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  1. The other big change is also the loss of Rugged Construction on our non-Capital models. On the plus side: the Tian Long also get a second Bombard-Rocket Battery fitting the model (but that can still not be used before boarding du to the robot boarding rule).
  2. In the new ORBATS the Protectors have: But we do not have any Massive Naval, so can we expect one soon?
  3. From the blog post : At the close of Operation Sirocco Britannian forces en-route to relieve the new independent Egypt clashed with forces from the Covenant of Antarctica. From the wreckage of this battlefield Egyptian scientists could recover many examples of drone control technology. These have been successfully reverse engineered, giving rise to a cornerstone of the new Egyptian military And it must be similar with the Eye of Râ energy weapons. The Covenant should clean up their mess if they doesn't want their technologies to be stolen.
  4. It seems to me that you missed the fact that the Ice Maiden get THREE of those! Then, I would have compare the 4 shots in the front arc of the Ice Maiden vs the 5 in the side arc as the Blucher, so only 1 less shot but better AD (for the Fausts) and all tesla.
  5. I would said multi-purpose models, this way they can't pass over other models (as skimmer) nor get their size increased for line of view.
  6. That was my second thought, first I imaged it ready to lauch fireworks for a wedding party... (and since this moment I can't remove this image from my mind). Hope you are right.
  7. The new renders give me the same feeling (even the same qualifier "cartoony"). It seems to me that the design of the speersheulder, the Russian turrets & mortar get new design for example. I hope it will not look too different next to the old models.
  8. Elbe : 90° Fore Tesla Coil (S) 12 10 8 6 90° F+P+S+R Speerschleuder (S) 8 7 6 - P/S Tesla Broadsides (S) 10 9 - - Rhine : 90° Fore Tesla Bombard (S) - 12 9 7 P/S Tesla Broadsides (S) 12 11 - - When linking the with the Speerschleuder, the Elbe has : - 2 more AD than the Rhine in every RB and arc, - 6 more AD at RB3 in its broadsides, - 16 more AD at RB1 in the fore arc (the Rhine have none), - 1 less AD at RB4 in the fore arc, - the Speerschleuder in the rear arc, - thanks to the Speerschleuder, it can target aerial and submerged models at RB1 (and ignore the partially block penalty against the submerged models). And with DR7 CR11 HP10, the Elbe is far more survivable than the Rhine's DR5 CR8 HP7. Comparing the Elbe vs Rhine+Havel, for the almost the same cost & SAS, you can choose between: - better fore Tesla (+16 +2 +2 -1), better broadsides-Speerschleuder- at long range(-3 -2 +6 +0), rear Speerschleuder & better DR(+2) CR(+3/4) - better broadsides at close range(+3 +2 -6 +0), mines & more HP(+2) From what I can see, the Elbe seems at least on par with the Rhine for its point cost, perhaps you only had bad luck with it.
  9. DigiAdmiral p.75: "When a Linked Mine Detonates, calculate the AD using the Linked Fire mechanic (see Firing Options on Page 115) with all the Mines in the stack."
  10. Sadly since DW 2.0 the raging fire no longer spreads on 1.
  11. With the release of the dreadbots, I dreamt that the dragon get back its dreadnought title from when it were revealed... And then came the faction update that only give him 1" and make it cheaper. Even the Metzeger while slower get more success as it: - gets 360° movement where the dragon has the large tutning template; - has 1 more AP; - can fire both its weapon to its boarding target (& link them) to more direct damages where the dragon can't shoot with its rockets the turn it board.
  12. from the rules of the Svarog: Istomin Bombard Cannons Intense Bombardment** – If this model chooses to make use of its Area Bombardment MAR, the Attack does not use the Small Effect Template, and uses the Large Effect Template instead. The Istomin Cannons may not be used to link fire with the Main Turrets on the Model.
  13. I'm a bit disappointed that the Svarog doesn't have the option to swap its Main Turrets for Heavy Mortars whereas the renders seems to allow this possibility, moreover as those turrets can't be link with its canons anyway.
  14. The exact modification for 2.0 is page 46 of the Digital Admiral Ruklebook: I think this could be translated in the world of FSA quite easily.
  15. If SAS are hit by indiscriminate attacks, it also include aera bombardement, isn't it?
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