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  1. Hopefully, we'll have a bat-rep up in the coming days, but I'll be documenting this two-day affair starting later this afternoon. Pics in the link below of the set up. http://mordheimpdx.blogspot.com/2014/04/dystopian-wars-operation-coos-bay.html
  2. The Russian Borer looks awesome! (Didn't someone threaten to quit the game since the "Tunneling Unit" wasn't announced at initial RC launch, even though we expected it would be?)
  3. Aww, man. Most of my smalls are painted, and these competitions are something that I really like. Would it be possible to include minis that have the base colors down only?
  4. I didn't like them at first, for the reasons you mentioned, but they grew on me. Also, they're awesome in-game (and never stand — they're the best air-hunters around!).
  5. Thanks, Druss. 1. For the skid marks: It's simply a very diluted ink done in layers. Where the planes would land (the back of the deck) the skid marks are wider, in that they're probably not landing perfectly every time. Where it would take off, there's a steam-piston, so all the tire/skid marks are right on top of each other (thinner). Anyway, I simply layered the inks in thin layers, allowing them to dry, then doing another layer, ad nauseum. 2. For the decks: They're always done first, since it involves drybrushing, and that's something that is usually messy. I hit the decks with a thicker drybrush of brown, then a lighter ash-grey mixed with brown, and then a wood brown, and finally, a yellow and brown mix. Sometimes, I will add a very thin drybrushed highlight of yellow. Then, I'll go over the rest of the ship (that I accidentally and inevitable hit with the drybrushing) with black, and work on the rest. Hope that helps. I am working on an FSA fleet right now, too, and trying to mix it up a little bit so that the decks are different between the two factions I currently have, EotBS and FSA.
  6. Some examples of what the finished pieces look like, flocked, etc. Great work from the resident terrain maker, and I had fun getting throttled amidst these great islands today.
  7. Love the Avatar Pic, BigB — Mordheim's my main game, and that witch hunter is a classic!
  8. I do not base my minis, for a couple reasons: — It's more difficult to turn the on the template if they have a base in the way. — I usually wind up getting the ships pretty close together sometimes, and having bases might interfere with that (lots of tight turns with the EotBS, as you know!). — To cut down on general confusion: Some models you turn using the base, or measure to or from the base, but with naval models, you do not. More to prevent me from accidentally measuring/turning like a based unit, than anything else! The exception to the naval model with a base would, of course, be the Ika. Hope that helps.
  9. Been working a little more. Been busy with work and school, but I will put up my carrier and an Ika sometime in the next couple of days.
  10. Hey there! Looking good. A couple of things: You should always be going for the thinnest coats you can — thicker, is never, ever better, and especially on models of this scale. If you're having trouble with palettes, let me introduce you to your new best friend (and this will work for any miniatures, or anything that requires a cool-looking palette, actually!): http://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/rating?time=30 I posted a thread about doing my fleet, so check it out if you have the time.
  11. Let's just keep it simple (and I do all my ordering online, so I'd need more than a week to get my models if I were order any new ones). There aren't any prizes, and it'd be just for fun. I don't mind documenting as I paint, but I don't think anyone would cheat (this isn't the Golden Daemon), and many of us post tutorials and updates in the threads here, on our blogs, etc.
  12. More added, for an "Normandy"-style game we'd like to play:
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