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  1. Thanks Strategos, I saw a painted one on there a couple of weeks back that was pretty nice, but I'd really like to paint my own, so I passed on it, but I will start to keep a closer eye out there, I haven't been checking regularly!
  2. Ok, that is what I have, thanks! I did read that the transports were wrong, thanks.
  3. I thought there was a kickstarter, lol. Maybe I misunderstood a message I read in this forum, but either or, I'm hoping to track down one of each of the original starters. I think I've played enough with proxies that I would like to play with the real minis now.
  4. I was going to take my PDF to get printed out at Staples and spiral bound so I can more easily reference it in a game, but wanted to see if there was any word on if a new release is going to be posted any time soon? I would hate to come home with my newly printed rule book only to see a new version had been posted.
  5. Excellent job on these cards, they look awesome!
  6. Hey all! Subject says it all. Anyone have any extra Kickstarter Starter Sets they would like to part with? I have been playing some test games using Heavy Gear Blitz tanks and really enjoy this system. I have a few minor issues with it, but all in all it is a really great game. So I'm hoping to track down the original sets, I know they will be releasing sets again in the future, but I think it would be great to own one of each of the originals!
  7. Thanks for the links, that is awesome! You can't go wrong with terrain in this scale, it is so affordable!!! I think the massive tank battles will be really nice to setup on a table with a lot of buildings and terrain features like roads/rivers/forests/etc. Certainly a much better way to have a large battle when you compare to 28mm size minis.
  8. I saw some bases had multiple tanks on them, at that scale it is just too small to have single tanks I think.
  9. I always mess up with scale, lol. Thanks for the answer. Ok, that is good to know on the minis, I was thinking some air minis would be neat to have. I'm going to read over the rules really good (I just skimmed them) and probably get some starter sets to try out.
  10. ...hey all, I have a quick question for you all. I mostly play mini games in the 10mm-12mm size range, but Armoured Clash has caught my attention. What scale is, this? 3mm? I always thought that the Dystopian Wars miniatures looked awesome, but I am not a huge fan of the navy/air type games. However, dozens of tanks battling it out in a battlefield sounds awesome. I'm thinking of getting two starter packs, can any land minis from the Dystopian Wars be used, or is there a limited number of minis that can be used for this game? I see they have their own section in the online store, so I am thinking that maybe everything isn't compatible between the two games?
  11. I'll stay tuned and wait for the starter sets and final rules, but I love 10mm scale games and this really looks like it is going to hit a sweet spot for me and my gaming/modeling interests!
  12. Wow, the yellow looks awesome! I may have to steal this paint scheme from you.
  13. I really like the look of this game and really like the minis and rules. I would really enjoy getting into this game. Can I order it now, or is it preorder? I usually bought from local stores, so I am not internet-educated on this, what is Spartan Studio? My oldest son (19) and I want to get into this game together.
  14. I actually did find it. I was reading the turning at the beginning of the rule book, but in the back of the rule book it has more info and does mention it.
  15. Super, thanks for the reply. That is what I thought, but when I went back in to look for it explained in the book, I couldn't find it.
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