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  1. I just got goosebumps. Incidentally I was listening to this when I first found out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXgjM0gGLXQ 10/10; best release ever.
  2. First off thanks for making this! But I was just wondering, are there any files for infantry tokens? I've tried looking, but I can't seem to find any. Maybe I'm blind?
  3. The feeling I've gotten of the Canadian units is they are intended as shock troops to lead the assault. They lack shields on most of their tanks (I believe a the Resolution has a pulse gen, but only with the HQ top), but make up for it with their ability to knock out enemies (High Velocity MAR). While they can be played as their own fleet I think the Canadians would work best as an alliance contingent within a British one. Canadians are great, but when they have effective support they become deadly.
  4. Another suggestion would be to include the token images for the critical hit effects. I still don't know which token is "Chaos and Disarray". Absolutely agreed, I love the mechanic in X-Wing and the game as a whole. But for DW? I don't think that would be feasible.
  5. I think the main reason the template movement mechanic works so well for X-Wing is the small amount of ships in the game. In a starter set alone for DW you have around 15 different models. The other thing is in DW there is a variety of elements that can be played in. Sailing on the ocean has very different physics to driving a tank on land, or flying an aircraft. Different templates would have to be developed for not only every class size of model, but also every element. With so many templates cluttering the edges of the board would movement become any faster? Those who have been playing this game for years have already developed the ability to use the current system at speed, why take that away? The TL;DR version 1. The template system would require too many templates to meet all of the different model requirements. 2. If such a system were to be introduced a re-tooling of the entire movement mechanic would be needed. 3. The end result would be no better than before, as players search through piles of moving templates to find the exact one they are looking for. 4. Veteran players would have to re-learn the movement rules and how to use them accurately; slowing down the game considerably for us.
  6. The roofs were given a Baal Red wash over their basecoat of Mechrite red. The photo was taken on my phone so all of the colours appear to be faded out, especially the red. They are much darker in real life. In the future I'll be using my proper camera, it just takes longer to upload with. Edit: The next update will be one of the churches/manor houses.
  7. Primed white to start out. Followed by a wash of the old Citadel Gryphonne Sepia -wait until dried- then another coat Gryphonne Sepia. Apply Liberally.
  8. I completely forgot about the small robot! Now my Antartican opponent and I can have miniature robot fisticuffs in the high arctic! Would said robot be found in the box set that is coming out soon?
  9. That'd be fine in my books, as long as the terrier is till a viable option. I've got foxhounds too and I like them a lot as well.
  10. Right, so I've had a ton of DW terrain for about two years now, and most of them have yet to be painted. I recently (after a period of severe hobby withdrawal) decided to give painting the terrain a go, what do you think?
  11. I really like the look of the Terrier. I want my Canadians to keep it!. Perhaps the same model could be used as a Canadian variant with different AD spread? The Terrier is honestly one of my favourite models! Don't do this Spartan!
  12. So I took a look in my old 1.0 rulebook and at Spartan's copyright. They don't allow for the book to be reproduced word for word, but that's fine as the creature rules in 1.0 were the same as robot rules. Robots/ Creatures can't perform certain things such as repair damage, and when boarding they can ram & board, can be shot at. I remember reading that and thinking "wow, not only do the rules allow for you to play all elements at the same time, but also with robots and giant creatures"! Also, if anyone likes the idea of steampunk mutated creatures check out the novel "Leviathan" by Scott Westerfield. Plenty of cool sketches in there, great for modelling ideas!
  13. Ooooh "Markarov's Privateers" I like!
  14. I don't know what Spartan's copyright is on this but I'd be willing to post the 1.0 rules later today. I've still got the 1.0 rulebook at home.
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