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  1. I like the white paint job. How did you make it?
  2. Realy nice looking fleet, and your skills in 3D printing are impressive! How does it compare, price-wise, to manufacturer ships?
  3. I've try put the coton wool on the table, doesn't look good. Another time I've put coton wool on stands (tee for golf) but once painted they don't look good as they seem more "concrete". But I guess only using white coton wool would be ok. Finally I ended up use 2D cardboard template... But the solution from Wings of Glory is quite appealing.
  4. My two cent, but I think I will sum up what many people think of Pathogen : Homeworld : cataclysm would be my first inspiration for Pathogen. There is another thread by someone who painted pathogen like infected ship ship in H:C (sorry, can't remember who made this post). IMHO, washes glaze and ink would make a great flesh aspect for biological part of the ship. I would keep the original ship with neutral tones to make flesh more pop-out. For chaga cruisers, two choices : use Relthoza cruisers as they have mostly the same stats that the Chaga. Terran cruiser have also similar stats. The other choice (and really nicer) is to use whatever model you want, convert them and make a rag-tag fleet of ships contaminated over several battles.
  5. Thanks Tansalus, I'm more convinced by it. I wonder if I could replace the four spines by something more like the Battlecruiser or the old heavy cruiser.
  6. Greetings everybody, I'm looking to expand my Relthoza fleet and I'm interested in the reformer fleet box. I like the design of the Assault Cruiser and the Frigate as they reming me of older ship design for Relthoza. However I'm not entirely convinced by the Assault Carrier. Paint job from SG tend to blur the detail I cannot really distinct any shape except those "spines". So, can anyone provide some picture of their painted carrier please?
  7. You can swap gunship for destroyer with biohazard, but in this case your model count is rather low.
  8. I guess it will include some new units for Core nations that need more versatility (RoF I'm looking at you!) and rule twists (KoB for example). Alliance will probably be standardised with at least one full core. For example, Dominion of Canada has no armoured box. In the end, each Core nation should have acces to allied core for each type (aerial, land and naval). Currently Prussians, Russians, KoB, EotBS have access to all type of allied core. However, FSA has no really allied forces, RoF needs aerial and land allied force. CoA mostly rely on mercenary so I guess they only need land mercenary to be completed.
  9. I'm really pleased to see how we now have really interesting versatility in our T2 and T3 choices. We are still lacking some variation in T1 but this open real new possibility for fleet building. I'm especially fond of the new frigate, as I've always wondering why a stealth-heavy race like the Relthoza does'nt have any destroyer-like torpedoe ship. I'm planning a 1200 pts game against Aquan this week end, I'll try to put new ships in both fleets and give feedback.
  10. Looking great! Especially the flyers. Is the camo made only by drybrushing?
  11. Well, it's probably my fault if it took so long, it's have been a while since I have play FSA, and I really dislike the layout of the rulebook it take me some time to find my way through it...
  12. I give it a try today, Aquan vs Relthoa - Border clash Aquan: -Heavy carrier (5 fighters, 3 bombers, 2 shields) -4 Cruisers (DT) -4 Frigates -4 COrvettes Relthoza : -Battlecruiser (+2AP) + 2 Drones -3 Cruisers -2 Destroyers -4 Nidus with fighters Finished with a draw (8 vs 5.5) but Reltoza finished with more remaining fleet points than Aquan. Took about 2 hours to play (+ 45 min to set up and pack). About this kind of game: +Really like how medium are the king of the board. Larges play as support with specific role (carrier, assault boat...) but cannot put enough firepower to kill one medium per turn. +Small ships get great importance too as they can hurt a lot mediums, and at 600 pts each medium ship is important. +Tide of battle turn very quickly! +Some ships which are not cost effective in larger game became really interesting here. I mostly think about Relthoza Destroyer which bring nice firepower individually. In a same way, mandatory choice are here too costly to be no-brainer choice like the Relthoza heavy cruiser. -Turn 1 and 2 are about manoeuvring with not many fighting. -Last turns are tidious becaus ships are not able any more to finish ennemy. However this is common problem in FSA.
  13. I will give it a try this week end, I hope it will be quicker than regular game...
  14. The idea of making the game quicker is really nice, I haven't play any game of FSA since several month because it's too long. Models are good looking, as always, but the gap with the first ships of FSA grow bigger in term of esthetic (and sometime quality). I'm eager to see more insight of the rules.
  15. Nice looking fleet, it looks like a WW1 Fleet -no cruiser, just battleships and battlecruiser with little friends-. Game-wise, what is the general strategy? I was thinking it would be an Indirect fire list but it doesn't seems so considering the lack of spotter model.
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