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  1. Not all Allies are non Core. For instance Free Australians or LoIS can take Mercenaries as Core. KoB takes RA and Raj as Core. And there are other combinations.
  2. Perhaps the CTRL+F trick could help to find stuff in that document?
  3. Get an Avenger, and you actually get two Rulers in that model. You just need the shafts bit for each ruler, as the Avenger has them modified. You can never go wrong with a Vengeance. Or two. That box actually is a very good buy.
  4. Do you mean the Fury class frigate? If so, then this list is illegal. The Fury can only be attached to BW Medium models.
  5. Awesome, another ninja change of an important rule.
  6. The reason is RAW. SAS against SAS is not an Attack Run, but a Dogfight.
  7. It is not -1 for Obscured, it is 5+, meaning that if both are Obscured, both hit the other one on 5+. A Surface model hits a Stratospheric model on 6+, and vice versa, A Stratospheric model hits a Submerged model on 6+. I hope this helps.
  8. The LoIS Affondatore (losing the boats though). No other Large carrier is available to them as far as I know. Only some models with the Squadron Support MAR.
  9. So the CoA player can shoot the Prize/Derelict, while anyone else cannot? Sounds fair.
  10. You can ram one of the minisubs with a submerged model, unless it manages to roll for evasive manoeuvre. I use my minisubs to deny movement quite regularly, however, I prefer to only block movement after minimum move, so my models cannot be moved out by the compulsory move of the blocked model.
  11. Yes, but not as Close Allies, limiting their options and making their SAS KoB. And quite a few tournaments here ban Allies.
  12. @ZeroOne - Pity the IR ORBAT dies not include the Halifax. I would probably then buy the box just for my IR fleet.
  13. As far as I understand the rules, surface models can have aerial escorts (Ottoman Zuhafs, FSA flying robots). I see no reason why a submersible model could not have a surface escort. The only thing is, that if your submersible on the surface has a CAP and decides to submerge/deep dive or go stratospheric, the CAP immediately detaches itself. Escorts do not seem to me to have any such rule.
  14. So are the BW Wraiths. http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWEX18
  15. @Tower75: I do not think you understand the Devastating Munitions correctly. You roll two D6 for any (RED) 6 in the initial roll as per DA, page 72, not for the first (RED) 6 in the initial roll. Hence why the BW Nemesis is so deadly. If your 8 AD roll results in 4 (RED) 6's, you actually roll 8 AD in the second dice batch. If you meet with Retardant Armour (1), you would roll 6 AD in the second dice batch.
  16. Most probably a couple of days after the models are released.
  17. Some more here: http://s482.photobucket.com/user/watchdog79/library/Dystopian%20Wars/Indian%20Raj
  18. Remember the old Naval Demonstration Set? It had 1x Lexington, 3x Augusta, 1x Plato and 3x Diogenes in it. Enough to show the very basics.
  19. Every other model beyond the first Orion participating in an attack gives 1 Pack Hunter Dice. Orions A+B get 1 dice. Orions C+D get 1 dice. If all of them target one cruiser, you get 3 dice.
  20. I played my BW fleet against the Royal Aussies in a game of 1500 points, naval core. I lost, but not truly decisively. I fielded the BW naval battle group with an extra Death Bringer and the BW aerial battle group, bar the redundant fifth Wraith. I had Guardians on the Nemesis battle cruisers, rockets on the Manticores and double rockets on the Retribution. I advanced the Manticore and Nemesis battle cruisers and flanked the Wraiths, rolling for them to come in turn 2. The RA player (Krwekrw) fielded the Aussie naval battle group, except for 2 Protectors, a shielded RA Illustrious, an Osprey and 5 Merlins. He had the Protectors attached to the battleships in groups of 3. We both fielded 2x fighters and 1x dive bombers, plus a recon. TAC cards were used. Krwekrw had the Mediums field order, I had the Larges/Massives. I should have taken the 70%. My Manticores died in turn one to concentrated firepower, but it was a change to be able to fire into RB 3. One Nemesis was sunk and one was Prized and he used the Forced Compliance on it. I immediately Prized it and he Derelicted it then. I managed to Prize both battle ships, one of which was then Salvaged, the other cost him his Commodore and some AP as a result of some failed Disorder tests. My Chimeras did almost nothing and died to Merlins and other gunfire. My Wraithes were the stars of the battle. They caused havoc and when his Illustrious with almost a full crew tried to board the last unactivated Wraith, it AAed and fought so well, that the enemy had 0 AP left. What a series of lucky rolls on my side! I hit the Illustrious some more to reduce its AA and then boarded it with the last remaining 1 AP from the last Wraith. The lone marine squad got through and Prized the Illustrious! I made a big mistake and turnt one of my Death Bringers too soon and got within RB 1 of the Osprey and I couldn't use the guns, damn it. Both subs took heavy pounding, but kept afloat, even ramming the enemy ships. I rammed the Obscured Osprey with the Retribution, he decided not to evade to avoid getting into boarding range of my subs and I caused a crit! IR 7 is great. Other than that, the Retribution is kinda meh. No shield makes it awfully vulnerable and the weapons are not that impressive, especially the fore guns after a few HP lost. The Retribution went down quickly as soon as the enemy focused some fire on it. My Furies also took heavy pounding, but it was them who Prized the captured Nemesis and then the enemy Commodore's battleship. What hurt me a lot was the opponent rolling weapon damage crit on one Nemesis and then on one of my subs and I really felt the loss of the AD. The Victoria gunships are pure evil in pairs. I somehow forgot that they have AD in RB1 and this proved costly me. The Osprey is a tough nut to crack and the RA one with Devastating Ordnance is a foe to be feared. I failed to down the damaged Osprey and I was therefore unable to accomplish my objective, while my last Chimera Medium went down. I suffered from the loss of both my Guardians early in the game. It is just one shield dice, but it could have meant the difference between no damage at all and slowly succumbing to death by a thousand cuts. I actually helped my opponent by reminding him about the amazing CC value of 2 per Crocodile before the start of the battle. My Reapers felt it heavily. Crocodiles make excellent sub hunters and mine sweepers (not used in this game) with their 9 AD full squadron CC attack. TAC cards were quite insignificant and mostly got cancelled (namely Devastating Barrage and Battlefield Repair)- The BW Commodore's doctrine of cancelling a TAC with any other TAC came in handy. I saved 40 points cancelling his Battlefield Repair. All in all, it was a brutal battle, which took us over 5 hours, but we both enjoyed it.
  21. There are more types of Ordnance: Gunnery, Rocket, Torpedo and Bomb Ordnance. I understand it so that everything (bar AA/CC and Mines) that is not of one of the other types or something special (such as the Particle Accelerator) is Gunnery Ordnance.
  22. Regular Bombards and Mortars are Gunnery Ordnance. Other than that, you can fire Rockets and such at a flyer in RB1. As for Volley Guns, they definitely are Gunnery Ordnance too, hence the High Angle MAR.
  23. I know that the player with the Strategic Advantage says who plays the declared card first, but a question remains, who declares they are using a TAC card at all as the first? Do I understand it correctly, that if both players declare they are using a card, they then cannot cancel one another's card, since they already used their one allowed card for something else than cancelling? Having to declare first would then be a disadvantage. Or can both players declare they are using a card and then cancel the opponent's card freely with other card(s) from their hand? *is confused*
  24. The thing with the torpedo bombers is that after AAing them, their target gets to use CC against their ordnance and shield dice work too, even if BLUE.
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