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  1. It seems Loweko and I have the similar mindset about it, Aegis is just a cheap alternative you pick to increase the frigate and battleship spam, the best classes Terran has. Because the Aegis still needs quite alot of firepower to be taken down, and it protects our big guys while doing it (at least drawing fire to it instead of the BBs) Arguments for it: 1) If you wanna kill it 2 of em (I go for two because your opponent usually wants them dead) your opponent needs to focus at least 3 turns with some heavy firepower on them 2) That firepower is now not directed at your BB 3) Because you keep em close to your BB, your interceptor bubble protects them from torps (the otherwise cheap alternative to hit cruisers and smaller ships with) 4) They are way better choice then 2 regular cruisers, which most likely will die real fast, thus you deny points for your opponent longer 5) Your BB are now better protected, just watch your opponent squeal in agony when you can suddenly field one more BB then he can because your points for cruisers are half of his 6) Continue listening to him whine when you deploy them in a bubble (say 2 BB, 1 DD and 2 Aegis) 7) Leave your 2-3 squads of armsmen behind in some gas cloud or behind terrain shooting torps the rest of the game 8) Which of the 2 places would you as an opponent want to go? 1) Hunt small frigates, which are hard to hit and who will just run away 2) a massive blob which shoots every direction and has shields to boost it? BUUUUT, alternatives for the Aegis is not a bad thing, so I do agree with alot you guys are suggesting. Just don´t mess with it´s points cost or tier "occupation"
  2. I´d say the Aegis is one of the best mediums around, you can pick 2 up for 100 points, leave that as your only mediums for Terran, then go wild with BS and long range firing frigates you leave behind... Been more then effective around here. In metagaming and list building the Aegis is almost unmatched, it is definetely not always the stats you look at.
  3. No response from Spartan about this yet? Just an errata or clarification is enough, no need for a new book
  4. Cadillac? Thought it was inspired by some other brand
  5. You can also get some lucky torpedo damage in early game on cruisers, and even some BB, don´t split the attacks . The Deterrent is a way different ship imo. It is a necessary add to a relatively weak weaponed Directorate, where as the Terran already have alot of ships that can withstand attacks and brawl it out to finally have the upper hand in firepower, the Marshal is an excellent support squad for your armsmen which otherwise would be left alone in the back lines while your BB´s and DD advance.
  6. Balor, it might be slighty risky, especially in big gamed, but say 1000 and below and you can flank or keep it back long enough to still be around at end game. Besides, it is unique, a nice feature right there ^^.
  7. Black sheet, white, blue/red/green/yellow/purple paint, 2-4 colours is enough, go outside and make your universe. Stars are easily enough done with some "bad spraying", aka. make it drop some paint. Cheap and easy.
  8. For me the Titan just looks like a seriously big shield cruiser with weapons, which is exactly what it is . Neutral look to me.
  9. This needs to be addressed Spartan! We have actually played it that you can split the PD fire of SRS tokens, but we have not used the full PD of SRS tokens for each different attack that just sounds wierd, although more right according to the quotes above then the splitting actually. Somehow the fact that you can split the PD value of SRS tokens makes sense, if all of them can make it to defend one ship in a squadron, why can´t they split up and cover each different ship/attack. Thanks Spartan for an quick answer (lots of gaming tomorrow!)!.
  10. Well the frigates are kinda meh.
  11. I love the Spur, "all alone in the dark" approce, makes it unique. You can still field it very effectively, needs to be used as a secondary wave kinda thing. It is very fast 9" with upgrade, so I would deploy it last and as far away from the opponent as possible, still not behind your main force as to make it effective for your enemy to optimize range bands. I could also see it being a very effective cheap battleship replacement, in carrier heavy lists. Just add 2 escorts and it should survive long enough imo. Still can´t believe that I actually get to field my two favorit FA figures, the Tyrant and the Phantom in the same list , If I only could get a single Judgment in there too
  12. Directorate just sends in someone else to fight
  13. YES OH YES!!! WHOOHOO - H.J.Simpson (and me atm ). Terran and Syndicate natural allies!!!! Sold my Directorate, didn´t find a way to play with them, now a happy Terran player ^^ Oh, and the stats! Spurs still rocking it alone! - Love it! Also, nice to see you keep the naming policy high class ^^ GJ Spartan! PS. Directorate could use some more love imo, but gj otherwise
  14. Tiges, even your dindrenzi and rsn players move around more then 10" during the game? :-)
  15. In all our games I think only 4-5 times have a Dd atually been destroyed/boarded,half of these times in v2,which has way longer weapon ranges. They are to valuable to be played risky. In general our games lasts as long as before. Before v2 it was the ini sinking that kept the important ships alive, in v2 it is the terrain (way more of it now). 1200 games last about 6 hours, and mostly end in turn six because of a big lead or just as the last turn.
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