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  1. i've got that much already because I play clash also in which I also have a Polish, Belgian and Canadian contingent.
  2. just like the prussians , having to one up the KoB catamaran carrier - nicly done
  3. unless they release the Royal Oak by its self I guess I'll have to build my own because I have more than enough of the other units already
  4. great job, makes my KoB shake in there boots if they had to run into thm
  5. I like the look of the open mouthed arronex
  6. nice work...love the progressive shots as you finish units.......keep up the good work
  7. My whole KoB fleet is centered around the EIMC so I've won a few but with the actual models , no. Havn't recieved them yet.
  8. I tend to do my Airpower in typical airforce colors - camo topsides and black underneath unless the units are attached as a "navel air arm" and then the top side matches the ship colors
  9. EIC has always been my theme so the new EIC ships and Cargo ships will be most welcome.
  10. nice job - simple but very effective
  11. bigdoggrulzz

    Australian Air

    I can't wait till my order arrives. those conversions look awesome. the Ozzy turrets are so big and look fantastic.
  12. Wow, the Osprey is so much better than the Eagle, but I noticed the Osprey doesn't get Armored Belly. Do you think this was a over-site or intentional?
  13. My friends and I started playing this game when it first came out. At one point we had as many as 20 players all at least playing the naval game. Then someone got the bright idea to change how you sell the product. Dropping blisters and selling everything in boxed sets. The whole problem with there new packaging system is that its stupid! I'm not buying, and neither are any of my friends, a 65 pound box set for the handful of models we need to play. If they don't fix this soon they are going to lose a bunch of players in my area. A dozen players may not seam like a big lost to them but I'm sure we are not the only gaming group having problems with this system. Our LGS isn't going to continue ordering their stuff because they can't justify getting in all these expensive boxed sets when most of the players only buy their armies one blister at a time. What sales genius thought this up. This new system has completely killed the land game and is rapidly killing the naval. We've went from 40 to 50 DW games a week down to a half dozen. We really thought with the introduction of Australians, Chinese and Ottomans sales would pick up but they haven't because nobody wants to be tied into buying multiple army boxes to get the mix of units they want. Hopefully someone from Spartan has the guts to respond.
  14. missing models is one of the reasons my gaming group has not jumped into this game yet. I play KoB and my primary opponent plays CoA so for now we just play DW and wait.
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