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  1. Hello, We are launching a little game this week-end with 3 friends. Ready to come back to Dystopian wars, nevertheless I have a few questions and observations. I do not see yet releases of aerial units. Any idea if this part is going to be developed/added later? Loved all the choices you had with Spartan games for aerial units. It added so much to the game. I used to play Blazing sun, the choice was wonderful: Bombers, Suzuka heavy bombers, Inari scout gyro, carriers etc... For me it's really an important part of the game, it adds so much flavor, tactics, it would be a real mistake not to develop this part. Talking about releases , and future concept, I do not see much really. If I remember correctly Spartan games was very active, showing 3D concepts of future releases etc... Here it seems so quite... it's a little worrying for new comers to join a "new" game... Is Warcradle studio still active? And lastly on the worrying side still, this forum is also not very active... Is there another active forum elsewhere? Voilà I am a little worried to be honest to dive in a new version of the game, as I do not see a lot of com from Warcradle, a dead forum... really strange... Regards
  2. Hello to all, I am back after a few years, and I have seen that quite a things have changed. SO I have quite a few questions after watching a few battle reports, read parts of rules etc... I am not a huge fan of what I have seen in V3 rules. I think I did prefer the v2 rules. Nevertheless I see that new ships have been added in v3? Can I find a conversion table for stats V3 > V2? If i wanted to play in V3 could I find conversion tables for my old ships V2 > V3? What would be the main differences between the V2 and V3? In V2 I don't remember really (need to check my books and pdf) could you personalise ships? If it is not the case, how difficult is it to use an adpated table of personalisations from V3 > V2? I do not see a lot of air units. I loved those. Was playing the japanese fleet. Are those planned in the future? About the miniatures, are they compatible (old and new) is the scale very different? Any picture example? If there is a huge difference, do warcradle sells 3d Models for homemade print, I could therefore scale them down. Any page, or link with an overfly of strength and weakness of each factions? For instance if I wanted to play the Empire, could I mix chinese and japanese ships? Any links to old material, rules, updates, tables etc...? Voilà that's about all for now. Thanks!
  3. Ok so that makes a huge difference... So that should have been an easy win for me finally. As his bombers were the only thing to perform well ingame. ps: Je suis de Bruxelles et toi?
  4. He combined the mines. 4x5 = 20... telling me if I moved in one inch from mines they would explode in a 4 inch radius. Donc en effet il a combiné les 4 mines faisant un total de 20 dés par bateau dans les 4 pouces de rayon... Ce qui est assez dévastateur!
  5. thanks all, Here is a very small overview of my game last night. First of all we had a great time! And the game was ferocious. I am in fact quite happy of how my units performed but I think I made a mistake not fielding air (scout gyro) as I usually do. My opponent had a mixed air and sea force. - 4 Antarctica Ptolemy Class Bombers - 2x 4 frigates - 1 BB - 3x Capek Class Attack Flyers (I think? not sure...) - 2x small bombers - 3 cruisers And I have to say the only thing that annoyed me was his Ptolemy bombers and the mine dropping in my fleet as I concentrated mainly for firepower. We did not count the victory points at the end it was a slaughter on both sides. Perhaps a slight Antartica victory but not sure. I had a really great start with my gunships taking out directly one cruiser and crippling another one! Those gunships always do the job for me. They are versatile, I do love them. They did the job a little to well... My opponent Directly went for my frigates with his "Capek" attack flyers on my right wing and destroyed 2 of them with rockets and guns before pulling back. My Arashi did a good amount of damage again on his cruisers. Quite a lot of firepower this bunch. But They need close support as they have only one weapon in a fix channel and not very maneuverable. All I advanced my 2 my frigates towards the center and towards his BB using iceberg covers. Same for my small robots who saddly did not perform that well. They did not have the chance really as they were quickly under fire. I later in the game destroyed 1 crippled cruiser with them (had 3 left) and a few damages on frigates. On the second turn my opponent concentrated fire on my gunship which performed a little to well on the first turn. They were constantly under fire (guns, rockets, mines...) during the whole game, But by the end managed to save one. I have to say that around the mid game, I had a good advantage. His BB had about 3 or 4 damages done by the devastating firepower of my rockets + an attack from my tiny torpedoes. He lost his BB a few turns later. My frigates finished it. But saddly my lack of air support played tricks on me. He cautiously advanced his Ptolemy bombers the first two rounds to finally launching his mines around my BB and small subs. He destoyed 2 of my robots and made a crit on my BB. (20 dices of mines exploding around me....!!!!!) Later in the game his frigates destroyed my BB in about 2 or 3 rounds. I did put quite a fight on this side of the table. His Ptolemies performed really well, they did about 3/4 of the job of his fleet on my ships. So by the end of the game: I destroyed: - 1BB and AA support sinked - 2 Ptolemy bombers, one was baddly damage (3 hull points down). The last was fine. - 3 of his capek were down, one was baddly damaged (2 hull points left) - 3 cruisers sinked - a few damages on his frigates. But not much really. I lost: - 1 BB - 2 Gunships - All my subs - 2 Arashis - almost all my frigates. So the game was great and intense. Next time I will field a better balanced group. I will keep the core 1000 points - 1 BB - 3 Gunships !!!! - 3 Arashi - 4 frigates - 4 frigates - 2 scout gyro. OR around this: - 1 Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro - 3 gunships - 3 Arashi - 4 frigates - 4 frigates Leaves me about 180 to fill in stuff... perhaps more frigates or 1 squid and a little support on the side... I will leave on the side the small robots. I will need to find another configuration for those that works better.
  6. I have a small game tonight vs Antartica and I would like to try something. My idea is to distract opponent with my BB and Arashi and move in really quickly with small robots and fregates. I also love the Tanuki they have a decent firepower. 1000 points - Sokotsu BB (180) - 3 Tanuki gunships (225) - 3 Arashi (240) - 5 Zarigani small robots (125) - 4 fregates (100) - 4 fregates (100) - 1 escort (20) - 6 fighters Total 990 pts For once no air (Gyro etc...) I have a question regarding the Zarigani. I see that they have Corrosive in the assigned rules and they have also flamethrower weapons. So do we take into account both of the rules? I really do like the flamethrower rules: if DR model recieves one fire token + 1 hull damage. If CR model recieves 1d3+1 fire token + 1 hull point damage.
  7. but I have a problem to view the page its all white...
  8. Hello all, Can someone help me in finding the updates related to our dread? For soem reason I can't find them. And are the updates official now? thanks
  9. hi, is this official and playable now? at least for our dread?
  10. True, could use that one
  11. Thanks stratego for the good tips. The idea of the prussian dN is great but I could also use the chinese one ... Very expensive but I love the tons of rockets, sure I can soften his DNs. Did you already used mixed nations? What are the rules of allies, can't find them anywhere.
  12. Indeed that's the idea of sharp turn very usefull.
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