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  1. Just a small update for now. Trying to nail down the colour scheme for my fiancee's Directorate fleet. Starting big with the Battleship. It is still very WIP.
  2. So it has begun. After waiting nearly 3 weeks to get my hands on firestorm armada. I have my order at last. Realising that i need not have ordered the STAR cards though...nevermind. I just want to say how fantastic these sculpts are. No imperfections, very little flash and easily cleaned. Hopefully over the next few days i will get a good chunk of these models painted. For now, its just pure bare naked reason joy,
  3. A simple trick for the stars. If you have a double action airbrush. Pull the trigger back without activating the air. This will allow a little paint to form on the tip Let the trigger go fully forward and press it for air very quickly. This will create a very random pattern of fine spatter thats great for small stars. It looks something like this
  4. Thanks Cold_fusion. I went through the following process. Sand the polystyrene balls to a smother finish. As you can mines not perfect but theres no lines etc. Paint on 3-4 watered down coats of pva glue. Allowing each to dry first. Airbrush Vallejo polyeurathane primer. Airbrush base colour. Airbrush other optional colours. For me i used the following. Vallejo model air (all) Yellow, red, blue, white and black. With those 5 paints i was able to do all the planets above.
  5. Well atlast my order for firestorm armada has shipped from the store I use. Only took 11 days for them to get restocked. Rulebook v2 Card deck Directorate patrol fleet Terran patrol fleet Undercoat. Think that should get us playing. Now to settle on schemes. Directorate are my fiancées fleet and as such she wants grey/red. But as to the terrans........ Shrugs.....clueless. Thanks for the comment Frans, I was going for a simple gas giant look across them. Simple and relatively quick, and if I am honest I would probably mess them up trying to detail in land mass etc.
  6. As far as fsa stuff goes, I can't comment. But I had a mismould on a brittania dystopian wars ship. I e-mailed spartan and got a reply a couple of days later. I supplied pics of the problem ship and within a week or so received a replacement. As has been mentioned, spartan are still a relatively small company who don't work weekends. So a little patience and I am sure you will be answered and sorted the replacements for the damaged products.
  7. So today i got around to doing a bit more with the poly balls i got earlier in the week. A few minutes sanding and several coats of PVA failed to hide the texture of the poly balls, despite that i am still happy with the results. I plan on doing the bases of my FSA in the same way as i have the planets. Bases Group shot
  8. It's for beginners fsa and x wing too.. Figure mire can be added to take it up to 3x6 or 4 mats could be laid out for anything from 4x4 upto 6x6. I'm still waiting in my fsa stuff. Lot of the ships either struggle with getting it..or sell it before it's even arrived. I have it on order from firestorm games since Monday and am waiting for them to resupply with the Terran fleet, directorate fleet and v2 book. Because of this I have no fsa experience and only some dystopian wars experience. I have been reading the forums and I am getting the impression games will need a big play area?
  9. It's 3x3 or 36" by 36" if you prefer your measures in inches
  10. It looks to have something like a varnish type Of layer.
  11. Northerndragons , I will have to have a look for those rocks as the small card balls don't clean upon break up very well. Still I have 7 planets cleaned and drying after a couple of coats of pva. Sky admiral here's a pic of my mat from gale force 9
  12. I have recently ordered the v2 book, a Terran patrol fleet for myself and a directorate fleet for my better half. I also purchased a 3x3 nebula vinyl gaming mat to play fsa and xwing on. But the leaves a need for scenery. But planets etc are a little bit new to me in game terms. Sure I used to play bfg and used the old flat card templates. But they leave you wanting more. Whilst I am waiting for my stuff to arrive. I was wondering if there are any 'rules' governing planet,moon,asteroid sizes. I am hoping not but until my rule book arrives I am asking here and praying for help!!!! In the mean time and in hope of them being ok size wise I purchased these from a local craft store. There are 3 x 70mm poly rounds. 4 x 50mm poly rounds and 10 25mm card rounds. I am hoping to turn the larger poly balls into planets. Some of the smaller ones into moons and a few small asteroids. Thoughts/help anyone.
  13. Yeah the steel is a combo of P3 paints 'Cold Steel' with a neat wash of GW 'Nuln Oil'. I did do a very heavily watered down black wash on the flanks, but in all honesty it priobably needs another one, or i may try a trick with some enamel black if i am feel brave enough!. Thank you for the compliment on the ship
  14. I tried to get into Dystopian wars last year with my fiancee and fellow wargamer. Alas the rulebook somewhat perplexed me and i stepped away. However in early december we decided to give the game a go and with the help of some youtube videos, as lot of questions and a dystopian group on facebook... we kinda got there. More importantly we both got hooked on the game. Fast forward a month and the christmas ceasefire has well and truly passed. Now it is time for the fleets to slip anchor and sail for the open waters, now it is time for war. I had previously made attempts at painting some of the ships, but the lengthy gap and a change of mind deemed the need to restart. So long gone are the days of my red/gree Kingdom of Britannia navy. Instead i have lost what marbles i have left and opted for 'Dazzle pattern' camoflauge. I have seen it done on the ships of dystopian wars and wanted to try it myself. In addition to this i will be undertaking the task of painting my fiancee's Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet at some point. So expect to see both on here. But back to the task a hand, with little more than some pics off google of other peoples ships, a lot of images of mind numbingly confusing ships and a hand full of paints...i set to the task in hand today. Here is the results of the struggle. Feedback is more than welcome as this is the first D-Wars model i have painted in full. I present the Ruler class Battleship HMS Trafalgar.
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