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  1. glad i'm not the only one who has ambiguous feelings about the usefulness of shield generators. i dont buy them anymore as an option, be it in DW naval or AC. they had limited use when my regular opponents where also beginners an had to learn stuff, as soon as we all began to focus fire instead of taking potshots with single vessels, they became obsolete no mather how many i had (including guardians). eager to hear someone who has some good arguments as to why shield are a good thing.
  2. my list of pure resin looks almost the same, but instead of start painting them i got a bucketload of PLC stuff first.. to my defence i have to say, that i put some basecoat on some of the kob tanks, does that count?
  3. wouldn't a flying or skimming carrier make the most sense? theres lots of broken terrain with all that wild land and islanddotted coastal regions, and the melting and freezing of the soil every year.. if i'd be the chiefbuyer for the canadian armed forces, id get as many skimmers and rotor/zep-flyers as i could. one of those could be sort of an light assault carrier e.g. (or alternativly, a swimming/offshore airfield?) for the naval ship thingies, i'd follow the line of the danish addons. small, fast, manoeuvrable and hunting in packs. maybe even the odd submarine for patrols during winter.. and they should have sort of an ice-lance. not a weapon though, more like an bridge-laying freeze-ray-gun-thing. (ok, it could double up as pointblank flamer style weapon maybe). sort of what the RC has but cooler
  4. yes, you're right. my request wasn't meant too serious. but look at the DW osman empire pdf -> airial mines... if they make it into AC, they bring friend/foe sensible, homing, flyer damaging mines to the fray. the mechanic with the mines AD changing to ack ack against tokens isnt that strong, but gives the commander a nice alternative.
  5. my KoB flyers have their mines as a WAR for the bomb-weapon. so i would use them like i do bombs. the one thing that could be the parachute-mine killer is that you are targeting a patch of ground. but i found nothing more about this in the rules so far. but with those flyers that have the mines in their bomb bay's, it should be possible, as you move at normal height, bomb/mine and then fly high. another point (from another divebomber victim) i would strongly vote for airial mines should the topic come up somewhen, that would be really helpfull. and i would even pay for them.
  6. the AC rules stat the following on page 28: Flyers make move actions in the same way as all other kinds of Unit, with a few exceptions. Firstly, Flying Units can move freely over other Units or pieces of Terrain without hindrance. Secondly, any Flying Unit may Fly High after it has carried out all other movement actions. so i guess i answered my own question, even if its pure RAW. let me rephrase me question to: how do you handle this, in a more RAI way? wouldn't it be easier to make that malus for command ability checks from flying high (page 29) counting for this kind of spotting (at least it is a command check).
  7. how many trains do you use in that regiment? just one or several.
  8. just needed a couple of fsa landtrains, as they will see action as "Tabor" landtrains for the PLC hussar mobile regiments
  9. hmm... if i had heard that a day ago.. just ordered a whole bunch of polish and fsa heavy metal (or resin). i'll give it a try next time, to see how taxes are to central europe.
  10. what i wonder since reading the armylists is, why cant KoB no longer choose belgium forces as allies? sort of bad, as i bought the belgium units for DW-landbattles and we do play AC now...
  11. maybe to start a new force, but as it is, the KoB boxes serve me naught. would love to buy a landship regiment box though, thats about the only thing that would make sense for me (if it would include the royal oak). as KoB player you just need ridiculous amounts of landships, and that is very cool
  12. did i get this right? flyers that are flying high do not have to roll an extra success because spotting is not a command ability check? (that will be so cheesy, i like it..) there came another question up, when i was using bombers: as the bombing run is made during the movement step, would it be possible to move, bomb and then escape to "flying high" (which i have to decide after moving)? the Strafe MAR states, that i get a -1 to hit other flyers, is this a.) where ever they are, or just those in RB1? and b.) will this affect ranged attacks from flying high to normal altitude (as the target is actualy below the flyer with strafe)? to be eligible for a bombing run, do i have to overfly the target, or can i clip it at one corner as long as i end up with the stern base-to-base towards the target? thanks
  13. would be interessted if someone found the thing about walkers, as i couldn't. there ist a tiny reference in the describtion of unit types (page 10) which states they are better suited to cross difficult terrain. but there is no further rules in the movement section. the point came up, when i used the canadian steele robots, which are classified as large (in DW medium with hulking mar). it makes them quite, ahm, cumbersome.
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