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  1. so the gifts are the same as last quarter? will this be the same for all quarters this year?
  2. guess no hints at the Q2 gift as it was said it would be in June
  3. Yeah I would be an advocate for all the SAS and various free tiny squadrons to activate with their carrier 1st turn for launching then go about as normal turn 2 onward. That way buying a 40 point Apollo isn't a 3 activation steal, and later in the game you couldn't have a single crazy activation of a fleet carrier and multiple units of SAS in one go.
  4. Chancer, do you need the lists sending to you?
  5. I agree, this MrShlong seems like a ruffian to me!
  6. this is getting saucy, steady on children use this forum
  7. The patrol fleet doesn't seem to be up on the store with the other boxes
  8. nah close will be end of the month most likely or start of next
  9. Chancer could you please make a new thread on this topic as some people might not check this one. Also, the rules on the site/ticket may want updating as it doesn't say no allies so without checking the forum people may not realise. Thanks
  10. yeah, I don't think driving the avenger into an island then claiming your list wasn't devised to win really works =P
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