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  1. Arent markers used for artillary removed once they are used? Which would prevent the bombardment every turn.
  2. What I typically do is upload it into my Spartan Gallery and the link the photos into the post. You can only upload a certain amount into the gallery at a time but you can link as many as you want into your post.
  3. I use an app called SimpleResize its easy to use and so far ive been pretty happy with the results.
  4. TIF I put some more paint down on my Kerdorians, maybe one day ill actually get them done. They are coming along nicely and cant wait to see them on the table. I also worked with green stuff for the first time ever to build up parts and add ons for my RSN Planetfall Archangel.. A bit of trial and error but got what I was hoping to do.... Well hopefully.
  5. Perfect! That shouldnwork for what I need. Thank you
  6. azaelsburden

    Modeling help

    So im trying my hand at changing the stance of the Archangel but have never really worked the modeling side of this hobby.... I need suggestions on something that I can use to help hold pieces in place so I can look at them and see where cuts need to be made and what adjustments need to be made. Ive tried clay in the joints and that didnt work at all. Is there a good fix for this that will hold them in temporarily in place? Thanks in advance!
  7. I must say this helix is complete redemption for the Relthoza interceptor helix! Absolutely Amazing! I cant wait to see the stats on this monster.
  8. Interesting... I havent gotten it in hand yet and they dont show in any of the pics Ive seen so far. That might change things. Thanks Spellduckwrong
  9. I just ordered the RSN Assault helix and although I really like the model I just feel the Archangel needs some feet. It's gotta land sometime right? I know a few others have shared the same opinion and am wondering if anyone has found or has suggestions of a good donor source for some feet matching in size and aesthetic? Thank you,
  10. Good eye Hive, I just assumed they were heavies since there were 12.
  11. You have the engine blocks and arms of heavy cruisers and hulls of destroyers.
  12. To me it appeared that they mediums have a backplate attached which the gun is mounted. That is what I thought to be the only tech on the mediums. The support spider I did the hard angled parts along the head and the tube as tech. The rest was spider. My spiders are in my gallery if you want to look and see what I did. All spider bits are black with some orange. The tech bits are the pearlized green, blue, and orange.
  13. TIFI finally got time to get some more paint on my Ba'Kash heavy cruisers and primed my youngest boys Dindrenzi and a second squad of Ba'Kash cruisers and frigates.
  14. Finally got my half Core Helix finished. The Jabri are a pain. Yayiss Spires and Jabri Drones Jabri Drones Namisc Salamas and Varic Salamas Varic Visith As always thank you for looking.
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