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  1. Hi do you still have your files for dystopian wars armoured clash? I have checked and the dropbox files no longer available. I would be grateful if you have them for at least the Indian Raj ones. My e-mail address is pews76@btinternet.com

    Kind Regards


  2. If I'm not mistaking the Galen always had 270 front in 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 but it always questioned me indeed. I always thought that the turret could be raised a little
  3. If I'm not mistaking you would get 13 AD instead of 10 AD. As the Phase generator makes all attacks Partially blocked, and the Partially Blocked penatlies applies on the initial AD not the Linked pool. Meaning that 3 Plutarchs linking all their Weapon systems in RB1 would have 13 AD (3 from leading weapons, 8 from linked pool (3x5=15, 15/2 =8 rounded up) and 2 from Pack Tactics). So those additional 3 AD would maybe help some more
  4. At the end of the rulebook there is a table but from the top of my head you can ally with: Prussian Empire Empire of the Blazing Sun League of Italian States Ottoman Empire Chinese Federation Kingdom of Denmark Honourable Eclipse Company Black Wolf Mercenaries Commonwealth of Free Australia Scandinavian Teutonic Order
  5. The Indian Raj is online so people, have fun playing!
  6. Thanks Karun! Im a bit busy last weeks but I will try to complete the Raj soon.
  7. I agree with Sebenko! In my 1K lists a Hippasus often appears. I use it the same as Sebenko with 1-2 sections of destroyers. They are quiet a nasty combination and they help disruption your opponents tactics and mass damaging large and mediums (up until now my best record held for my Destroyers is one shoting a FSA Annapolis Battlecruiser.....man my opponents tactics and fleet broke down after that). Also IMO we have one of the best Destroyers, (4DR, 5CR, 3 HP and Shield 1 is pretty hard for a 45 point small model) but they are short ranged comnpared to others so we need the portals in order to bring them in on full effect.
  8. They indeed have, but as we are coming up with a large amphibious assault battle, I was kinda looking at playing DoC and provide a mass barrage on the beach to prevent enemy forces from coming in. Unfortunately the Armoured models are squishy so every naval model is able to kill it.
  9. That is also possible indeed. Well I just accept the fact that my Huntsman TDs cannot IDF when we are playing an Amphibious assault. They are way to vulnerable to set them in de open against Naval ships
  10. That is really weird :/ I mean most of the time in war crew has different kind of Ammo in their storage. But thanks for the replies
  11. Hey everyone, Last game we came up with a snall issue. A Piercing munition weapon cannot indirect fire but can you voluntairily drop the Piercing Ammo and fire regular HE (as the rulebook suggests)? You can lose Ammo types when you link or combine with other ammo types so I wondered if you can also choose to not firing with specific ammo types. Kind regards
  12. Most of the weapons as seen in the Covenant are Energy Based Weapons. BUT they don't have the powercore to gain the power of an actual energy weapon. For the Galen, the 270 arc was always that way. Some models just have different kind of arcs compared to the model. Don't question it a lot because it is waisted energy
  13. Too be honest I agree with Sebenkos first idea of using Mines. Even due they still halve their AD, using 3 Ptolemy's to block off it's path really works. I used it once with a pretty good effect. The Ptolemy's move forward in Stratospheric height. When they are close by, drop them to obscured and drop your mines in his path. The total linked AD will be 14AD, halfed will be 7AD with High Payload. Meaning you still score and average of 8 hits resulting in a critical. Keep the Ptolemy's in his area to keep dropping mines. If he is evading the mines, use Frigates or Corvettes of your own to detonate them. It is expansive but if your really want it dead then just do it! Otherwise just ignore it, out manoeuvre it, use Orbs to keep it contained. I sometimes use the Alpha orb to block it's paths with portals. Place one portal in his pathway and the other one in an island. Then he must change course and use the Dilation Field on him to half HIS AD on attacks. You can also use the Dilation Field to have a good boarding chance. Deal some damage to reduce AA, use the Dilation field to half his AA in additional and then just board with Corvettes or High AP models. Yes you will lose probably due to Security Posts 4 and 5 AP BUT you will deal some damage and if you keep assaulting him with AP he will collapse. Assuming that he will have between 1-3 AA when boarding you will lose 2 AP from the 10 Corvettes. 8 will land and you will score an average of 6-8 hits. Meaning that 2-4 AP die from on the Terror Ship. Do this again with another corvette squadron or Zenos (as Zenos can also be used good in short range) and you will have it, prize the model for more points and from this point his Phase Generator is down (if not mistaking due to the successful board). You will have additional points and if your opponent is steadfast on retaking the terror ship you just blast it apart before he can even re-board it. That is what I do with it.
  14. Okay, well I never saw that so I had no idea about it! But thanks, that clears a lot of the Fuzz
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