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  1. Good call on that then, I agree getting a ship shouldnt be automatic. With that in mind it might be worthwile to consider giving a player a +1 to the reinforcement roll for each campaign turn a player has requested a ship and failed. Given that the average campaign turns are in weeks that makes it a little bit easier for someone to bring in a large ship and shouldnt cause too much of a headache for the organizer (unless theyre very unorganized!)
  2. Well coming from BFG the campaign system there allows for a ship or squadron to be included on a successful reinforcement roll. I would try to go for something a little more flexable. 1: fails 2: upto 1/2 squadron of small ships (rounded up) 3: one full squadron of small ships 4: two medium ships or one large ship under 200 points 5: one full squadron of medium ships or any one large ship smaller than a dreadnaught 6: one dreadnaught I would also put in that your not stuck with having to field what you roll and can take anything less than your roll if you choose. It could be cool to have to declare what type of reinforcements you want to bring in and then roll to beat their score, if you roll equal to or higher than their score you may deploy them. Makes getting a dreadnaught that much harder but its also show that you might be requesting a ship and there just are not any to be had.
  3. You should check a floral shop, perferably one that does grave markers (fake flowers). They usually have a variety of sizes of both full and half globes (my preference is the half as it makes determining the planet edge a no brainer).
  4. From what I've gathered CHS got nailed for use of GW imagery on their products alone. According to BoLS the jury ruled that anyone can make things that fit onto GW stuff, they cannot however start producing specific icons and such even if GW doesnt at this time. It seems they were also cleared to us GW names to describe their products as in "this item fits on to the Space Marine models produced by GW". Im holding out for the appeals tho personally.
  5. Ya it is a bit . Am I reading this correctly that you cannot do a fleet at sub 600pt levels? Thats assuming of course I were to take a Corsair battle carrier instead of the Armageddon. To field the Armageddon the fleet would have to be at least 675pts. Im not sure if the attack craft count towards the percentage or not, but if they do that would push these numbers even higher (that or take carriers with no ordinance which seems like a bad idea!)
  6. Excellent good to know, I had seen the ship stat cards on tBO but I missed the fleet construction rules. I broke down and got a Dread and pack of the little balls of hate from thewarstore since they were on sale and Im going to pick up a couple packs of the cruisers from my local store, but I wanted to make sure on what other ships they could use because theyre very limited right now on their own.
  7. So Im looking to start FSA and Im really digging the Cardassia... ahem I mean the Oroshan dread but I cant find the rules for fielding Oroshan ships in the download section. Where can these be found? Thanks much!
  8. Ok got to start somewhere! Enterprise D, The first scifi I really fell for and this was the reason. Andromeda Ascendant, Super sleek and slightly sinister I love it. Omega class destroyer, Downright one of the coolest designs out there imo and its unabashedly Human. Divine Right, Battlefleet Gothic was what got me started in wargaming and the artwork for this in the rule book was one of the main reasons I chose to play Imperials when I started. Eagle 5, Forget the Falcon and Serenity (which I love both of!) its all about a freaking Winnebago in space! small craft Viper, The original from BSG is just downright cool. Starfury, Another awesome fighter and very cool. Hammerhead, Sweet looking fighters from "Space Above and Beyond" look it up . Starbug, Another throw back, from "Red Dwarf" crazy little thing. T.A.R.D.I.S, Ok well its at the same time bigger and smaller than everything else listed but no list should be complete without this!
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