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  1. I really like the idea of a faction that gets more free TFTs. I just want good rules from a game I've come to really like. It would be really easy to fix by changing the wording from ten TFTs limit exemption to a two wing limit exemption.
  2. Rule book 1.1 Pg 48 Local Air Support Each fleet may contain TWO Tiny Flyer Wings for NO extra points cost. These free Tiny Flyer Wings represent local air support. A maximum of one Reconnaissance Plane Wing can be selected as part of the free Tiny Flyer allowance. TWO WINGS is the wording. Its in bold print. The number of tokens has no relation to what you get for free.
  3. Rules 1.0: Ten TFT to be arranged how you please. 1/3/3/3 5/5 1/4/5 You get the idea. Rules 1.1: Two free TFT wings. So you could can have arrangements containing one TFT (recon) or five TFTs, but you can not have more than two wings. One would assume to cut down on free additional activations. The EITC Commodore references superseding a rule that does not currently exist. If it's writen to be 2.0 compliant that's great but as for now it doesn't work. You can't put 6 TFTs in a two wings.
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