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  1. Appreciate the report. My brother is visiting this week so I hope to post soon.
  2. This is great. Been busy with other things but now preparing for another game day of US. This should be sticky'd so it can be added to.
  3. Very nice! Really like the carrier too.
  4. I would be happy with small scale abstracted tokens for troops, machinery etc. (and rules) that could be used in land actions. Something simple and less expensive that could be combined with and influenced by naval actions at sea. if it took off they could expand and/or make more complex miniatures. If it doesn't work, the investment lost would be smaller. I think landing troops, vying for control of the sea side battle space or bombarding the shore with weapons of different sorts, throw in some air support too, would add an interesting dynamic to the naval battles. It would also make a great campaign. I would be all in for this.
  5. Enjoy! 40yrs is inspiring.
  6. Awesome, Makes me want to go back and highlight some details...
  7. BTW Frans, I'm new but have found that many people check these forums and I have yet to have a question go unanswered.
  8. How bout a bleached bone theme example: http://brownk29.blogspot.com/2011/10/dreadfleet-skabarus-and-grimnirs-fury.html It might be more consistent with your current theme too. Take a look at Dread Fleet themes, you can probably find some good stuff in there too.
  9. Hi, I don't have a carnage but the Massacre is about 2.5" x 4.5" and just over .5" at it's highest point. Maybe someone can post the dimensions of the carnage.
  10. Awesome job, makes me want one.
  11. Thanks was trying to decide between red, blue and green, but thought green gave the best contrast with the brown hulls.
  12. Ok, thanks, appreciate the help. Now I know.
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