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  1. My cunning plan to avoid it by heading to the lower tables worked like a charm! Really, really cool weekend, so nice to play against new people and new fleets. Thanks to everyone but especially Chancer. Can't wait for next year!
  2. Canadian bunkers are cheaper now No more diehards across the board All armoured is all terrain Think the skilled drivers commodore ability has changed
  3. Not so, let's look at the rule again. So if we are deploying on the land surface we only need to have the terrain feature not be impassable to armoured models. Islands are automatically on the land surface. In your original quote that omitted the bracketed clauses you'd have more of a case, but the full quote from the rulebook clears up the island controversy. I still cannot find anything that would allow for universal fortifications to deploy directly onto a surface, but the existence of torpedo towers (That would literally never be able to fire if on terrain) and the words of a respected play-tester lead me to believe that this was not the intention. All it would take to clarify would be a well placed full stop or the inclusion of the word "or" for the sentence to work as intended.
  4. Ooooh, new Canadian stats. With lend-lease!
  5. I'm fairly certain that the intent was that you can deploy on the surface, but what's written doesn't follow. I'm trying to see if there's anything in any other sections that makes a difference. Work brain has kicked in, sigh. Merlin, islands occupy the land surface, so you can place a tower on an island as the island is not impassable to armoured.
  6. Before I read over it again that was exactly my stance. The problem is that the term "Terrain feature" is defined as a specific term in the rules. The "open terrain" you're talking about is a major surface, not a terrain feature. The difference in wording for the sea fortifications suggests that it's deliberate distinction. The existence of multi-purpose fortifications suggest that it's deliberate.
  7. Everyone calm down. It's just the new take on armoured clash, it's not trying to be Dystopian Wars. It's for playing bigger or faster games, that's it.
  8. It was a joke, but nevermind. Although it does raise a question. If universal fortifications can be deployed in open water why has multipurpose fortification been invented for the dreadforts?
  9. Well, we worked out how to kill a windsor....
  10. See, that's what I originally thought, hence my initial "Of course you can" response and why my posts may now seem a little schizophrenic. The relevant sentence is quoted by Merlin, and is cogent (Terrain features go on major surfaces after all). I would argue that you cannot place universal or land fortifications on the major surface. It seems that terrain generation and selection therefore is really supposed to be a careful selection rather than the "just bung a few islands down" than is common. It does raise the question of what happens to fortifications that cannot deploy.
  11. Is the island impassable to naval? Yes. Is it impassable to armour? Probably not, but for the sake of a quickly fire answer we'll say no. Therefore the model can be placed on the island. Thought we were still talking about universal fortifications when I answered this one (teach me to read forums on my phone between meetings ) . By the letter of the rules land fortifications must be placed on terrain features on the land major surface. This would include islands.
  12. It's meaning don't place the models in impassible terrain. After re-reading the rules it seems like I was wrong and you can only place universal fortifications on reefs and sandbars on the water major surface or in hills, swamps, forests, islands and outcrops on the land surface. There may be more things you can put them on in the advanced rules, but I'm on my lunch break right now.
  13. 7 ships painted, 7 to go. I will paint faster, I will paint faster, I will paint faster!
  14. Both the missus and I play, and we're due a baby in August. Quick play rules give us a fighting chance of a game;so I'm in!
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