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  1. I'm pretty happy to see that the forums have been reopened, although I'm still touring around for all the changes. As a long time penguin, I'm interested to see how these new changes break down. I know we're still some ways off from the game relaunching, but is there an idea of who the Covenant are now? I know nothing about WWX, but perusing the models we seem...eviler? More Mechanicus than Well-intentioned Mad Scientist? I like the idea of cyborg laser whales, but replacing robots with cyborg construct infantry is definitely a tonal shift. Also, are we rolling other factions into our own, or are we still sui generis? Hell, are we even still based out of Antarctica? I hope so. In another thread I saw a Warframe rep say they had posted some fluff, but I couldn't see it in the Mercs page. That's a lot of questions, but I'm hoping that we can start to get some answers and move forward with a game that's brought (me at least) a lot of good times!
  2. Mike, what is Spartan's vision for the Covenant right now? I know that specific rules are always subject to change (a living ruleset is one of the things my group likes about DW) but identity is something you can talk about without having a testing team in place. What sort of playstyle/experience are you aiming to get refine with the testing team?
  3. Ooh, some kind of Large in the Pytheus design realm? A stealth bomber? Interesting...
  4. This is exciting news! I'm excited to see what people have come up with. I can only hope one of those robots is the beloved DreadSquid. Mike, I know part of the KS allowed backers to block the general release of their models. How many of these are we actually going to be able to get? Will you show us the ones that won't be available? (Part of me wants to see them, and the other part thinks it would simply be cruel...)
  5. Nation: Covenant of Antarctica Model: Epicurus Sky Fortress Problem: Drone turret does nothing, Slightly overcosted Suggestions: One of: Allow Drone Turret to be used as a rocket launcher with 2x current Drone Launcher points. Allow Epicurus to launch drones without an activation marker. Add a Launch Turret weapon akin to the 1.1 version. Re-add 8" launch range. [I think all of Seb's ideas are good ones, and I'd be happy to see any of them. I personally think keeping it as a Drone Launcher, as opposed to a Disruption Generator or something, is extremely important to the model. Otherwise, the magazines of drones on the underside just look out of place. This was the model that personally sold me on Spartan Games once I had it in my hands, with it's connection between rules and looks.]
  6. I've been trying to frame my reservations. You nailed it perfectly. The parts of other covenant ships is great, the weird shark fins rather than a Skorpius Cannon is a bit sad.
  7. An alternative to a flying carrier is something like a flying air superiority cruiser. I'm envisioning something bristling with small guns that could sail into a aerial formation and lay down clouds of flak and machine gun fire. Instead of a lot of large guns, this ship would have even more small emplacements! I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what the rules for this would look like, though. Heavy Ack Ack definitely. But since there's no way to have multiple AA profiles, I can't think of how you'd be able to split fire between SAS squadrons. Ideally, it would also have enough firepower to be useful in clearing enemy smalls or putting some pain on a medium. Hunter? I also don't know if this is distinct enough from the interceptor.
  8. Hmm, it's an interesting challenge. The Russians either have fixed wing aircraft with the big...dome thing on the front, or the stolen Covenant designs. I'd be more tempted to run with the Covenant "flying ship" look than the fixed wing look for non-bombers. So my first suggestion would be for your drill ship, make it look like a Saransk ('skyship') with a big-ass underslung drill, rather than a zeppelin air-ship design. Better for ramming, and stays with current Russian themes. (Plus, I think it would just look cooler!) My second idea was an assault ship. Like, a Saransk that plays like a corvette. In the sky. But maybe you just have high assault stats on the driller, since it's right up in their face anyway. So then my third idea riffs on your gunship idea. But it occurs to me...I don't recall any factions with an aerial battlecruiser. A 1-ship squadron, sort of over-gunned for a medium chassis. Take the Skyship chassis, or something similar to it, put one of the Azov's guns on top and then one on either side of the lower hull, replacing broadsides. That's a ton of forward firepower and a decent amount of side firepower. Or maybe use 3x Saransk or Tambov guns, so it doesn't outshoot the Tunguska? That feels like a very Russian expansion of the Skyship concept to me.
  9. There's an update with the options: League of Crimson and Garibaldi (Mercenaries) Free Hellenic Kingdom and Spanish Confederacy (Free Nations) Republic of Egypt (Unclear?) Teutonic Order (Imperial Bond) Looks like Egypt has changed design vision from burrowers into hovercraft. Egypt and the League of Crimson sound the most interesting from an aesthetic and design perspective, to me. There's not a lot of detail on Greece and Spain, which is a shame because I like the idea of a Greek fleet quite a bit. No idea what "teleforce weaponry" on the Teutonic ships is supposed to look like. If I pledge, I will likely vote for the League of Crimson. I like the TO, and hovercraft sound interesting, but the League Command Flyer and Battleship sound like they'd look good on a tabletop.
  10. Looking at the painted Mississippi, it seems like a lot of the "softness" that made the renders look cartoony was an artifact of being renders. I'd still love to see the other renders as models, but it looks like on of my biggest concerns won't be a huge issue. I just hope Spartan keeps up with their history of excellent and beautiful detailing on the models! I'm not crazy about bunting, but I can see both sides. I'm also pretty much never going to buy FSA, so I don't think I matter too much. I just hope my beloved Covenant don't get any of that filigree figurehead work!
  11. I'm certainly not saying I think DW is realistic, or that I want historical accuracy. I play Covenant, and I adore the Raygun Gothic aesthetic they have going on. But when I started painting my very first Plato cruiser, I was shocked at the level of detail. The stairwells going below decks, the planks of the deck. Every ship has that feel of, "this could be a historical model," if history was as much of a trainwreck as the DW setting. Take the Prussians as an example. The Kaiser Karl has ~13 hull sections to a side, and is very sharp and angular. The new Eider model has half the number of sections, and the renders make it seem like it doesn't have those sharp corners. This could be a sleeker hull, as you say, but it feels like a step back, visually.
  12. Looking at the new Battleships and the KS models, it seems to me that the models have changed a bit, stylistically. Somehow they seem more...cartoony? Less realistic? I'm not sure if it's the way the ships curve, or the proportionality of their components, or if it's even happening at all. Is this an artifact of having only the digital renders to see? Or is this a genuine departure in art style toward a less realistic-looking model range? The Murmansk looks like the models we know and love, but some of the others--well, I'm not crazy about the renders.
  13. Possibly! But my take is that one of the reasons the Dreadbots are disliked is because they ignore a lot of previous aesthetic. A DreadSquid doubles down! There are a bunch of the Dreadbots I dislike, but I think a properly statted DreadSquid would be awesome, for example. And I can think of few ways to spend a design that are as impressive and cool!
  14. Now, I'm not the craziest about Dreadbots, but the Chita made me realize what is missing. A DreadSquid. I'd have to do some more research to suggest stats, but a diving robotic dreadnought squid could probably convince me to start playing EotBS just to run a squid list. I'm a Covenant player myself, but I think the DreadSquid is what DW is missing these days.
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