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  1. yeah thats what i thought.... thanks Matt
  2. on the army list it says you can take 1 air fleet support asset and that this can include up to 3 squadrons. if you go through the list it says the following 1- zero - three light zeppelin squads 2- zero - two scout ships 3- zero - two bomber squads 4- zero - one airships. question is does this mean you can only take say 1 airship and 2 bomber squads and or three light zeppelin squads, or does it mean you can take multiple of each type of squadron to make 3 types. say 2 light zeppelins, 2 bombers and an airship making 3. Rules are confusing as on the A5 rules it states 3 squadrons from the following.... yet on the A4 sheet for the support asset stats it doesn't mention it only being restricted to three... if that makes any sense thanks Matt
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