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  1. Cheers for the comments! I'll be rounding off the Markgraf campaign soon so that will be a big battle, and then we can have a go at some more competitive games for Presidente! The lighting has been an ongoing issue but it will get better as I have replaced some lights in the workshop and the later summer nights mean more game time.
  2. Cheer for all the comments! Good to hear such nice feedback! I will certainly be expanding our pre-game chat on the fleets we have chosen and why. Usually I have decided in advance what Nations to use, but the composition is (almost) entirely up to myself and my opponent. The only limitation is painted models, which can limit the smaller fleets. The dice do seem very explode-y sometimes, I must admit! Many times my opponents and I have accused each other of rigging dice etc (all in jest, of course). I can assure you that although the scenarios may be unbalanced etc, once we start playing none of the dice rolls are rigged - these results are the ones we have naturally rolled! Not sure on this comments - each Battle Report had a small chunk of narrative at the start and end (after conclusions). Do you want this expanded? Cheers, George
  3. Good afternoon all! Over the past couple of years I have been recording and posting my Battle Reports for Dystopian Wars, and have always been grateful for all the positive feedback received for them. Your comments inspire me to keep them coming, and paint up new stuff to show off! Big thanks to all of my "regular" readers. Here is a link to all of the posts so far - http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/AAR I think I have now posted 37 of them, which is staggering for me to think about. Over the past year my Battle Reports have followed a narrative campaign that myself and my regular opponent have been playing, focused on the Prussian Empire and the Russian Coalition. Before that there was a succession of Reports using different fleets to show off the Second Edition. I always try to include something new, whether it be a new unit or formation, an entirely new fleet, and even just a strange scenario (lately we have been running a handful of the Ironclad scenarios from Drachenfutter), and have a mixture of competitive games that try to be "balanced" and follow the rulebook, or more narrative events driven by storyline and what looks cool, But now to the Big Question - What do you like, and what do you not like? What do you want to see? I am open to inspiration and requests! Some ideas I have considered myself... More or Less Narrative? More Competitive games? Bigger games, and smaller games (we tend to go for 1,000-1,500pt games, I have a mind to try out Samfish's Battle Patrol rules next week) Different fleets (I try to mix it up, but have been on a real kick with the Prussians and Russian lately...) Different reporting style - do you like the way I talk about the activations and games in a narrative style, without detailing exact dice rolls, or would you prefer something more technical? Less pictures? Are the big reports (70+ pics) annoying to read? Greater discussion about fleet building - why we took the composition we did, etc. More flyers (we realise that we do not use anywhere near enough of these...) Some things will not change - I will only use painted models, so getting new releases and new fleets is not going to happen overnight! I do not play the land game As said above, I am really looking for some more ideas on keeping the Battle Reports fresh and exciting, and give the people what they want! Thanks for reading, as ever George
  4. A green screen would make things a lot easier! You'd think after 35+ of these I'd have thought of something to save myself time...
  5. Cheers for the kind comments! The lighting set up is laughable... and non-existent. We play in my garden shed, which has a clear roof so natural sunlight for the most part. You might notice in some of my other Battle Reports the light getting a lot worse as the game (and the day) draws to a close! Some of the reports were done indoors, late at night. Again, nothing special - just room lights, daylight bulbs preferred. Cropping out the excess just takes a bit of time. Some effort in Paint or Photoshop covers it quickly - I just try to avoid having a lot of terrain and flying models on the edges of the board, as this makes it a lot more time consuming!
  6. Good day everybody! After a bit of a hiatus from posting I've come to show off another Battle Report. In the future I might start another thread for my 2016 Reports, but not today. In the mean time, enjoy! Beware the might of the Svarog Battle Robot... though this battle does show it is not invincible... Link to the Report - http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/aar-kingdom-of-denmark-versus-russian.html Thanks for reading, as ever! George
  7. Probably not going to get those bombers done for a loooong time, not s huge fan of the models and really don't like the small flyers/interceptors. Polish-Lithuanian Cimmonwealth might hit the table before then!
  8. I have one on the painting table now!
  9. Another round in the campaign - the Russians take on the Kingdom of Denmark with their brand new Asgard Battle Carrier. That thing is a beast! Link - http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/aar-kingdom-of-denmark-versus-russian.html Thanks for reading!
  10. It's like a Dreadnought that will murder you if it gets close and you can't kill with Boarding (well, you can, but it would be difficult). It's speed and damage output outside of combat is good, but not 380pts good. I brought it down with lots of medium shooting and think Dive bombers would also mess it up quickly. In this game it set up closer than usual and my dice were no great, especially for the Battleships. This allowed it to cause a lot of damage. Not invincible by any stretch, but game dominating and in need of serious attention. Just don't let it touch you!
  11. Time for another Battle Report! This week the Teutonic Order get involved, and we see some serious Robot action! http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/aar-russian-coalition-versus-prussian.html Thanks for reading!
  12. Oh man, I painted them some time ago now... Essentially, I painted them a dull silver and then washed them with thick Black and Brown Wash... like, three or four times. Allow it to dry fully before washing again. This makes the final colour a really dark and dingy metal - I'm sure there are faster ways to do this, but that's not my style. Then a drybrushed a mixture of light brown and orange in areas like the edges and places where rust would form (or at least looked cool). These were then highlighted with more and more orange, until almost pure orange was carefully applied. Then detail is applied, which breaks up the rust nicely. Honestly this is not High Art, this is shoddy work that looks great on the table. I've always been proud of my terrain, but it does not look great up close, and I cut so many corners painting it I am loathe to reveal my method! Here's the best pictures I have of my rigs - http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/terrain-extravaganza-part-three.html
  13. Veldrain is correct on the origin of the Dreadnought - my first few games of Dystopian Wars were against a Russian player who had the bad luck of getting his Dreadnought Prized several times in a row. After that I bought one for myself, as my Prussians clearly deserved it! Nowadays my friends and I often exchange fleets to keep things interesting in the campaign, so that's why my opponent often fields it in narrative games. "The part I'm confused about is the Arminius firing their Tesla weaponry at the Retribution Sky Fortress in what appears to be RB1.Probably an oversight." Re-reading the rules, yes this was an oversight! For some reason we thought ALL Tesla weaponry had High Angle, but it's just the Speershleuders. Oops. Thanks for all the comments, it's great to see so many people looking through my Reports! The Narrative Campaign does make for some slightly odd scenarios, and of course letting the Prussians run a Russian Dreadnought, but rest assured once the game starts all dice rolls and Critical Results are legitimate - Mike really did get the feared Triple Critical on the Submarine and we did roll four Sturginium Flares! I love Exploding Dice. I'm currently editing another Report, so hopefully that will be ready for the weekend.
  14. A little out of date, but a new report is here! This time, the Black Wolf Mercenaries try to seize the vital objective of the derelict Dreadnought, but the Prussians are out in force to stop them. Check it out... http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/aar-black-wolf-mercenaries-versus.html Thanks for reading
  15. Another chapter in the Narrative Campaign - this time, the Federated States of America try their luck, with a Dreadnought of their own! Check it out - http://fullsd.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/aar-federated-states-of-america-versus.html Tried something new today with the new gaming mat and no terrain - still not sure if it worked out. Thanks for reading!
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