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  1. Thanks for that ThePayneTrayn, it was good to know that my opponent who was attacking the probe was doing it all for naught as he never could get past the shields.
  2. 2 part question regarding the scenery in the Return of the Overseers box. I recently had my first game using the Overseers dimensional gate and anathema probe, both myself and my opponent were a little miffed to see the probe has a shield rating of 10, as does the gate itself, my first question is does the gate and probe really have 10 dice for a shield roll ? Also we saw the bracketed numbers from the dimension gate's shield rating, DR and CR it has a DR of 10 (6), a CR of 16 (12) and a Shield rating of 10 (2). We both poured over the book looking for what the bracketed numbers meant but we could not find an answer, could someone please point me in the direction of the answers ? What are the bracketed numbers and is the shield rating on both objects really 10 D6 ? Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  3. Thanks Ryjack, I thought I was able to do so but wasn't 100% sure if I could.
  4. Just a quick rules question, could someone please explain to me when compiling an offensive Boarding Assault dice pool, how does the AP of escorts work ? Example: Dindrenzi dreadnought with 3 escort attachments unmodified. 5AP for the dreadnought, 1AP each for the 3 escorts, is this just 5AP for the dreadnought boarding assault and then 3AP for the escorts separately or is it 8AP adding in the Escorts AP to the dreadnoughts pool ?
  5. Thank you Commodore Jones for showing me the Errata I had not realized it was already answered here. If a Moderator would like to close this thread if need be go right ahead.
  6. So I had a bit of a list building problem earlier, I am looking to make an allied Aquan and Terquai patrol fleet. My query is, I want to use the Oannes Heavy Carrier and I know it takes up 2 carrier spots what I am wondering is can I still take the Terquai Assault Carrier ? The Patrol Fleet rule says 1 or 2 squadrons of tier 1 craft, is the Oannes considered 2 squadrons or just 1 ?
  7. My Dindrenzi are named for synonyms for revenge, anger, destruction and all that malarkey, the battleship I named The Malevolence...Star wars fans will understand the reference.
  8. will washing models in cleaner loosen the glued parts ?
  9. I had thought of this when I started with my Aquan force and I regret painting them the kind of blue that I did, to the point that I am planning to strip and repaint them.
  10. Depending how small you want the lettering you could make your own stencil with a hobby knife and some kind of material like paper or vinyl etc and paint it on.
  11. SUSA ? could it be possible we will get at least a battle group for the SUSA ? The one nation I have been waiting for since I started playing DW, maybe if I say SUSA enough it will happen.
  12. I noticed that all of the battle stations have some clear resin component to them, I also hear that the clear resin breaks easy when trying to extract it from the sprue. Can anyone tell me how difficult this possess is and any tips for safely extracting them from the sprue, I am holding off buying any battle stations for fear of not being able to put them together properly.
  13. What scale are the cars you used for the scenery are they regular die-cast cars ?
  14. thanks for the tips everyone. I will have a few games and see how it works out.
  15. I see, that still kind of seems like a it could have been explained as a fluff thing and not have to make you pay to remove it using one of your hardpoints. Do you think taking on the Terrans or Sorylians in a 800pts game with ablative armour would be advisable or should I get rid of it ?
  16. I very well could be reading it wrong but I know I don't pay to take it I just don't understand why do I have to pay to get rid of something that is going to handicap me if I keep it ? I'm unsure what the benefit of taking Ablative Plating is.
  17. 1. Ablative Plating: If a model with the Ablative Plating MAR is reduced to less than HALF its starting Hull Points, its Critical Rating is reduced by two. Can someone explain to me why taking Ablative Plating is a useful strategy ? From reading the MAR it seems more of a hindrance then a help. It looks to me that it makes your opponents efforts to finish you off easier or am I missing something ?
  18. If I was in love with the previous designs I am enthralled with the newer ones they look incredible. Hopefully they are releasing this Feb, I cant wait to get my hands on them.
  19. After the Battle Box when you decide to grow your force you can't go wrong with a Coeus, the Dreadbots dominate the battlefield. The Herodotus works wonders so you have something spitting drone SAS tokens out. Time orbs can mess with your opponents strategy and you may want to invest in some aerial models as they can make a big difference in land battles the same as in Naval. Also a purely Aerial game is pretty fun too.
  20. Thanks for the tips Hive and Bessemer, I am more looking just to gloss the ships hulls to make them appear sleek, shiny and smooth as opposed to opalescent with shifting colours. If I saw the results of opalescent colour however I would consider using that instead.
  21. Thanks for the tips Barolde and AndrewChristlieb I guess if I'm going for that Ultra High Glossy look I better grab an Airbrush. I love the paint scheme on your directorate AndrewChristlieb I have a similar idea in mind for when I get around to doing a Directorate fleet.
  22. I am starting a Terquai fleet very soon, my paint scheme I am aiming for is pearl white hull with turquoise blue and emerald green trimming. I am looking for a spray or even just regular paint that will gloss these models to the point where they shimmer like pearls. Can anyone help me find out any paints or spays that work to this effect ?
  23. Intriguing, I had never considered the possibility of using the Myobu on water. This may have to be tested out on my next game.
  24. Does it matter if your opponent is not a forum member ? I ask because my main opponent is not a member of this forum.
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