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  1. I'm sold. Hated the MKII tentacles, but these seem to merge the best of MKI and II
  2. The funny thing is, I'd have probably gone with Directorate when I originally started if I hadn't already heard they were (arguably) bottom tier. More interested in tweaks to them than my own cuddly Sorylians to be honest!
  3. I can't wait really! I remember when my local store/gaming group first got in FS:A products. We all chose based on aesthetics (me with Sorylians) and the store owner himself was left distinctly feeling like a 'poor sucker' with Relthoza!
  4. As for me, I'm wondering if support fleets will still be legal. You know, with all the fleshing out of the minor races, might be you can only field them on their own, or as allies. Can't wait to see really, so I know it's safe to invest in bits from other racea! My Ryuushi BC and Veydreth are mighty lonely
  5. Fantastic! Ordered the Sorylian one for myself, and the Dindrezi one as a Christmas present to get a friend into the game
  6. Like I've said, anything by Alastair Reynolds, he's a physicist too, and all his technology is plausible (or at least based off existing and theoretical principles)
  7. Fantastic idea, love the Homeworld series so much, and your painted ship is a pretty good match for the Taiidan Heavy Cruiser!
  8. Maxing out your Bombards to a squadron of 3 is a great step! Whilst the Sorylian strength is in their mediums, and you seem to have a fair few frigates, I'd recommend the Plumbata Corvette small ship as well. alexmann - Why the Morning Star carrier instead of the newer MkII Xiphos? (which is also possibly my fave FS:A model)
  9. Mine was only dispatched yesterday
  10. A local gaming store just posted photos on Facebook of stock from Spartan Games, including both Ryushi boxes, so they're being dispatched, to shops at least
  11. Hey Neil, Fleshing out some of my favourite Kurak fleets sounds great! Any idea if a composite Kurak fleet that mixes races like we can currently field will still be legal?
  12. Hmm, 1. A joint first place.. I WOULD select pretty much all the ships from the Homeworld series of games, but I'm going to pick.. The Hiigaran Mothership and the godship Sajuuk, mostly just for it's main gun. Look at it firing!! Look how massive it is!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-05M3Xt1y8 2. I'll go with Pioneer 2 from the Phantasy Star Online games, the opening movie still gives me shivers when it pans across the colony ship.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1mtXl-uwkQ 3. The new Battlestar Galactica. I love supremely utilitarian, functional designs in sci-fi 4. Lighthugger vessels in Alastair Reynold's 'Revelation Space' series 5. The Autobot Ark from the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game (Also, I'm not beginner, but can't work out how to embed Youtube videos, none of the usual forum codes seem to work)
  13. I really wanna make an Alliance of Kurak fleet... but can't work out if it's worth buying Hawker for the BB and frigates, or if I should just get Xelocian frigates.. It's a bit annoying too that the Veydreth DD and Terquai torpedo cruisers are 2 to a blister when maximum squad size is 3. I heard it may be worth it having a mixed Terquai squadron actually (2 torpedo, 1 assault, as they would gain AP but loose few torpedo AD) Anyway, very tired post-work ramblings...
  14. I would love to go! I live in the north of Scotland in Dundee though, so depends how easy travel would be.
  15. Huh, fancy meeting another FS:A player I was thinking of starting with the COA aswell, but I don't have the funds for a land + sea + sky range.. so I was wondering if an all aerial force was viable, if not with the COA, then for any other armies?
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