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  1. When you're moving in to board try to take as many pot shots (active point defense attacks) at SRS as you can.
  2. http://colorschemedesigner.com/csd-3.5/ Fun little tool I use when trying to pic a scheme.
  3. I really like the assault bots myself, but the bombers do add some needed punch to the list. It's a bit of a toss up depending on how the rest of your fleet is built as to which would be the most effective.
  4. Almost? Sounds like you might have something to paint then . Unfortunately Ryjak is right, we need to keep the threads on topic so no other games in the Firestorm area. Everyone, remember you can enter any or all of the categories. If you just want to enter one Tier do so, you don't have to enter all three! Also if anyone has a squadron in progress and they're not sure about using it PM a picture to me and we'll discuss it! I'm all about inclusion here so if it's just got basic colors down it's probably fine. One of the goals though is to create a great new piece of work so if you've already got details started a new model would be better!
  5. Okay here we go: First off the main goal here is just for everyone to first have fun! Secondly is for everyone to challenge themselves to produce the best models they can! Finally it's not only to challenge yourself to do your best, but also to help others meet their goals. I'd love to see everyone chatting about their work, seeking (and receiving!) help with their problems, and having a good time. The rules themselves are going to be pretty simple. All entries must consist of a legal squadron of Firestorm Armada ships using models from Spartan (no alternative models folks, sorry but that's only right being Spartan's site)! Each participant may enter up to three different squadrons, one each from Tier one, Tier two, and Tier three models. These squadrons may include any valid accompaniments including accompaniments from allied fleets where applicable. I would ask that if you do choose to do ships for the different tiers from more then one race please keep all of your entries to the same faction (either Kurak or Zenian, Marauders can be used for either side or if you choose you can remain independent by doing all your tiers from Marauder factions). for example a Ryushi battlecarrier, a Terquai torpedo cruiser squad and an Aquan frigate squad would be valid as would a Syndicate battleship, an Omnidyne gunship squadron, and an Oroshan frigate squadron. This is just to keep it simpler for me in case we get enough entries for some alternate categories. Entries should only consist of new, unpainted or primed models though it can't really be enforced so try to keep yourselves legit. If you have a question about eligibility for ships that have some paint just message me and we'll talk it out. I'll open an new thread on the 23rd (I'll try and get it open early, but that will be late for some of you! sorry about that) and the time for entries will run from Sunday the 23rd through 12:00 pm AoE on September 30th. After this time depending on the number of entrants I will open topics for the community to vote for their favorite entrants possibly with multiple categories (once again depending on the number of entrants). It would be preferable for the entrants to also have their own threads where you can display your works in progress, but is not necessary. One photo per entry of any size on the submission thread, comments should be reserved for the participants wip threads or lacking that here would be fine. Please keep the submission thread clear of comments! If anyone has any other questions, or if I missed anything!, please post here or contact me via PM. Thanks for looking everyone and good luck.
  6. Sorry it's so late guys work has been running me ragged today. I'd also like to keep this open to as many people as possible. How about each participant can submit up to three entries, one legal squadron for each of the three tiers. That would allow for anyone to do it even if they only want to do one squadron and would give those that want to do whole boxes the opportunity to do just that. If we have enough entries for each tier at the end I can even split them into tier groups for voting. There are plenty of options for extra stuff, like best Kurak/Zenian/Independent or best personalization etc... It just depends on how many people complete entries. I just got home so I'm going to shower and come back with some rules and deadlines etc. the main goal though is for people to challenge themselves. I want everyone to join no matter their skill and try to present their best work. This has been the best medium for me to do work and to get the help I needed to step up my skills, so I'd like to see everyone helping each other with feedback tips and tricks etc too!
  7. Okay I'm going to work up a plan for this sometime tomorrow and get the ball rolling. If anyone has any ideas at all please feel free to post them up here, I'd love everyone's input. Thanks!
  8. Well we're one of the better races for making it your own with all of the smaller corporations so any color would be good for them. I think purple would be an interesting take on them from your choices. The red strikes back to the new box art which features the red/white schemes and red has been done a few times also as the primary. You don't have to shoehorn yourself into a generic "bad guys" color scheme either, though a lot of people go pretty dark. Mine borrows heavily from the Star Trek inspired appearance of the ships and has a light almost hopeful appearance and naming structure (or at least I think so!)
  9. Well folks what do you guys think we should do? I'm down for anything here. To keep it tight we could do a month's time. No models that have been shown before, the preference would be for a straight up from the resin paint job, but if it's already primed that should be fine. One ship or squadron would do given the brevity of time. Community votes on entrants for bragging rights. Anything I'm missing here? Edit: I don't think you change your vote, but I might still be drunk!
  10. Spartan has been working on expanding the backgrounds and history, it can't come quickly enough though!
  11. It's been a while, what are peoples thoughts on starting up a friendly painting challenge? Edit: Updated title for the impending challenge start. Poll closed.
  12. Fantastic list, I've used it to good effect also and I believe this is pretty similar to one that Zak uses too. The Works Raptor ships added in can be devastating too, all around great advice from everyone.
  13. That would be my preference given that Dindrenzi and Terrans already have a high model count, but who knows? There's always room for more awesome I suppose.
  14. You might try proxing the liquidators as Inductions if your looking for a boarding focus. That will shave a couple points for use elsewhere and makes for a decent little shunt bomb board and run squadron.
  15. If the cost to quality ratio is good on planetoids then yes I would be interested. Gas coulda, asteroids, etc are all too simple to make at home for me to see a benefit to buying them. Not saying that planetoids are difficult to make at home either, but a set of half spheres made out of a light weight plastic and designed to be carried nesting style (like the Russian dolls) would be fantastic, especially if they have the image sublimation printed.
  16. I think the generic nature of the Directorate ships would prohibit something like ops center. While I'm sure the higher ranking officers would love to have it there just isn't enough in the budget for this quarter... Now when the real bosses start showing up on the Leviathans I expect we'll see ops center.
  17. I mix cruisers and heavies. The heavy cruiser greatly increases the squad's overall durability in exchange for a loss in firepower early in the game. Given our threat range though it's still not difficult to get those first turn rb2 shots off. $.02
  18. I usually run Tormentors with +AP either in a group of 3 or with a carrier. They're not a powerhouse for sure, but their staying power is strong and they really shine for me in the late game.
  19. I never saw any of their fluff that said they were human. All the way back to the first blog posts about them before MotR was released they were alien mercs. The Syndicate are Aquan and Human while the Corsairs and Traders are pretty non descript enough to have members from any race really. Humans may be the majority of these people sure, but I think there's room for some other backgrounds if you like.
  20. Remember these are designed to make and support planetfall so while they may have some good options I wouldn't get my heart set on them being anything significantly different from what we have already. 3 and 4 shield ratings for instance when shields are a minor aspect for us is probably a stretch. Cyber options and reinforced hulls do make good sense though and being ASSAULT vessels (finally!) I think we can safely assume that we're looking at some nice (well equipped and/or cheap) additions to our already top of the line boarding threats. I do like the designs also, the small ship being so close to the original frigate is a nice touch and I can easily see some people breaking out their Enforcers as proxies even. The simplicity of the assault cruiser also appeals to me. The strictly armored prow speaks that this isn't a fancy gunboat by any means, but is instead designed to weather a flurry of fire and still be able to get the cargo to it's destination. It doesn't hurt that the armored section reminds me a bit of the newer Galactica and it jumping into atmo to disgorge attackers... mmmm sexy. I don't know on the guns either though, they do look to be cut off a bit to the front, maybe an issue with the angle in the render or maybe they're gunracks like a few of our ships? Or maybe there are more weapons on the bottom that cover the fore arc better? The carrier is a bit bland admittedly and it's lacking the lovely basestar design of the previous carriers so it's probably the biggest miss of the bunch for me, but even that is a minor concern as the ship doesn't look bad... Dang two BSG references too... Now I need to hit the Netflix and watch a few episodes...
  21. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/8908-hardpoint-upgrade-question/?fromsearch=1 It's also come up several times in the individual fleet sections, mostly with people posting fleet lists.
  22. It's never worth a fight, if you run into someone insisting on playing it in your alternate method then go for it. I don't know if anything you could do like that would be super game breaking anyway.
  23. So x hard points, x options, x cost per option. 0-2 +1" MV 5 points You have the option to take this once for five points. You also have the option to take this again for five points. You do not have an option to take +2 MV once for 10 points. With the alternate method you're proposing it would read: 0-1 +1 MV 5 points OR 0-1 +2 MV 10 points. Hope that helps.
  24. Ooh, high energy can be really nice if you get enough shots into a tier one to make them stick. A few of those can eat up crew very quickly which bypasses their weapon shielding and makes them an easier target to capture. Your cruiaers are closer to heavy cruisers compared to theirs also so I leverage them to hammer the bigger ships and use the carrier to take on groups of smaller ships. Your frigates are good at taking on more then one ship at a time too, you get the most bang out of pack hunters by linking two groups of three instead of one group with all six (unless you need to beat a big dr/cr of course).
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