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    Oh, ciao Glauco
  2. Yes, I'm sure in person they look better... I just don't like the look of the new small, but we'll see.
  3. HATE the fact that you can't conquer ships any more , but in general it seems we're gaining a lot :). Oh, and I don't like too much our new ships design, since Taskforce the Directorate ships have erection problems. Oh well.
  4. Well, my models are... like, cemented to their bases, so I well hope they're needed
  5. Whoah, ninja'd on this - +1 for the Overseer carrier!
  6. On a serious note now: I won't back this. I'd love to, but the DW one, where I invested 100+ £, is still way too far from being completed. When I'll see the scenery, the models from the Admiral of the Fleet backers, the t-shirt, the League of Crimson models and the expansion boxes, then I'll consider backing this.
  7. (Also, a Kickstarter launched on August, 11th... you British are weird )
  8. A bit shallow maybe, but that's my biased perspective as an avid forum reader . Well done Marc, you have a share notification on Tabletop Games UK Facebook page .
  9. Kudos from my part, as well. A huge effort, and a lot of patience. Thanks. I just want to voice a final concern: I see you've been busy with FA 3.0 - of course, I can't know the actual extent of your involvment, but let me say that I'm worried about the near future of Dystopian Wars: we're waiting for proper 2.5 ORBATS, and now we see the main designer occupied with FA. Please, don't leave DW in silence and darkness for months, now :). That said, once again, great work and admirable effort.
  10. Is it really necessary? The Strategic/Operational advantage (or whatever it was called) was a very complicated and unnecessary part of DW 2.0... why not just get rid of all this altogether? At the beginning of the game, just roll without adding anything; the winner decides who deploys first, this player will also decide who goes first. Then, from the second turn on, the Fleet Tactics is used (or, if you prefer, it's used from the beginning, or there's another roll... you get the point ) Simple as that... why messing with game-lasting bonuses? Do they really add depth, or just add nuisance for the players?
  11. I have to say, the loss of the potential to capture a ship is a huge blow for me; I chose the Directorate not exclusively, of course, but also because they had the potential to do this, and i liked it for the flavour. Please bring back the opportunity to prize enemy ships. There, I tried
  12. Uh, maybe I see where some confusion comes from... ...should be Direct Weapons, right?
  13. First and foremost: does the acronym really have to be WC? Change it. No, seriously, change it.
  14. Erhm... maybe it's ahead of time?
  15. Quick question: a non-capital critted by a grav/cyberwarfare attack will always suffer D3 damage? Even if it reached, say, 2X CR? Or is it D3 damage per CR successes (es. CR5, I get 15 successes, so I'll roll 3D3 damage)?
  16. The removal of the possibility to capture enemy ships was a blow for me, since I'm beginning (again) with the Directorate, and I loved the possibility to acquire enemy assets. Will Directorate still be a boarding capability faction? How will the "nastiness" of the faction be translated in 3.0?
  17. This must be a social experiment, that's the only reasonable explanation.
  18. https://m.facebook.com/groups/521477397907876
  19. Sorrry, I did not have the notifications on - they're actually brown(ish), but the lights are grey, in order to desaturate them a bit.
  20. Who! Great job, man! Might I ask what's holding up the SAWs? I suppose it's just another flying base, right?
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