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  1. It doesn't follow much of the old lore other than that, in general, Dramos happened. Everything else is new or arranged differently. A'quan are no longer terrestrial beings, but living celestial starships. The Veydreth and Oroshan are now essentially the same empire, the Relthoza accidentally got their whole population assimilated into a nanotech hive mind and their interstellar presence on the scene is very new, etc. There is not a time skip, just a reset of events and expanding the lore of the conflicts between some of the factions across centuries. The old Terran/Sorylian/Aquan and Directorate/Dindrenzi/Relthoza alliances never really happened and the only forces that do really work together are the Stormzone Coalition, which will be the merc force so to speak of all the old alliance factions that didn't get folded into a main faction.
  2. Regarding Dice I have only ever heard exploding 6's is still a thing. And regarding Shields I have only heard them no longer being like armor saves, but not details about what they actually are now.
  3. Some other stuff for those of you who don't facebook: 8th Faction is Stormzone Coalition, and it is essentially the Mercenary faction where every other league/alliance faction goes. Can build a fleet composed of helixes from any of the coalition races, allowing you to mix Kedorian, Terquai, Tarakian, etc. Stormzone Coalition is allied in order to stay on even power terms with the main factions, but that doesn't mean they have the same goals or even like each other. Many internal power struggles. Ryuushi still dislike the Kedorians and only remote in to their Coalition meetings since their city ships are used as sites for those. Each race within the Stormzone Coalition has different preferences for the main factions, meaning they will work with some main factions and not others. A fleet from the 7 main factions can include 1 helix from a Stormzone Coalition race that will work for them. All factions have Shields to some extent. Shields are not dice based, so they are no longer like a save, but we do not know exactly how they are represented yet. A'quan are now living ships that are born in space and feed on stellar matter, no longer having their aquatic species fluff or any crew. Over time, A'quan collect material that they use to increase in size. The young are fighters, the juveniles are equivalent of frigates, adults the equivalent of cruisers and other mediums, and Elders are equivalent of battleships/carriers. Dreadnoughts are called Ancients. Aesthetic is split between at least two types, the Vo'Narr and the Ce'Sara. Ce'Sara Battleship design is essentially like the Poseidon-class, and the Vo'Narr Ancient is like the Medusa. A'quan are the oldest of the races and have a line of though and culture that is beyond most other civilizations understanding. This makes it hard to communicate with them; they are capable of having an exchange with the other races, its just that their perceptions of time and space, concepts like territory and family, etc. are so different that they have problems reaching a satisfying understanding. Humans made the mistake of treating them like space whales to be hunted for generations, so as a result they will attack all Terran and Dindrenzi ships on sight. Soryllians consider defeating them to be a major career booster so they are also not on good terms with them. Relthoza no longer cloak. They are doubling down on nanotechnology self repair and space folding/shunt. Each individual Relthoza helix can select from one of several ruleset themes based on their ability to do a trick with their hull or the space around them. We don't know what the Relthoza tricks are yet. Veydreth are the main cloaking race now. Classic Terran Alliance is a sub theme of the Terran Directorate, called Kurak Engineering. Classic Directorate is a sub theme as well, called Sabulon Systems. Rense System Navy is a sub theme of Dindrenzi, unsurprisingly. Long term plans for the Firestorm universe currently only involve Armada. There are currently no plans considered for Planetfall at this time.
  4. There is no indication of hex maps. Nor are you actually required to swap out the bases; if you don't want to, there is a movement/firing template that functions with the old bases. The fact of which readily implies no hex tile maps.
  5. So assuming it would function like in Planetfall: Lists were constructed using a point total, and would be organized into one or more Core Helixes. A Core Helix would be something mainstay, like I imagine 1 Battleship, a Unit of Cruisers, and 1 to 2 squads of Frigates for an Armada Core Helix. Each Core Helix could be expanded with additional Helixes, of which there were varying types such as Armored Helix, Recon Helix, Support Helix, etc., and these all included their own kinds of things in it. So for example, maybe a Carrier Helix would allow a Carrier and some number of cruisers or assault ships. You could have up to one of each Helix attached to each Core Helix. Alternatively, you could deny yourself a corresponding Helix to double up on a particular one. So for example, a list may allow a Core Helix to add two Recon Helixes if it does not have a Support Helix. A single Core Helix could be expanded with Helixes to be a pretty good sized force, or multiple Core Helixes each with own customized expansions could form a very large army. Activation in the game was alternating, but also based on the Helixes. You would choose a Helix to activate, which meant that any squadrons in that Helix are what you would be activating over your next few turns, and you could choose the order of which squadron to activate. Then once each squadron in a Helix had activated, nominate another Helix and go from there, until the entire Core Helix and its expansions had activated. Then, if playing with more than one Core Helix, you would start nominate another Core Helix to do the same thing until all models have activated.
  6. Definitely a merger, and not one that I was expecting. Two main factions coming together also makes it more likely that the Veydreth stuff we saw earlier is indeed a promotion into a main faction. The overall look does feel like a combo of Terran and Directorate designs. Overall I'm not opposed to the new direction, but since I one my fleets is Terran and one of my friends fleets is Directorate, we will be interested to know how older models might be used in the new edition. Can a Terran and a Directorate cruiser proxy for the new cruiser, for instance, or would they be entirely different models, perhaps representing older generation models still in service (in which case the faction would have quite a few options). EDIT: For those that didn't see this question get answered on FB: When you build a Terran Directorate Fleet you either choose one of the mega corporations that makes up the Terran Directorate, or you do a joint venture to combo with several. Classic Terran aesthetic is represented by Kurak Engineering. Classic Directorate is represented by Sabulon Systems. The new combined look is from Zenian Technologies, which is one of their largest corporations. Hawker Industries is also in here, along with I believe Works Raptor.
  7. Are thing still on this schedule or have things been affected by the worldwide issues?
  8. An official Organized Play document, a la Steamroller for Warmachine/Hordes, can work wonders for this kind of thing in terms of establishing what a tournament organizer can get nitpicky about and what they cannot. If the Peg is still the primary representation of the model and its measurements, then bases with slight variations in size or shape from the originals is no problem. Things do get trickier however if the pegs are of different measurement. Casual play can probably hand wave the mere millimeters of difference, hypothetically, but at a tournament level there would indeed be a cry for standardization.
  9. Always really liked the flexibility and sturdiness of the Hawker Resolute. The turrets gave a squadron a lot of options for how to divide their firepower and Weapon Shielding is such a good rule.
  10. Just as an FYI, players taking turns activating one squadron or model/unit at a time is called Alternating Activations. I Go You Go refers to the Warhammer/Warmachine style of I activate all my models, then you activate all your models.
  11. They don't have access to the details of the Kickstarter, of course, but doesn't Warcradle now own the renders/design of the Saurian and Pathogen ships? Those would have been Spartan IP and data at time of the purchase right? I'm really hoping to get my hands on those Aquan light torpedo destroyers; that design was so sleek.
  12. I'm involved in it a well. CID is amazing and is ahead of most wargames community involvement in general; but CID is about trying to balance out individual models and theme forces, not the core rules. I understand what you're trying to say, but a complete 1:1 of CID in Firestorm would mean you getting to say input on the stats and MARS of individual Relthoza ships before they're finalized, not say anything about v3 cloaking.
  13. Since you said it, I feel it necessary to point out that their experience with the open beta of mk2 specifically led to there being *no* open beta for Mk3, and there were plenty of 'issues' that a subset of the player base voiced about the removal of morale from the game, changes to Tough, reduction of heavy infantry wounds, etc. And while copious errata and community integrated discussion has fixed most of the outlier problems to make it the best the game has even been, a lot of those aforementioned core rule changes remain. But in any case, there is more up front community involvement in Firestorm Mk3 than for Warmahordes Mk3.
  14. I like the idea of just tallying the support fire numbers to calculate link fire, and taking successes off at the end is a much better system. Damaged ships can still throw enough dice to spike up and deal a nice contribution in the late game, whereas in the current system they wait for the rare multitude of sixes on a few dice. Far too many 2.0 games in my experience where near-crippled capital ships on both sides ineffectually slap at each other for several turns. I also like special rules clearly being separated between weapons and models; follows suit with a lot of the other wargames I play. Is there any equivalent to High-Energy or things that cause Hazard effects?
  15. Near Sacramento (Elk Grove). I play with my friend and we own a bunch of armies between the two of us for both Armada and Planetfall. Most of my gameshop travels have been for Warmachine/Hordes, but I might be free on some weekends to go to Great Escape Games. My friend is not available on weekends, so unlikely to be able to make it.
  16. Although it appears to me that several weapons among the Relthoza and some of the other factions receive bonuses when both of the identical weapons fired at the same target (combined or separately), implying that they could do otherwise.
  17. Maybe I missed it, but didn't see it mentioned in the rules synopsis so thought I'd ask: Is Independent Targeting the norm now? I noticed it absent from just about everything that I recall having it.
  18. I don't think that type of movement ruler can be copyrighted. A tool vaguely of that shape and design just simply makes sense for a game that implements turns like that. I think DP9 already has some things like that for Hover Tanks and stuff in Heavy Gear Blitz. And being a space ship miniature game in this day in age is just, well, welcome to the club. The only really curious thing is the Spartan-ish logo for the Jovians. I mean Spartans are part of pop-culture so its not that far fetched, but you definitely raise your eyebrows...
  19. Frequent updates and solid release schedule is rarely going to be a factor for Spartan products. A company of their size is only ever capable of focusing on a few of their products at a time, resulting in release and development always seeming to shift from favoring Halo Ground and Fleet, to Dystopian Wars and Legions, to Firestorm Armada and Planetfall. So you'll always get x number of months out of the year where your particular invested product gets you hyped, followed by a long lull while the fans of the other product get their turn. I play so many wargames at the moment that the frequency of new releases isn't a big deal to me. If new editions and some new stuff are in the works then that's good enough for me on that front, but I would like to see some kind of organized play for both Firestorm games. Of course, making organized play rules and documents is one thing, but getting some kind of community around it would require that the Vanguard program become something a bit closer to a Privateer Press Pressganger in scope and function (right now it seems more like the love child of pressganger and infernal)
  20. Nope. Don't subtract successes from damage on a per weapon basis. Just model. Regardless of how many weapons are firing in your example, the subtraction would be 3. However they end up doing it for mk3, the work we have to do should come off the final tally, not have us micro-manage each weapon's contribution. That's what eats up time: me having to think "Ok, RNG band 2, I get 15 dice, and my Turret is 8, and his squad mate is linking both weapons together for four total, but wait, I have 3 damage and the squad mate has 4 damage, so I really start with 12 dice, and my pool is (8 - 3) + (8 - 4) + (15 -4) = 20/2 = 10." It seems so simple on paper, sure, it's not complicated, but you sit there doing it in your head for 5-10 seconds, when ideally we should be striving for situations where we just go point and say "this ship is attacking this ship with these weapons. *rolls dice*."
  21. Mk3 Armada should follow Planetfall's damage effect and have each damage on every participating ship subtract 1 success from the final tally of their linked fire. That way you don't sit there subtracting damage from each weapon contributing to the pool, or even take it off the final pool count at the end. Instead you just quickly tally, cut in half, add to the first weapon, roll, and then after counting your final hits, subtract your damage from it. So if you scored 12 hits off of your linked fire, and one participating vessel had 2 damage and a second had 1 damage, you'd end up with 9 hits. Movement is harder to speed up in terms of how its done. The template adds to the feel of the big ships moving through space. However, I really think Spartan needs to take another look at a "Power to Engines" order that lets ships forfeit attack for an increase in movement. Essentially the equivalent of a run order in most ground games. It was considered for Mk2 but dropped before it was finalized. I think it would really speed up when ships get into effective range bands and are maneuvering around each other--the meat of the game, and reduce the number of turns where it is just a wall of ships moving towards one another firing torpedoes and hoping to pierce undamaged PD.
  22. ^Syndicate and Traders are all considered the same faction technically right? All part of STL? So you could also build full fleets using their carrier, cruisers, escorts, etc. Are there any slightly shared design aesthetics between the Syndicate and Traders, or are they pretty separate like Omnidyne and Corsairs?
  23. The Spartan email had a link to a shop order page. They come out May 25th.
  24. But it did say 2 new factions and that it would apply to both Planetfall and Armada/Taskforce, hence the speculation.
  25. I'm willing to test the Velites out a bit to see. I do have a kneejerk reaction to it's firepower, but also recognize that the crappy turn limit and low PD mean that this ship should have a difficult time getting that sweet spot every time, and more importantly, should be getting shot to hell before even reaching the sweet spot range. So the question is, does it's slow turn rate and ability to be chewed up by torpedoes in the early game successfully temper the Velites firepower and generality enough to not make other Dindrenzi mediums irrelevant. As to the kneejerk reaction, my kneejerk response was maybe to get rid of the fore scatter gun. Having Scatter gun ranks still makes them really good at not being swarmed by difficult targets, as was intended, while the lack of the fore gun means a fully linked forward barrage is only 16. Oh, and I'm assuming the Perseus-class Torpedoes is a typo? It's listed with primary weapon range bands instead of Torpedo range bands.
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