunnery, rockets with rockets... [etc]" which is a separate rule to the p/s gunnery rule. it's never said mortars or bombards are gunnery?
  7. gunnery can't link with mortars?
  8. It sounds like the Liberty already had the LSM marker? Couldn't the Liberty have 'moved' 0" Dead Slow, even if it couldn't turn, until it had repaired the Navigational Lock?
  9. I can't fault you. The FSA use robots and rockets. Why isn't there a robot with a rocket punch yet? The John Henry lost some of its boarding power, right? To make it less amazingly good at everything. It's a little disappointing not to have any robots that are strong boarders, considering the new robot rules. Maybe there's a niche here that can be filled. With a robot rocket punch. Or more variation in the current ones. I've seen your arguments in other threads and I agree. This looks a nice solution. I think each nation deserves to be able to take units that are useful. Or rather, the game should avoid situations where a player will be required to buy units they know won't be useful.
  10. Another flying small. There are only two FSA flying smalls. One's escort-only, the other has no anti-air weapons (apart from AA and ramming, obviously), which is a bit unfair in an air versus air game, considering you've gotta buy some smalls and there's low expectation of your opponent fielding surface units
  11. What I wanted: FSA land stuff, fifth Requin. What's on sale...? Only sea stuff, five Requins.
  12. I'd want to buy the new FSA land stuff separately from the box since I have almost a full AC armoured brigade by now, so I don't want the older models in the box. Also, a fifth Requin.
  13. Then you've no reason to post like a jerk vOv I suggest arguing over what the OP actually said rather than being sarcastic.
  14. I put 'assuming' in the post because I'm well aware I haven't played with the Washington. I was commenting on the line I quoted.
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