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  1. Maybe they aren't using thrusters but big giant reaction wheels to turn.
  2. I remember those days. I liked them lol but your turn analysis makes a lot of sense. I had never thought of it that way. The way I was looking at it then beams and torpedoes would take the same amount of time which just does not make sense
  3. That was my bad on the HP and SR. I meant just SR. Can't remember where those 30 points go lol
  4. Some time has gone by and I think I have found a squadron I really like: Terran Battle Fleet, 1000/1000 points Tier 1 Squadrons: Terran Battleship (1x), Razorthorn Class + Nukezz, + 1 SR, + 2 PD Terran Battlecruiser (1x), Marshal (with Escorts) Class Tier 2 Squadrons: Terran Cruiser (3x), Sentinel Class +1 HP, +1 SR Terran Cruiser (3x), Teuton Class +1 HP, +1 SR Tier 3 Squadrons: Terran Frigate (4x), Missionary Class Terran Frigate (4x), Missionary Class The Battlecruiser usually functions as a torpedo boat or frigate hunter. Late game I will move it in to finish the job (or if my cruisers disappear). I normally keep my cruisers in reserve and shunt them in when my battleship engages. First time I fell into some mines but I have been smart about that sense lol
  5. Because war, that's why. ship schematics, captured crew telling them their protocol for certain situations, battle analysis, etc. Seeing a war from your opponents perspective is a HUGE advantage and a lot can be said from holes in steel. Also, capturing a vessel and still having it functioning means that is one less ship you have to build, saving at least some level of resources. And I know what you are thinking. These are alien ships and may not be usable and to that I reply "They did it in Independence Day and it was awesome" lol. Capture a vessel, sail it to a safe port, retrofit it to work for you, go back and fight.
  6. True, but the scale of a capsule vs. the ISS is a lot closer than a boading ship so small we don't even have tokens for them and a space ship. The speed, agility, and size allow them to land on those ships like a flea on a dog. The big thing that seems to have disappeared in space is momentum and inertia. To auto-correct your movement like I am proposing, your marines will be goo before they land lol. But that never seems to be a problem in sci-fi so I'll let it go. Evasive maneuvers, even with all the planes of motions, are still predictable and slow compared to a futuristic navigational computer. In fact, it would see that the capital ships move SO much slower than the boarding ships that they rely on PD to repel them and even those can't hit them all the time. And maybe killing the AI of a ship is as easy as installing a future disc and changing the OS lol. Now I agree with you about doing all things at once. That is why if I made a boarding system it would take a few turns to fully capture a ship. It would be like taking a city. Doable but needs time. Maybe a system where the boarders go through the initial, then are treated as a special hazard marker that given enough time can kill the crew and take the ship.
  7. Ah, so you have realized my imagination is not as strong as you would think. I absolutely stole that from Thrawn! lol I also paint my main Terran fleet steel grey with blue engines....... DEFINITELY not also Star Wars related!
  8. With the power of math. Anything is possible! lol I also think it is worth saying that the boarding action is not a bunch of people in space suits floating to a different ship. The peg represents the ship, not the model. So AP surely have some sort of craft that carries them over. Could be SRS but I always just figured that was part of the AP and factored in.
  9. Building off of that, a boarding craft is MUCH smaller and this is clearly a world where fuel/ thrust ratios need not apply. This means that smaller ships can EASILY change course and dock onto a larger ship. I do not think it is a stretch to assume that navigational computers would be quick enough to adjust course when needed. And since we are in sci-fi land, let's assume an SRS is really just a crew hull, an engine, and a super heating laser. The SRS just needs to latch on like a tick, burn a hole in the hull, and enter. But let's put energy back into the equation. A boarding craft this small needs only one energy source. Once the ship has latched on, the power is converted from the engine to the laser to cut a hole into the ship. Think about how many people you can cram into an airplane verses a mission control station. The population density of a boarding craft is going to be MUCH greater. That means they can easily overwhelm them. This gets back to my part about time. These ships (especially capital ships) are humongous! How on Earth can a ship be captured in the same amount of time as it takes to fire a volley from the broadsides. Also, in space, it is much easier to move a tiny mass as opposed to a larger massed object.
  10. There are a lot of reasons to board a plane but space ships are not planes, they are ships. They would likely fight on a planetary plane and they do not have drag/lift/air forces that would make them hard to hop onto. Think of a boarding action like a Rendezvous with the ISS.
  11. Working on joining the US Navy and have studied a great deal of Naval History. Boarding warships is....... interesting. If these crews are as large as theA lot of boarding in the age of sail took place AFTER a ship had surrendered. We still see this today. Boarding is far more common when a crew is willing to be boarded. Now, from a futuristic stand-point, maybe the crews are not as large as I think. It is equally possible that more and more systems are automated and specialist robots that perform damage control are not capable of following a "repel Boarders" order. So maybe large scale boarding actions are possible (especially when launching from a battleship to a frigate). If SG was to keep boarding then it is much more realistic to think a complete boarding action takes a few turns AT LEAST, slowly but surely taking one system at a time. While boarding is increasingly rarer these days, it still happens. If a crew does not resist then ships can be captured. It happens to Merchant ships from time to time. Now let's look at the US Navy's LCS. They are supposed to run on a crew of 15 to 50. You cannot tell me that it is unrealistic to think that a group of marines trained to board and capture ships could not take over the ship given enough time (Assuming their transport vehicle was not taken over). Also, the Nazis scuttled their prize ship, the Bismark, in order to prevent it from being captured so they thought it was possible their ship could be captured. I think it is plenty possible to think that a ship can be boarded assuming enough damage has been inflicted and enough crew has been killed. In a sci-fi world where the ship has it's own super computer, if you kill the crew and damage it enough, who is to say you can't also kill the AI and replace it with one that works for you. These races have been fighting for a long time and I am sure they have ways of making their systems compatible.
  12. Fair point. I have not had much success with destroyers and often overlook them. Those twin turrets on the Marshal are deadly, but pricey. I also prefer to shunt in with a Marshal but when it is my flagship and costs that much in a patrol fleet I will start with it on the board and use it as a torpedo boat until I need to be mean. Side note: My Marshal strategy isn't going to be very effective when they remove degrading stats lol
  13. Love me some Marshal, they are my bread and butter. That being said, it is a gamble and they play very differently. When it comes to patrol fleets, I like to pair them with pilgrams and let them launch torps from afar to soften the enemy up before engaging. The Marshal is great and has some impressively heavy guns but they do not last long on the battlefield. When I fly patrol fleets, most of the time I take a Battleship but sometimes I'll fly the BC just for funzies. I think a battleship is a better ship for smaller games but the BC is a ton of fun!
  14. Never mind, found the Q&A that answered this. A model may use its Point Defence against one Torpedo Attack (or choose to divide and allocate its PD between multiple incoming Torpedo attacks), one SRS Token and one Boarding Assault each activation.
  15. Can PD systems be used for multiple torp/SRS attacks a round? If so was it ever the case where they could only be used once?
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