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  1. They are brilliantly done.
  2. Your work on Dawn of Souls is flat out brilliant.
  3. I'd like to see the Washington either significantly cheaper or buffed to be an effective unit for either close combat (my preference) or indirect fire. As it stands, the two non-linkable main turrets and the price make it the least used shelf queen in the FSA inventory and that includes, as others point out, the older Lexington and Independence models badly in need of additional roles/capabilities as otherwise the Mississippi and Georgetown have rendered them redundant.
  4. Good to see the oft neglected land side get some love.
  5. A substantial number of historical rules allow players to allocate traditional scouting type units before a battle to determine whether one side or another has out scouted their opponent and thus receive a benefit in terms of favorable terrain, advantages in surprise flank forces, starting position or knowledge of opponents disposition. In land games before the 20th century it can usually be done with devoting x units of light cavalry to scouting and the margin between the forces committed determining the amount of advantage. For the 20th on up, post aircraft and pre-satellite, you could assign a value of 1 to each small, 2 to each small aircraft and set a level of effect where the margin dictates advantage. Out scout the other guy by less than 2:1 and the winner gets to pick the side of the table they will use after terrain is placed. Out scout by 2:1 but less than 3:1 and the opponent has to place half/all of their forces before the winner places anything. Out scout by 3:1 and the winners flanking force can come on anywhere on the table. The downside will always be that forces used in scouting are unavailable on the table thus you may get a huge advantage with the flanker but to get a huge scouting advantage, your total numbers will be way down. The effects, ratios and values on scouting are just off the top of my head. I would suggest experimentation although this is a particularly useful approach in a campaign setting more than a 'one of' game.
  6. Really great work. I love what you did with the heat lances.
  7. I believe the cost of shipping is the issue for many places around the globe. Both the US and UK postal rates for overseas shipping have gone up in recent years to the point where even very desireable products end up prohibitive depending on size, weight and delivery location.
  8. #1 - Nice paint job and scheme. It captures the feel of the COA and is both simple and elegant. #2 - You should be ashamed of cheating on your other fleet. A second fleet is acceptable but Elves? Anything but those prancing, prissy, tricksey, holier than thou bunch of penguin hugging ice nerds. Try a nice heartless mercenary or rabid imperialist faction but have a bit if pride and hide that fleet from decent sturginium using normal players.
  9. Could you PM me the link as well. That mat is terrific.
  10. Is that a game mat or a specially constructed table top? It looks superb.
  11. McKinstry

    Russian hellmarch

    I like the scheme and the snow is well executed.
  12. i just ordered the two boxes and there seemed to be no trouble with stock levels. Given the Spartan email just went out a few hours ago (the same as the blog postings) and at least two of the miniature forums I view have not picked up the story yet, you should be OK for a while.
  13. The Tourbillon needed a price increase or a nerf in 2.0, 2.5 simply exacerbates the problem.
  14. As things stand at the moment, and I understand improvements are fluid, the Independence is another endangered species. The Mississippi just relegates it to shelf duty as there is simply no reason to take it over one of the Mississippi marks.
  15. I am very disappointed the Washington was not adjusted. I remains essentially useless absent an invasion/amphibious specialized scenario.
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