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  1. Hi. If i want to make Sky drop, I need Sky Drop marker(SD marker) to aim. However, If i have no Sky drop nexus, so I have no SD marker, what happen to me? Some of dindrenzi squadron like sky drop field gun and command drop pod dont have any Sky drop nexus special rule. So do i have to field another 'sky drop nexus' unit to make SD markers on field?
  2. It's a bit off-topic, but why cyberwarfare can't score double critical? I know that 'effect that happens when hit DR or CR(biohazard or nuclear)' can't double critical but cyberwarfare is not a effect. They are one kind of Indirect weapon.
  3. Thanks for quick reply. But Tac card Indicates that only 'Critical Hit, Targeted Strike or Boarding Assault Effect' can be repaired. Harzard/ corrosive tokens gained from other source(Coherence Effect Weapon) are also fall in those categories?
  4. In Tac:focused repair, it says 'Remove one Critical Hit, Targeted Strike or Boarding Assault Effect' from a model in your Fleet. This cannot remove Hull Damage or Crew Point loss. So on RAW ruling, Repair TAC cannot repair Corrosive Weapon/High energy/cyberwarfare effect because they are not 'Critical Hit, Targeted Strike or Boarding Assault Effect'. But those effects are all in critical effect.. so in other view, it seems right that those effects are repairable by card. So which one is correct?
  5. In Rulebook p.89, SRS boarding assaults 'However the target model cannot add its Point defence to its Anti-boarding Dice pool, this is replaced by the opportunity to declare a Point defence Attack when the SRS Token moves within 4' In this paragraph, 'its Point defence' means 'only target ship's PD'? Or SRS negates any other Point defence to Anti-boarding pool against boarding? (like linking/Combining PD to other boarded ship in same squadron) If first one is correct, SRS boarding will be very difficult against ships that protected by escorts, because escorts can fire PD attacks and add its PD on Anti-boarding at same time.. Am I correct on this?
  6. Here is question about zero crew. If target Capital class ship is already zero crew and suffers further crew losses(due to hull breach or fire! critical effect) , what happends to that ship? It seems like that Rulebook only states about zero crew and harzard marker in p.61.
  7. Card says 'Remove one Critical Hit, Targeted Strike or Boarding Assault Effect from a model in your Fleet. This cannot remove Hull Damage or Crew Point loss.' so I thought that I can repair only critical effect.
  8. Humm.. So can I remove correded marker which oriented from corrosive weapon with Focused Repair?
  9. Those RB1 bonus on DN and BB is HUGE
  10. Hi. Can I use Focused Repair TAC to remove any Corroded or Harzard marker? For example, if one ship suffers 2 harzard marker(one from High energy MAR, one from Critical hit), do I have to remember which Harzard maker is 'Critical Harzard maker'? Also I'm confused that Corroded or Harzard maker from Critical hit(like fire or decompression) is kind of Critical hit effect. Thanks.
  11. Hi. I have a question about Directorate's special Tac; Pinpoint Calculation. Does it mean that 'each of my squadron that tries Targeted Strike' can ignore -1 to hit? Or 'only one of my squadron in my fleet' can ignore -1 to hit? The rule is as follow: This turn, Whenever one of your squadrons attempts a Targeted Strike, they may take a Command Check. If the Check is passed, the ignore the -1 'to hit' penalty for making the Targeted Strike.
  12. When resolving torpedo attacks from flight, it says flight moves into 'base contact with its target'. (p38 of Rulebook) However, when we measuring to or from a model, we use the Flight Peg only. So here is my question: when we make bomber attack, do we use Flight Peg as target? or literally Flight base as a target?
  13. you can check this http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/6710-ryushi-cruisercarrier-squadron/ It looks like mix squadron(Carrier/battlecarrier with cruiser) is one large squadron.
  14. Thanks for quick reply. Now I understood So Carrier+Cruiser squadron is one big Large squadron.. It makes me clear. P.S in your list, Hokita Class Cruiser is 65pts. Isn't it 60pts?
  15. Hum.. so they are not Medium or Large squadron until official FAQ is out.. Interesting. We always play 'Star Order', so Squadron type is very important to me. Not only tournament army building Up to 2 HOKITA CLASS CRUISERS may form a Squadron with a SHAUTRAI CLASS BATTLE CARRIER or an ONNISHA CLASS CARRIER. Also, Is 'a Squadron' means there is only one mix squadron(Carrier+Cruisers) per army? I'm pretty new to game, so I'm not sure about this.
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