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  1. 2.0 I'm not arranging for things I've not seen rules for and where those rules may be limited by who backed the KS
  2. Its been a while but since Dwars is starting to rev back up again I'm pleased to announce that I'll be hosting Hard Pounding 11 on the 24th June at Outpost wargames in Sheffield. Here is the rules pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5yUOt_M-5zMRUtQSWRlWTBrQVE/view?usp=sharing Basic highlights it's three rounds one 1000pt, one 1250 and one 1500 so everybody gets a good full fat game of Dwars in the final round but we all actually get to go home at a reasonable hour! You use the same 1k list but can add on 250 in round 2 and 500 in round 3. The missions are all in the link above from Ironclad, a rules pack that we've run umpteen events on has been play tested to death and has been translated into other languages! Thread is pinned in general discussion. Tickets are £16 including lunch and some generous prize support and are available here: http://the-outpost.co.uk/our-products/tickets/Ticket-Hard-Pounding-XI Any questions or discussion you can drip by here but I tend to be a bit lax checking these days or if you use facebook like 2,000,000,000 other people there is an event page here that I'll answer too pretty quick sharpish : https://www.facebook.com/events/439792163055528/?ti=as Hopefully see you soon Drach. PS HAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDDDDDD POOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!
  3. I drink to forget. No idea I'm afraid. Also **** *** ****** *** There are no bad words there, it is just astrixes I just wanted to feel included
  4. Now do this in max four turns with Russians... Suits **** with 360 rb 4 rockets however
  5. IRONCLAD 2017: So its always been my intention to perform regular updates on Ironclad, and after a break away from Dwars I'm looking to start an update to be ready for the 2017 "Season". For the most part it'll be a few little wording tweeks here and there for naval and objectives, however I am looking for prospective replacements for a couple of scenarios (mainly convoy and Fusion leak) Other changes/additions: Land, Ive had plans for land scenarios for ages Ive been keeping a lot in my back pocket, many can be translated straight from naval however some more flavour scenarios would always be good, the idea being to have an entire set of 12 Air, would people like to see Air scenarios? And if so would anybody like to suggest some terrain for it? If you would like to suggest a scenario please bear in mind the following guidelines: Symmetry, all competitive games should give both players the same set of challenges Falling within the rules: can you explain any special effects with the Mars or descriptions in 2.0? Attainable: While some fleets struggle with certain scenario criteria they must all be able to fulfill them. Time friendly: if it takes more than three turns its probably not tournament suitable. Equally rewarding, you'll notice that all Ironclad missions give out all sorts of Scenario points (SP) but they arent added up for tie breaks, but victory points scoring and tournament point rewards are always similar (apart from M.A.D) so one round isn't worth more than another. Dont lump extra victory points on stuff (thats what SP are for). Scaleable, a decent scenario should work for 1k on a 4x4 (even at 1k you should be playing 6x4 btw) or at 2k Have fun, if anybody has anything get it to me by the end of november and I'llsee if I can get it in.
  6. The Yank sub does occasionally come out to play, both Thamoz and Guerillajam have plopped it down in tournaments and had it do well, it just doesnt fit into the standard american ship formula. Back on topic. Ive never had a Rhine do well (ive seen people do well with it like Guzizug, I also once triple critted the same rhine in another tournament game for almost instant win) it is just too fragile as an assault carrier and the squishiest of all the PE larges, big broadsides that want to brawl but with a glass jaw and poor maneuverability. The Elbe is a brick I should use more, but I tend to like my larges cheap, cheerlful and numerous. The Imperium, oh the imperium, its just so good, a turn 3 boarder that can hide in the sky with all the worlds supply of tesla and that simply doesnt die. Go to commodore. Bbs The karl is an excellent and durable ship which can be a brawler with those tasty broadsides, spear and cannons without having to switch out for a shield. As Solar said to me "thats a ship you can build a fleet around" it is one hell of a boat. But saying that I own and use four emperors, fast boarders which back up the gunships and corvettes with excellent aux stats. And they are outstanding in a pair.
  7. CORE HELIX Heavy tank: a good tough tank with heinous linkable firepower within 16 even as an individual, the firepower from a pair at 32” isn't to be sniffed at either teamed with corrosion. 4/5 Medium tank: the retaliator is the directorate work horse 7+7 shields and a big nasty gun with corrosion for the princely sum of 110 points, if you are not taking as many of these as you can, you need serious psychological help, my standard list runs 12 and you cannot kill them all! 5/5 Recon buggy: if the Retliator is my favourite unit the Informer is the opposite, the firepower of a wet paper bag, the resiliance of a wet paper bag, and the TV of a superior recon tank like the leto and no movement mar to cross anything other than toad terrain, the best use I find for them is a unit to follow the retaliator spam and claim objectives. 1 / 5 Infantry: there is a special place in my heart for a patriot grand company which i will doubtless cover in the section entitled “Wraith”. The basic unit however is pretty standard fare with a good level of damage output but a low resilience 4 / 5 APC: the intruder used to be anemic in terms of fire power but with a reasonably respectable 9 interceptor AD it has quite a nasty suprise. Trojan: better in or with the command helix but these cloaked nerds are excellent for gamblers who wan to mess with other peoples units, get close in and they are pretty good CQB sweepers to boot. HEAVY HELIX Heavy support tank: 12 AD at 48” and 18 at 24” with corrosion and terror makes an excellent softener to start any attack 5 / 5 Tank hunters: while its Dr is one point less than the mighty retaliator the avenger has hard target, longer range and more AD for just 25 points extra, they often end up as the focus of enemy attacks because they are simply too dangerous to be allowed to roam unchecked. 5 / 5 Support tank: target lock with 6 dice, yes please! It allows your heavy to push up and more often than not get placed shots, or you can use it to dial in some artillery. 4 / 5 RECON HELIX Light tank: Dr 6 fast and useful upto 20” the anarchist is a solid tank, better than the informer in almost every single way for only 15 points more and the same TV for a five strong unit, they can actually move to seize an objective to hold it until a patriot garrison can reach the position. 4 / 5 Heavy infantry: Deadlock are a bit good, the cyber weapons are a nice addition with a basic 20 AD allowing them to threaten quite high up the food chain with a disruption attack, what people really come here for is the 5 CQB dice on initiation (probably 6 if you're using cards) and with twice the durability of patriot they are a tougher option for holding objectives and only liable to take half the casualties a unit of patriot would in an all important storm action. 4 / 5 LEVIATHAN HELIX The Wraith: I don't think I can say much for the wraith that hasn’t already been covered in depth, it is the epitome of a ground attack flyer and is probably the main reason the Directorate are quite so good in the air, having a flying option outside of their air and recon slots allowing more flexibility in list construction with a leviathan capable of troop insertion and fire support, and free range of movement unobstructed by the crawlers. All around it’s an excellent unit in terms of firepower, defense and versatility it is however reasonably vulnerable to interceptors and cannot hide as a trade off. 5 / 5 Haunter: comes for free and has take and hold, not bad at all 4 / 5 Patriot Grand company: the CQB damage output you love in a bulk buy setup you can’t refuse deployed by air insertion and a little flamethrower tank, the cherry on top of the excellent Wraith, giving it the ability to hold onto a unit of devastating infantry with the speed to capture the enemy primary, in previous games the 1-2 of wraith followed by patriot has killed an Odin by themselves in a single round (terror weapon CQB putting it on forlorn hope). 5 / 5 WORKS RAPTOR Heavy interceptor: Fast, cloaked and DR7 with corrosive interceptor missiles and an elite command element (it’s like being dindrenzi!) and they are a recon element! Crone recon tank: 20 AD, DR 5 hard target and cloaked with the potential for 10 CQB, elite, a skimmer and recon once again for the same TV as a unit of informers, they are like a Leto had a night of passion with a Relthozan Medium tank. 70 points each makes them the priciest in their weight class but also arguably the best, possibly worth the 15 points on an anarchist. 4 / 5 INTERCEPTOR HELIX Interceptor gunship: the firepower of two witches with a bonus cyber weapon (dynamite vs fliers) the price of two witches and near the survivability of three, kicking out more AD for longer with damage just without the corrosion, good choice on a budget 4 / 5 Interceptor: the ghost has many similarities with the crone just as the revenant has a similarity with the witch, cheaper faster and flying, slightly better in CQB due to Drone and the same firepower just with interceptor rather than anti infantry. 4 / 5 GROUND ATTACK Heavy gunship: I don’t hold 10 AD and 3 DRs in that high esteem but on a unit with the speed to flank whatever it’s shooting i can make an exception, paired with a second gunship for 20AD and all the corrosive flying around in the directorate ORBAT it becomes rather appealing, the arti marker is also quite useful with the potential to herd targets away from flanks into your inevitable plasma phalanx and keep these free to move unharried. 4 / 5 Ground attack gunship: couple of i keep coming back and using the really quite excellent witch interceptor as an example, each phantom is a witch with twice the survivability with a corrosive terror weapon and ground attack 4 / 5 ASSAULT HELIX Punchy Mc Doombot: I havent had chance to use mr McDoombot or his lovely wife “ED-209 with rage issues” but Im looking forward to it, they have some serious dice within 10” and requiring a minimium of 48 successes to kill and cloaking I think it may actually get to use its mace, especially with enough air support to draw away attention. For a unit that will be running forward 10 TV may be quite steep but i won’t know until I use them. Flame tank: the tank hunter chassis but with +2 on both DR, tell me more… i doubt this unit will be as frankly excellent as the avenger but it isnt too bad, an anti infantry retaliator with slightly shorter range, update this when I use it. COMMAND HELIX Command tank: even spiders dont have a DR 12 cloak unit, and if it dies just flat out the drones off the board (if you dont like having friends) and only give up 4 TV. It may not even reach that stage however and it adds some excellent functionality to the directorate list with that phenomenal cyber weapon with its ability to dial up or down on the cyber effect table for ot and any other cyber assets in 12” more offensively it has its 20AD plasma scourge the weapon for every occasion. 5 / 5 Tactics. Double core (T-34 death spam) few things give me more satisfaction than putting down 16 tanks and watching a little piece of my opponent die inside; retaliators can pump out 21 AD up close or 15 at range, more than enough to bruise most opponents, especially when each successful chip puts a corrosion marker on for the next relentless wave of plasma death to capitalise on. Then of course there is the desolator the tank squadron most leviathans wished they were, as awesome as they are mandatory rolling more AD in 16” than, well anything. Simply add wraith and interceptors to suit. It worked for the red army and now it can work for you! Air power: now with a leviathan that also comes with infantry you can really make something quite special, a fast hard hitting flanking gunline which can claim objectives too. And still bring along some additional buddies like a ground attack or works raptor. And of course there is double wraith, a list I own but can never bring myself to try. Exchange students: as a directorate core is pretty damn cheap you can always consider bringing some non natural allies, especially to cover aspects you simply dont have access too such as kinetic weapons, hover or drop troops. General tactics for each faction: Terrans: dont seem to enjoy being corrosioned, but terror CQB is probably the best method of applying direct damage and break markers. Dindrenzi: I quite like an armoured phalanx against Dizzos generally to keep command units safe from certain drop troops, one of the regions where you can find an informer squad on overwatch to be quite useful. I find they often stay at range to gain the benefit of hard target, as with most things they dont like plasma. Fish: close to CQB watch out for aircraft and try to funnel them to where you want them. If you can keep your desolators from getting pummeled they will do horrendous things. Lizards: air power to deal with their close range units, heavies to deal with their big boys. Spiders: Corrosion works a treat, with superior range shooting at cloak however you’re probably better off staying at range for placed shots rather than fishing for 6’s and make them close on you to gain the benefits of kinetic. Thoughts and opinions, already seen a fair quantity of people dis the core helix which I find to be absolutely superb, and has anybody tried the robots yet?
  8. Now it's ironclad I'm rattling a few of the Yacht club to come up with me on the £2 Donny super saver express, should be bringing enough. It been quite long enough since we had a tourney.
  9. The parrot like behaviour I find here is “Yeah but I rolled loads of 6’s once, and it keeps happening.” It does. An occurrence like the one you mentioned is at an educated estimate about one in four hundred, it is an anomaly, a blip, and it’s in the statistics because as mentioned previously for every roll like that there is an opposite chance of rolling an equally flukey fluff. Say we’re playing a 4k game we each have say ten units each (about 400 points each) twenty dice rolls a turn if they have one weapon system, and we play three turns, 60 dice rolls, how many on average of the silly roll ups do you see? From experience it is that it conforms to averages, something truly spectacularly dumb and awesome occurs about once every four or five games. When these flukes pop up is what you call luck, it does however balance out. It’s why spam and hordes work, increasing the opportunities for X to happen makes X more likely to happen. Cloak does cut off the possibility for infinite successes, my argument remains as stated somewhere back on page 1 is how often does that matter? It is a stunning advantage in Dwars when playing against french (retardant armour) because dice pools are lower and armour is higher, we had a test of a charlemagne dred with retardant 3 and a cloud generator (hard target -1 above 8”), it automatically negated the equivalent of 8 shield dice. In PF cloak is undeniably good, a dizzo player with cloak would be more horrifying than words can truly describe being the equivalent of that dreadnought. When you look at it we have the same kind of example the archangel -1 to hit at range and cloak with DR 10 (please correct me if I’m wrong), it remains killable in PF however because of the higher average dice pools due to combining fire rather than linking like Dwars and FS:A. In PF you are almost always trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer, once again as stated previously roll 12 dice without roll ups you’ll more often than not hit 8 successes, wash over and float mean very little unless they are the aforementioned mega fluke (or your common or garden 1/50 lesser speckled fluke) still a rare enough occurrence that you shouldn’t be planning for it. So yes I see your point on conformance and I absolutely agree with it, what I’m saying is that you should expect it anyway, and that is what i’m backing up with numbers and table time experience. Expect what you should expect and you are rarely disappointed, anything past it is a bonus. Anyway, I apologise that you’ve taken particular offence at my condescension however your previous statement offered nothing which had not already been covered at great length, offered no other evidence beside my opponent got lucky this one time, which had also been covered at great length, and then finished with a statement claiming to be a fact which was simply conjecture and opinion with nothing stated to back it up, which as a scientist I find particularly insulting, if I was to present that as evidence for why one of my projects works they’d be asking why they are paying me. Condescension was still not the best response, and the intended glibness doesn’t transfer well over well via the medium of text. Moving on, hopefully more constructively. Directorate cloak doesn’t serve the same role as spider cloak (As I at some stage intend to get too in another thread topic i started writing the day after this one along the same theme and will one day complete after this frankly magnificent side track). Directorate main battle units I.E. Desolators and retaliators use shields (and cost effectiveness) as their main method of defense, their cloakers use different methodologies: Trojans hide at 24” and while killing them scores you points, wiping out the retaliators is worth more and they are a more present threat and therefore trojans usually last longer. The cloaked WR and flying elements are cloaked but their primary defense is hard target. The pair are pretty vile. The barge is DR 12 + cloak, which in most cases this equates to don’t bother it takes a pretty special AD pool to offer a real threat, about 18 AD. As with pretty much any tactic a range of options gives you better results, I feel this applies with directorate and is why fish players hate Nyx infantry more than anything else, as it comlpetely ignores their speed and range advantage, hard target and shields and comes with the bonus of fish being terrible at CQB.
  10. *sigh* Every round of blackjack is independant with less variables, laws of average still apply. Somebody once said to a friend of mine "there is no skill in Spartan games all you need to do is roll 6's and win." His response was "Well if there was no skill why do some people win more than others? And regardless of faction played?" I feel this applies here. Out of interest what factions do you play? Playing against things with cloak will only give you "grass is always greener", swap factions and see how they play, I much prefer shields or hard target or playing fish and having both!
  11. A new challenger enters the ring on the side of team unicorn welcome! "Cloaking is the guarantee that none of your units will ever suffer crazy damages because of a lucky roll, which is a lot. This is something maths doesn't take into account." YES! YES IT DOES! That is the 10% difference betwen the two (its actually something like 12.34infinitely long fraction) This is not a theory, this is a statistical law. Any variation is simply that your data sample is too small, that is why a small game has all the balance of a fat kid on a seesaw, over as the sample increases you come ever closer to the hard line in the middle. Its why we dont play 1k tournaments you don't get a big enough sample and its too janky. As an example a few months ago I ventured south to see my good friend like a sir, while i was down there i gota game in against Lerriano and his Otter-men his first shot of the game he rolled 5 dice at a target indirectly (hitting on a 5) and scored 8 sucesses (from three initial 6's) and then rolled a hard double one on critical (mag explosion), that sir is a flukey dice roll. In the same turn I rolled 18 dice and scored 4 sucesses hitting on a 4+, same fluke, almost the same chance of occurance but in completely the opposite direction. These events do happen all the time, but in the end it always floats back to average over time. As I have stated previously cloak only affects rolls that would be affected by by rolling up 6s, it has no effect on rolls which didnt get any sixes or that would have done it without the roll ups anyway (such as in our example rolling 12Ad and scoring the perfect average initial dice roll of 2x4 2x5 2x6 = 8 successes) the rolls which require the 6 roll up are the 12.numbers% in our mathematical model. The fluke occurances are completely taken into account simplified model or not. Here however is where skill comes in. How you choose to maximise your chances by deployment and target selection. If you find it harder to damage a cloak DR7 than a 2 shield Dr 8 the numbers dont lie, its either you're not stood far enough back or you need to step up and play better. As for shields, they are just another clause in the equation, they are once again a small data set but over the course of the game each shield dice rolled will on average yield a 66% sucess rate. As previously mentioned when it comes to your perception: "it's the 6's you remember" Of course with shields its the 1's too. unless you're terran. Which goves you about a .8 conversion rate. Its the stuff you have riding on it. On a personal note I myself do like to ride the unicorn of chance from time to time, like delboy i too am a prussian player and cursed with the soul of a gambler, I simply understand that every runaway train ride has a cancellation due to leaves on the line. As a future note I may move any further conversation on cloak to another thread, this one is for what to do with spiders not the mechanics and vagaries of cloak.
  12. For those wanting their competitive fix before June I'm running an ironclad event in Doncaster. (see mad hatters post further down general discussion)
  13. As a further point on corrosion I also don't think your paying points for that regenerate roll but it isn't anything like as relevant as the experienced engineers MAR in Dwars
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