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  1. One small note the aggresive crew on the Mizuchi Battlecruiser in the EOTBS list costs 10 points not two. Regards Hunger
  2. Well it was quite an experience, also congratulations on winning the tournament. Kind Regards Hunger
  3. https://vimeo.com/107454954 Quite Impressive mix of effects and archive WWI movies.
  4. Thanks Nail may you fare well and prosper. Kind regards Hunger
  5. This option seems to be missing from the KoD Options: Fafnir |2x Replace IG Nullification with IG Tesla (8") - Aer. Medium - 10 Regards Hunger
  6. Takes the best elements from older spartan games in a streamlined easy to use package, and is fun and fast to play. Regards Hunger
  7. You are right I must have overread that passage im sorry. Thinking around it Another way to be nasty to this craft would be assaulting it with Robots, a Fury gen should also be quite nasty to its not so high crew complement. Regards Hunger
  8. Just an observation, the Yurei costs 160 points now, another way to deal with this Wani pest would be Indiscriminate Attacks (They Ignore Defensive generators) So rammings, Area Bombardments by heavy bombers and other flyers, or Mines will be nasty for the Yurei. regards Hunger
  9. One issue that came to focus at a tournament I recently observed, was somewhat of a feeling of disproportion when a Armoured core force engages a Naval (All Skimmers) force in a Land game, is it intended to be tough ? I can picture some of that in a Beachead scenario. Reading the red lettering on page 20 of the Admiral edition rulebook states that it is possible to play an Aerial Force against an Armoured or Naval Force. But it is not clear if it is legit to play a Naval Force against a Armoured Force (The French,Ottomans and PLC can pull this off). Can anybody clear this up ? Kind Regards Hunger
  10. Brutal exchange around New Okinawa.
  11. Well I can point you to a thing I recently tried out its a team thing between 3 Chui class aircraft carriers and 4 Luxing Aerial Bombards Each Chui can start 4 SAS make it three figter wings of 3 craft each (You can also try dive bombers but its a little bit more risky) and add 3 Reconaisance planes to the mix. If you manage to put in a Fei Long Skyfortress in the Mix you also can get a 4th Recon plane and presumedly a Full wing of dive Bombers. The Luxing and all vessels sporting primary weapons can benefit from the Spotters for indirect fire (As Indirect fire needs no line of sight you have a good chance of accurate fire without breaking the cloud cover) You will get lots of activations in turn one to booth, and since Chinese fighters have swarm tactics they should be a Handfull even in squads of three. Kind Regards Hunger
  12. I dig your fleet, I would also recommend to get one of the old fleet boxes or use the Parts service to get an Emperor Battleship, while Kaiser karl is a beast the Emperor is less expensive and has quite some nice options when it comes to making fleet builds, you can also use it as lend lease if you decide to at KoD allies to your prussian fleet later on. Regards Hunger
  13. That battle really was gripping, very fun to follow. Have you tried linked mines in combination with the danish commodore ability ?
  14. Well it can if your ship is standing close enough to the target to cover both angles, for example when a cruiser has managed to get alongside a dreadnaught, you just have to use your templates to see if it works out.
  15. After the core nations are updated it would be cool if you looked into the Chinese Federation, there is more than one new thing to implement. Thank you again for taking up Nails Torch. Kind regards Hunger
  16. Sorry, I dont know why you complain so much about american rockets, they are on par with EotBS ones when it comes to quantity, and you should shoot them at targets that are already wounded thanks to your "sustained fire" which you can also synergize with the "Punishing gunnery" order to great effect., the FSA ias still a strong and competitive fleet. Basically there is no magic trick outside of using your activations wisely, concentrating your fire on targets where there is a good chance of doing damage and keeping focused on the mission objective. Im also not sure why the Guilford got its price up (Overall it has better stats than the Eotbs Yurgi and can also be a treat to fliers) yet it remains the FSAs most viable rocket platform at optimum range it is able to deliver one salvo of 18 (Good chance of damaging a Battleship), two salvos of 10 (Good chance to crit an enemy cruiser at least once since one salvo will always come through) or 4 salvos of 6 (Good chance to destroy/damage at least two enemy smalls). Against the French, y would suggest using the Boston its node can come in handy when you try to disable cloud generators at range.
  17. I would consider using a good number of your small squadrons including that lonely battlecruiser (Lonely battlecruisers are among the first things to die if set up in the open field) as an Advance Force, that would create more pressure on your opponent since nobody wants the prussians to come up that close. I would also recommend to make one of the small squadrons a group of 4 Speerwurf they are only hit on a 6 by capitals and smalls wile being in the clouds and give the chance for more Lightning-rod Markers.
  18. The point from my view, is that if you put same "ancient knowledgable being" wo took a long time to grow and develope on the line of fire competing with mass produced Killing Machines like the Hyperion you would run out of ancients pretty quick (No matter how many shields it has) I also would rather pretend that the ancient is one of the guys on the back, and that the big green dinosaur is some sort of vat-bred monstrosity. From the looks of it you could also make the platform alone into some kind of Hover Vehicle, although acquisition would be somewhat costly (Unless you get it in the parts shop).
  19. Just one question, regarding the packaging of the Naval Force, a friend of mine got the PLC naval box and although there were more than enough guns to build Marowits, he just got one of these small weird fly-like statue thingies to build Podagas (They can field a squad of three), is that normal in the Packaging or should he mail Spartan for missing parts. Kind Regards Hunger
  20. If you want speed and boarding power (With better trained troops) the PLC is the way to go, they are also close allies to the RC bringing further benefits to the union.
  21. First time I post here but whatever 1000 points EOTBS vs Russian Coalition CV For EOTBS The Bear got outmaneuvered though the plan to board the Borodino Failed due to its Stoic crew a Magazine explosion on a Suvorov, and a "baiting Operation" by a Yurei Terror Ship won the day.
  22. PLC is pretty nasty when playing against Armies that have more than one Flame weapon (Like Eotbs, Chinese, of French) since they have flame retardant armour AND shields. Also the Zamiec is quite possibly the most agressive Sky fortress outa there.
  23. So far I found the new leviathans pretty nice the Aquan and the Relthoza crawler look awesome, yet the soryllian one somewhat breaks the army coherency for me somewhat Its an organic creature among Machines, besides if it is "one ancient" it is a little out of place fighting mass constructed battle robots and tanks. Although the backstory for the Dino is rather funny that big unarmored creature fits more into the realm of fantasy from my viewpoint, than as a frontline military asset for a advanced highly logical spacefaring reptilian species.
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