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  1. I completely forgot you can take 2 tier 1s in a patrol fleet, probably because I never have due to points squeeze trying to fit other stuff in.
  2. 1) Thats good. 2) My copy of the mission book doesn't have assault shittles at all on pg.23 (it does on pg 21), last Anarchist upgrade is +2 AP and gain the second assault MAR, no mention of shuttles.
  3. Got my RotO box yesterday. The following is very weird IMO For the Oannes Carrier: " A Heavy Carrier takes up TWO Carrier (and hence Tier 1) slots in the Fleet Tier list" This means it can't be used for Patrol fleets and I can't see (m)any occasions where I would take it, if I lose the option of taking another Tier 1. Thoughts?
  4. Read this in bed last night, and the following 4 things stuck out. Typo: Pg 15, Scenario Rules : "If the Aquan player moves his Gunship squadron" There isn't an Aquan gunship squadron in the forces list Possible Typo: Pg 23, the Forces, The Directorate: No SRS tokens specified. Contradictory Example, pg 29 Energy Locus MAR. "The commader is feeling lucky, so elects to add 2AD to the roll.." Nowhere in the MAR rule does it state that the command check is optional, or that you can choose the number of dice. Confusing point costs, Pg 30: The cost for taking a Sulis class ship as an escort for both Oannes class and Shiva class is 50 points. The base ship cost (Pg.28) for a Sulis is 60 points. Is it supposed to be cheaper to take as an escort? Can somone clarify this please.
  5. If a carrier has two tokens of 6 bombers each, which both attack the same target, can the attack be combined into a 36AD attack, or is it two seperate 18 dice attacks?
  6. I'm relatively new to FSA, but I find the movement template very quick and easy to use. A snake template would be much harder, IMO, as I find that ships very rarely do exactly the same movement as the one next to it. They tend to go an additional 1" further before turning to maintain formation, or shifting from line accross to line abreast or flying wedge. A template that you are adjusting for each ship would take longer than just using a fixed tempalte.
  7. Aquans : 22AD (4x Heavy Crusiers, Front Arc At RB2, Energy Transfer 2) Terran: 21AD (3x Heavy Cruisers, Port OR Starboard At RB2)
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