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  1. I got the answer about it from facebook group "It only applies to Trick Shot." And about it's duration, I got different answer this time. " I don't think so, I think it ends when the attack is resolved." So, Trick shot should be used while shoot action, and last for only that shoot action. It looks reasonable, but I can't sure which one is right.
  2. When you see Kill Shot, it says "Human Initial Targets must re-roll successful Grit checks against Shoot Actions from this model." And now when you see Trick shot, it says "The target cannot claim any bonus to their Grit from cover." Not from this model, just cannot. Is that means a unit which is targeted by Trick Shot can't get any cover bonus from every shot?
  3. Hello. As I think, you can run both Frank James and Blackhoof scouts with Bloody Espinosa Posse. Using underboss rule, Frank James solely can be with Bloody Espinosa as a boss. About Blackhoof scouts, you can put them in Bloody espinosa's 5th slot.
  4. I got answer from Facebook group. "The Rule persists to that target. So yeah once targeted with Trick Shot you then can not hide from the shooter. Maybe "until end of activation" could eventually be added if this was not intended." Thanks.
  5. About Trick shot, There are nothing aobut when the unit can use Trick shot or when it ends. Is it okay to use Trick shot any time you want, and last for whole game, or use Trick shot only during shoot action, and last for that shoot action?
  6. When you see Creation XIII, you can find that his suicide weapon has a critical fatal quality although it will automatically hit by 'FAILSAFE DETONATOR'. Does that means you should roll a dice for automatically passed check and figure out it's critical or not? If it does, what happend if the result is critical failure?
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