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  1. Yes. Also if they remain "cheap" points wise you can just have them activate last in a turn (base rule, could have quick launch have them activate with their parent, or that could be when they activate similar to now).
  2. Ehat do you guys/gals feel syndicate are best used for? What targets/races do they excel at fighting?
  3. What about taking some interceptors? I am getting the general impression that syndicate isn't made to roll alone. Needs back up?
  4. Anyone else think a 15 point weapon shielding MAR would make syndicate much more viable?
  5. Can someone please explain the best use of the Ganak. I bought it on looks and now i dont even want to field it. I would rather just take 60% in medium and 40% in small craft to make my fleet until a new heavy is released. What is the best use of having 8 CP and 8 PD? Do I use this thing to baby sit long range vessels while I rush assaulting vessels forward? I love the model but the trules are frankly sad when I see the price tag of 200 points. When I look at the Hawker industries BB at 180 im just plain confused by the Ganak. If I dont take a large capitol am I shooting myself in the foot? Also on another note how effective are torpedoes now? SInce I seem to have a large amount of them available to me in the Kurak Alliance.
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