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  1. Let's start with the La Rochelle and Toulons. Not long after the launch of the V2, the heat lance list was intensely discuss on the forum. The core of the list at 1000 pts was La Roche, Couronne, Cherbourg, 3 Toulons and some smalls. The idea was fielding as many heatlances as possible for the points and those list were very effective because the firepower of most ships were not decreasing while they were getting damage, tanks to the redoutable mar. So for example a basic squadron of 3 mediums will have its firepower greatly reduce when you kill one of them, but with the Toulons it's not so bad, at RB2, 2 Toulons will do 15D piercing, pinpoint and incendiary. Even 1 Toulon with 1 hp left is still shooting for 8D piercing, pinpoint and incendiary. So the Toulon is great, same thing with the La Rochelle. CR10, DR6 retardant 2 and cloud gen, it's a tough ship. Plus even when it's getting wounded it's keep a massive fire power: even with 1 hp left, it does 13D piercing, pinpoint and incendiary at RB2. The St Malo shares the same defensive stats but its fire power is reduce to not much after only 4 points of damage taken. About the Magenta, with gun and cloud gen it costs 175 pts, it is a bit cheaper than most of its competitors for the best RB3 damage 15D against 12/13D for the FSA Independence (180pts), 13D for the KoB Ruler (195pts), 13D for the CoA Aristotle (200 pts). Beside you have 2 options skimmer or Die hard 8" or you can take the heat lance and turn the Magenta into a brawler with aggressive crew. I won't comment positively about the Marseille, I don't like this ship and I found the new Rousseau a bit **** on paper but I haven't tried it yet. Finally about the Almas, I agree with the others, they are great in synergy with Epaulards and St Malo. Then about the ships that you assume pops often, I think that having a carrier in your list is a bit compulsory so you go for Couronne or Tourbillon, the 2 are good value I think. You haven't mention the Furieux in your 2 lists but there are many on the forum that like this ship very much .
  2. Seriously it's fair enough for an English game, as a French if I have to write the fluff about an alternate universe, I will simply wip the English from the map: like a meteorite had fallen on England, there are only Scotland and Irland left, the rest is a massive crater. Bye bye no more "rosebeef" .
  3. So the Mar swarm tactics works only on the 3 sas cap, maybe Spartan made a mistake in the new digital rule book and the Rousseau has 2 fore guns instead of 1. It makes sense when you look at the model.
  4. A carrier 12 option for 15 pts more instead of a better rockets launcher make more sense to me. Look at the side of the Vauban and I don't think it would be op.
  5. First thyphs I am with you 100% about your comment but let's stick on the subject. About the Rousseau, why should I choose it when I can choose a Cherbourg for the same price? The stats are very similar except that one got 3 times the firepower of the other and don't fly. If the Rousseau was equipped with a internal generator target painter (corrosive,16") I will start thinking about picking one . Then the Pascal, I like the weapons both are tertiary and not affected by the damage.Then the Pascal is a bit fragile so even if the formation is obscure I am not sure if they will arrive close enough to the enemies and use their bombs. But I think it's worth trying it.
  6. 2 Charlos mean 600 pts for larges and 2 activations only, on average 600 pts on larges mean 5 activations (3 ships including a carrier with 2 squadrons of SAS). If you take a carrier it's an other 165 pts so it's a bit above 50% of your fleet spent on larges and 5 activations. With this you already have enough firepower to deal with the larges and mediums your adversary will throw at you. Then for the mediums I will take 3 Furieux and a Cherbourg with mines control generator. The Furieux are very good to deal with smalls with their mines staying obscure then the Cherbourg can move them. For the smalls 4 Lyons, 5 Requins and 4 Chevaliers. Charlemagne (CG+NG) 315 Charlemagne (CG+NG) 315 Couronne (CG) 165 3 Furieux (AC) 225 Cherbourg (MCG) 120 4 Lyons 100 4 Chevaliers 160 5 Requins 100 I will keep the Charlemagnes, the Couronne and the Cherbourg together, crossing the boar sideways with the 2 Charlemagnes in the same line protecting the Couronne and the Cherbourg. I keep the 3 Furieux close-by to pepper the mines if some enemy smalls comes to close. then I use the Lyons to intercept smalls, the Chevaliers are versatile so they offer flexibility: kill smalls or finish/damage mediums or larges. The Requins , I try to keep them back or even in reserve so they can board later in the game.
  7. I think that if the mortar was 360 fire arc like V1, the Epaulard would be just great as a mine layer and a mobile light artillery piece but now using the mines and the mortar is not simple especially with -/6/6/- because you have to be not to far and not to close and facing the good direction.
  8. I really share your point about the air models when you look at the French fleet the Tourbillon is more or less as good as the Couronne: defensively if you keep the Tourbillon obscure it has the equivalent of a cloud gen (5+) but as you said every enemy ship can start focusing on the Tourbillon and its other problem is that its main weapons the turrets and broadside diminish quickly with damage. Then with the Couronne you have the option to hide it behind a large ship or an island and 2 of your weapons are redoubtable and tertiary. I have the same concern with the Furieux, on paper they are just great: cheap, great fire power, the mines that combine can hurt anything and aggressive for the crews cost 5 pts. Then they fly so they can be target by any adversary ships in range.
  9. I was looking at the mediums air units of the FSA, 3 have hunters Aerials, as an heavy interceptor, the most suited for the task is the John Henry, in fact I found it is a better Voltaire: - First it cost 70, 5 pts more than the Voltaire. - The robot has a canon 7/6/5 and rockets 4/5/6 both with aerial hunter, Voltaire has a canon 6/5/4 (not as good) and rockets 6/5/4 without aerial hunter. So the weapons of the John Henry are better. Beside J H is redoubtable so even with 1 HP left the canon shot at 6/5/4 as good as the canon of the Voltaire with full HP. - Then the stats, DR/CR/HP are identical, the Voltaire has 3 AP defensive, J H has 2 AP but it's a robot, Voltaire has 5 AA 1 more than the J H but J H is redoubtable. - About the defensive MAR, Voltaire has evasive manoeuvre +1 and the J H has rugged construction 1. I found 4+ evasive manoeuvre less reliable than rugged construction, beside the J H has 5+ to go obscure as well. So I would take the J H as an heavy interceptor because it hits hard and is durable; you even can reliably hurt large air unit at RB3 with 10 dices combine attack with air hunter. So the J H is a great heavy interceptor while the Voltaire is above average for 5 pts less.
  10. Basic Chinese fleet Zhanmadao 250 carrier 12 (AP 10 E) (+65) 315 Jian Mk1 sonic gen (AP 12 C) 195 Jian Mk2 (AP 14 C) 195 3 Chui carrier 12 (AP 15 C) 225 3 Vo-Dao (AP15 C) 270 2 Dun 130 (AP 6 C) 130 4 Yue (AP 12 C) 160 4 Nu (AP 12 C) 120 4 Nu (AP 12 C) 120 1 Ace 10 Total 34 SAS and 108 AP This fleet has 34 SAS, swarm tactic with bombers and fighters so they can deploy 6 times wing 4 and 2 time wing 5, (total 8 wings). The AP are mostly conscripts but they are more than 100. This fleet has a lot of flame throwers, incendiary rockets and concussive on primary weapons and rockets. I guess that it will even the odds on incendiary token from the heat lances. I think it is broken as well and it will not be an easy match.
  11. Yes, like the CoA Prometheus with a shield Gen 2 or 3 active all the time and then a Dilatation field that works until the end of the turn.
  12. This is exactly what Delboy was explaining during his interview with E270 concerning the French and the cloud gen. He said it was the reason why they change the French Cloud Gen rules. I can think about some solutions the problem: 1 The storm template and the cloud effect don't stop at the end of the players turn but the effect of both are not cumulative. 2 The storm template don't stop at the end of the players turn but the IWMG is just producing storm templates but don't have the option to cloud gen a ship like the French.
  13. Ok, let's picture that: turn 2 initiative roll, after moving the dreadnoughts of both fleet will shoot at RB3 (very common scenario), if the Kanuni activates first it will shoot, be able to cloud and put 2 storm templates (commodore doctrine) to protect itself 6+ and other ships. If the Ottoman don't have the initiative, then the Dreadnought of the other fleet will shoot at the Kanuni without any defenses, dealing 2 to 3 damages on average. It's maybe my opinion but I don't like the fact that the initiative will have such an impact in the game, first case scenario it's really frustrating for the player who play against a dread that can only be hit by a 6+ then second case scenario the Ottoman looks at his dread getting smash. I found that to random. In the end IWM gen is to good or to bad at the same time.
  14. I agree with you Emmachine, it makes sense and it's much more simple.
  15. And why not? For the same price as the Vauban with CG, the Chinese can field the Zhanmadao with 12 SAS. The later has more fire power than the Vauban, it is more though and redoutable for everything not only the AA.
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