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  1. Looks great Bloodwing! I like how you did the colored smoke on the objective token.
  2. Its coming together really well! As always, excellent work West!
  3. Hope you feel better West. I really like the gunships, great job!
  4. I've not personally felt restricted to one or two strategies when playing them. They favor boards with more terrain which my group generally use so that may play a part in that as well. Hopefully you will enjoy fielding them in your games!
  5. @Punisher357Honestly, I have not had the troubles playing as the Relthoza in Planetfall and they are by far my favorite faction though I do not play competitively. I hope with the new rule set that there is a good level of balance achieved between all of the factions.
  6. Gamenerdz usually has better prices than miniature market for Planetfall. Also Wayland Games has very good prices if you order enough to get the free shipping. Wayland had every helix last time I checked. I think Gamenerdz does not have all of the helixes. Hope that helps!
  7. I would really like to see a resculps of the Aquan Manta battlecarrier and any of the old Manta Ray themed escorts, cruisers, etc. The battlecarrier was by far my favorite. Unfortunately, I didn't pick one up when they were more readily available!
  8. That will look awesome, looking forward to pictures!
  9. That looks excellent! Great job Brimat!
  10. I like the idea of dark colors, (greys or black), for the directorate with red or green light sources. I saw somewhere on the forum a grey and yellow Terran theme with blue light sources that looked really cool. My opponent has done a winter scheme for his Terrans which looks pretty good too. Looking forward to what you do with them. The Dellingr is an amazing model, IMHO.
  11. I'm good with the basic dice and looking forward to play testing whichever system is implemented initially.
  12. Those look excellent Vedar! I really like the color scheme you used for your Ba'Kash!
  13. Welcome to Planetfall Frostphoenyx! I echo West's and Skyhawk's comments and advice. If you enjoy painting the directorate I must recommend looking at their assault helix as their battle robot and flame tanks are a lot of fun to paint!
  14. Great job Bloodwing! They all look fantastic!
  15. Neil mentioned in one of the other threads that the saurians use overseer tech and pretend they invented it. Perhaps they are using the saurians as a lead in for the overseers? I agree thematically a kurak vs zenian set would make the most sense. It would tie in with the next Planetfall released as well or at least what it sounds like they would be. However, I will be thrilled with almost any new release for Planetfall.
  16. I'm really hoping that the pathogen at least will be playable in Planetfall. Their asymetric playstyle would be really cool to see implemented there!
  17. Good question Vedar! One that I am curious about myself!
  18. My group has never had any issue with disorder for Planetfall. If balanced correctly I don't see how it would be negative change to Armada. To be fair though, I haven't played Armada in a "competitive" environment. Thematically, it makes sense to me as an abstract way of dealing with hull breaches, system overloads and anything else that could go wrong in space during a battle.
  19. I agree totally West. I spend quite a bit more time painting than I do playing games. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for some new models to paint!
  20. The V1.0 is played using helixes. The 2 player starter provides a core helix for the Aquans and a core helix for the Directorate. A core helix is the minimum the game can with so these work great for introductory games. Once you get a feel for it you will be able to expand via other helixes which, essentially, attach to the core helix but allow for you to lean towards a particular playstyle. In short, yes, the 2 player set provides a complete army to play with but it is the minimum size army that you can field so you will like grow from their! Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the game!
  21. I for one really like the changes made to the SRS. Is it safe to say that certain carriers will be allowed certain types of SRS tokens, (For example only bombers and heavy fighters or perhaps only assault shuttles)?
  22. I like the sound of these from reading them. Do you generate any command points each turn or is what you start with what you get?
  23. I really like the leading and supporting values for each race/ship. I do think that will speed up the process for attacks.
  24. @Kurgan I second your idea. We generally play 600-800 pt games to keep the time requirement low. It would be nice to have a tested system for running smaller games.
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