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  1. I don't have my rules with me but doed it say you can't ram SAS??
  2. Can you at the start of a game in your force list combine your local air support and a carriers saw complement together For example Danish with 12 local air and a fafnir with carrier 4 make 3 groups of 5 fighters and one recon?
  3. Fair enough reasoning foe the stats difference but for the same points just seems a little odd
  4. I have a query about the stats Depending on which nation is fielding it the stats change from 9 HP and carrier 9 for 115 pts for core nations and 6HP and carrier 6 for 115 pts for non core nations is this a typo and if so which is correct?
  5. What height levels do models teleport to when a double 6 is rolled on a crit chart ( for exaple if a naval model lands on an airship) is there a collision or not?
  6. nex11


    Cheers I was getting mixed up with firestorm where fighters are tokens not models
  7. nex11


    Can they defend against an attack run made by dive bombers or torpedo bombers?
  8. nex11


    Can cap defend against rockets? under cap on pg126 of the admiral edition its not mentioned
  9. I just havent been able to get a game of firestorm in for about 3 months
  10. unfortunateley i cant post pictures but a cheat way to do it is paint enginge with a silvery metallic and then use a tamiya clear colour over the top and then using a wash around the enginges (or entire model in some cases) works best with black undercoated models as it helps give the clear colour depth
  11. welcome to the forums always good to get new players on board Q1 you link so 9 dice Q2 you have to get the peg in your fire arc Q3 not quite sure what you mean Q4 you check from each ship as there may be different range bands resulting in a different number of dice
  12. RSN bansheedread wit 3 buckler escorts 25 AD at 12"- 16" i know you said withoutescorts but youre giving up coherence when self linking anyway
  13. now that im awake the veydreth can add close to mid range firepower when shunted in with high energy beams from either their gunships or their BB although asignificant points investment has to made for this to be effective with a gunship squadron costs255 ts appropriatley upgraded and the BB costs 230 but you can decrew and assaullt with a reasonable chance of success and with omnidyne all thier capitals feature enough high AD to make targeted strikes worth wile to turn off PD for subseqent torpedo volleys on their larger ships the opponents will have to split their fire between the ART's and biohazard torpedoes and with their gunships they have a highenough ad to scaremost tier 2 and below at anypoint in the game
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