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  1. So, something that I've done with the TDO Is use its 2 gens. Dilation field and portal gen has half ad zones. Place them in a semi triangle. Use the dilation field as the middle circle which is 4 inches and then place the other 2 on the outside. Now you run either the prometheus or the big rovo dread to follow behind. Using 2 battle orbs you place the time flow fields on top of each other (doesn't say you cant) and stack the moved speed bonus to a possible of +8 using IS and our commadore ability (litterely one of the only times it's useful) followed up with Zeno and other models that want to get super close. Did this with a Russian land dread. Watching a Russian dread go 13 inches into someone's face hasnt been more satisfying.primarily using the half zones as cover as creep up and when some thing is in range 3 everything suddenly gets in range 1-2 which usually power peek for most gunnery.
  2. I like what's going on here. Only issue is the among of smalls is risky. You could flank them and hope the rest of your points can deal with the enemy but anyone with more then 1-2 squads of smalls will be an issue for you. Aka prussians. Tho target painting and having 2 BB Kepler squads laying waist to that Target would be awesome!!! Could bumming down one BB squad and going with cleos and corvettes instead of destroyers. Adds some hp points to the board and corvettes reduced chance to hit from capitol help.
  3. Can't use the PA and the dilation field generator in the same activation. If you want more ET go with another BB Kepler combo. Less points more drones and more firepower. Wouldn't bother with destroyers since you've leaned in more with the ET side of things instead try more corvettes. At 2 AP and reckless with 15mv going straight that's 19 inch boarding distance for some thing that got zapped with ETs. Also the cleo and Zeno kind of go hand in hand for the role type. Bust in be tanky doing sustainable damage till death. But, throwing in the hyper misses and scatters your combo and synergy a bit. If you want to keep they hyper I'd bumb down the cleos and put it fresnals and drop one Zeno (since 3 are hard to maintain good PA angles on imo) and go for some repair ships for the ET firing line you could possibly have in the back. Or for the run a gun swap the hyper with more corvettes or Kepler for more drones. Just my personal midmax opinion. My club is pretty competitive so had to really abuse synergy with the CoA.
  4. I'd suggest if you are going to run 2 squads of smalls. Make them both corvettes. The frigates are a bit lack luster even against smalls. Corvettes could take the smalls out and double as a boarding threat. At such a low point game, a 2 squad corvette rush from the CoA can be pretty surprising for our enemies.
  5. Well to me when I think "dreadnought" I think of a big flag ship with a bunch of weapon systems and armor. The Dio was just points effective. It didn't kill everything on the board, it took a bit to kill it but nothing crazy. I also don't like having a "support" "dreadnought"......... kind of like out "support" battle cruiser.... If we have firepowered classes give me the firepower.... if its a support ship class it as such. Dio just needs to drop in points about 10-20 and drop the dread class. They already brought up the aristotle so we dont need to change both of them. This gives us the option for long range firepower or a dependable drone launcher. Since most of the carriers are too expensive or weak for me to use them currently.
  6. Hmmm, the Aristotle with P guns makes me cringe. I would want to throw that sucker in the mix against any fleet especially Prussians. Could try running platos with P guns. Coming in on a flank is pretty good.
  7. Also!!! Anyone else notice that the bunker complex does not have inventive scientists.... This makes me very sad. Maybe by design or simply over looked?
  8. I think every carrier we have should get a points drop with the new drone nerf. Can't really drone spam effectiy so building a fleet around it is too unreliable to do. With a pouts reduction it shouldn't cause too much of a power shift. I like what your thinking with the Euclid, actually I love it being able to customize it the way we need for a specific fleet. Very cool I use the TDO pretty often, for teleporting and covering my fleet. Something I'd do would be to move the TDO up and throw out the 3 1/2 AD fields (TDO and dilation) and bring up something big like our dread supported by zenos and corvets and ram it down my opponents throat I thinks the entire air game needs to be changed. They are are just too vulnerable up there to really put important assets like the epi up there. Maybe another roll for cloud terrain maybe?? Pericles needs a DR bump for sure. Maybe with a point reduction and an option for carrier 12? I don't really have an issue with the guns, I usually take E turrets and leave it in the back since the DR sucks lol. Capeks had potential when they were 60ish points but at 70 points.... Too expensive to send into rb 2 to do anything. Same thing wih the Icarus actually 80 points for expensive E turrets that are just out done by platos and Fresnals. So your trading firepower for the ability to shoot everything and get shot at. Which finding targets wih Fresnals isn't hard if you've been playing the game for a descent amount of time. Ptomely I can say I've never used. I don't like mine layers.... Most units can dodge them if they move faster then 6 inches. Just don't ever see them getting the points back in any way. Want to kill smalls?? Platos do it just fine from RB 4 Diogenes I've stopped taking since the AD reduction to 8 linking, when I think it was 10 with 4 across the board. I just prefer the flexibility of the corvets better then the frigates since I can hid them in the flank deployment and maybe board something to get their points back.
  9. I think sebinko means Euclid at 300. As for the Rhine, I kinda like it, it's cheap and has a nice tesla bombard to compliment the fleet. My group is very competitive with min/max Prussians Brits (and friends) French fleets so if I were to take subpar units I would be promptly punished in game for it making it a very almost worthless game since the only thing I come to the conclusion of is that model is too lack luster for this.
  10. I have to agree with you on all of this but the pericles. Having the same DR as the medium carrier makes never want to take it again....
  11. I also just like to think about a big ole laser being fired under water melting a ship and evaporating the water to the target and then watching the ocean fill in the hole again.
  12. Sure, I just play to win lol. And hitting on 3+ with E turrets is fun Side note. Doesn't anyone know if TP gen stacks????? O.O
  13. Welp, I agree with the Daedalus, the epi is the same model with a carrier on it. Why take the Daedalus? Maybe make its guns more appealing by upping the AD? Teleporting gen in the sky?? Combat coordinator??? Something to help it effect the table top like the epi does, then I would get to choose what I want and need for the fleet at that time. Icarus, too expensive for the trade mark 5ad e turret. 80 points?? If I'm playing land I'd take a skorp for the same price and I get piercing. On naval 20 points more we have a fresnal with double the AD. I don't think it needs better guns but maybe a points reduction? It only has one gun.... My elephant is truly the elephant... The Euclid... Ohhhh man where do I start. Not going to say it's epensive because its a dread, it should be expensive. But i need to be shown why it is. 3 attacks with mediocre power for each. The entire ship houses the PA and energy coils and it's barely strong then a cruiser that's probably a 1/10 it's size?? One ET at 9... That won't bother larges with any sort of defenses like a shield or DR/CR bump. The rockets are meh at best. The upgrades are descent. I like the coordinators but it just dies too fast. The redoubtable PA just isn't strong enough to suffer even one point in AD loss. Much less the pound it will take trying to get the coordinator in range. Carrier 9 is good. But the already bleh carrier got a 2nd hand nerf when the drone feed back came into effect. Out once expensive carriers no longer have a reason to be so expensive. Give me a proper points cost for this beast of a model or give me proper AD or survivabity and then we will talk about puting him back in the fleet box to go with me to the store.
  14. So the EtoBS do have better and more options for rockets.... And the volly guns aren't as consistent in the FSA so you can't build a volly gun fleet... They have an opportunity to give the FSA more options into one thing but didn't, I like to think of FSA as a jack of all trades. Good rockets good guns good defenses good boarding. Being descent are more then just a few things makes you "OK" at a bunch. They simply may not want to "focus" the FSA into a nich like a few of the other nations. You don't have to use it every turn, use your long range, strip some AA and eventually damage all over the board will be lose enough for it the hard to crit something. So with your Kenetic close the game with the extra average 3 inches. To close on something that's made it half way across the board. You don't have to play the strategy from the get go. Set it up
  15. Alright, good luck. Let us know how it works out. I made the list without taking model count into account. I have like 6-8 fesnals and 2 BB and soon to be 4 keplars. I just hate not having enough of the good stuff for bigger games Also might try using the bunker complex with its e turrets and target painter and mines. Tho if probably use the primaries since I'd shove it forward to get as much a possible in the 24inch PnS target painter, just a thought
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