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  1. Good to see some of the old timers here and the game is going to be continued Go Penguins!
  2. 1) yes 2)yes 3B ) yes 4B ) yes PG 8 (digital edition) Modifiers, last paragraph before the important note states you may have to roll dice with different modifiers, roll them separately then count them up.(paraphrasing) So you would take your Speerschluders dice and hit to normal, then your other non Speerschluder linked dice are at a -1 to hit. I usually just use two different colored dice and roll them together stating which color represents which pool of dice. Hope that helps
  3. As far as I can tell fortifications are pulled off the table when they become "Scrapped" like any other model in the game. PG 14 DE "HP" If a Model loses all its Hull Points it is Scrapped PG 16 DE "Scrapped" Scrapped Models are placed in the Scrapyard for easy totaling... Looking at Fortification and everything it gets under its designations, nothing states that it should not follow the process above like all other models when they become scrapped. I imagine it as when the last hull point is lost the structural integrity of the fortification completely fails and it crumbles including whatever support structure keeps it above water whether it be industrial floaties or deep embedded pylons it all falls away to the ocean floor when it becomes scrapped. As far as them taking up the submerged and/or deep diving bands *shrug* I do not see where it would, or would not say one way or the other. I do not see where a model takes up multiple height bands anywhere in the rules although I can picture it in my minds eye with a fortification that does not mean that is how it works. If a Vengeance can not go beneath a bunker on the sea then can a Vorkuta not burrow beneath and past a bunker on land in a land battle? Anyway hope some of that helps at least.
  4. Only if he does not provide a steak after 13hours of gaming! Look forward to clarksons new show! Love the Capeks though, great air hunter for our orbat well really the only one besides fighter drones.
  5. I fielded 2 with a Euclid at 1k points... I was a mean spirited penguin at the time... The first one i did was an homest mistake as it seemed to fit better on the base that way. The second was to make them look uniform.
  6. I put both my herodotus on their base sideways because they seemed to fit better. That was a heckuva PA shot back in 1.1....
  7. 1) During a models activation it may declare it is using its AA to attack a SAS as long as it is in range. Only AA may attack SAS but you can fire at them you do not have to wait for them to engage you. 2)I do not know FSA so it is hard for me to say but if you are looking for fighters to be able to attack other SAS via some kind of proximity then no that does not work. You can fire at other SAS during your activation as long as they are within range, you can fire defensive AA at SAS if they are attacking you. Hope that helps some.
  8. You could always put a note in there that the research station can not be captured until turn 3 (or insert turn here that you want) or say that the player holding it at the end of the turn it was captured is the owner (to give both sides a shot at it with some fast advance deployed corvettes or whatever) instead of as soon as it is captured.
  9. I find the Pytheus a strange beast. It is the only "small" aerial model that can be taken in its own squadron therefore required in an all air core yet its only weapon system (other then AA/CC and boarding) is bombs, something that can not be used against aerial models (unless they go low flying). Mine typically fly in circles in a back corner to keep my opponent from completing the "destroy all smalls" fleet order. I find them the most useful against land vessels though. With the typically lower stats of land vehicles the 9AD of a fully linked squad has a much better chance of doing some hefty damage. Against Naval they still can but with most Larges have a 6/10 or so DR/CR vs the average land of 5/8 its just a bit tougher to get those sweet sweet crits. Bombs ignore shields which does help a lot, and it is our only "bomber". They arent horrible, but not stellar, not every model gets to be spectacular (just most of ours because... science!).
  10. Should be in the small category
  11. What most people see is the price difference between the Dio and the Ari and see the drone launcher as a more capable weapon. A big problem with the Ari that you may or may not have encountered yet in playing is after a few good hits (certainly after a couple crits) its damage output is severely depleted, unless you are going with E turrets in which is maximum potential for AD is capped in comparison. Honestly I am glad you love the Ari! It needs more love out there! Not trying to convince you otherwise but play devils advocate and let you know what others are seeing.
  12. With carrier actions non drone carriers can resupply, rearm, or repurpose a SAS within 4" during their command phase. Check out the Support Aircraft, Carriers and Drone Launchers section in the digi admiral edition (Pg 112)
  13. Why no more skimmers? Ottomans are one of the few tricksy factions that can take a full naval core on a land surface! Because... Shenanigans....
  14. You must have had some really good rolling with your turrets, fully linked your going to get a maximum of 23/19/13/8. Did you get your Aristotle into range band 2 without it getting hurt? If in RB 1 did you take into account the -1 to hit for primaries? As for the Drones, unless the critical was a "Chaos and Disarray" I do not see how one crit evaporated half of its drone ability. When a drone relay takes a crit you remove a drone from play permanently (so not going to the scrapyard) and if the Diophantus takes 2 damage it removes one drone from its "carrier capacity" so even without the upgrade and having 2 damage the normally 6 strong drone function would only be 5 strong, still a full wing still fully capable of doing damage to anything out there. The Diophantus can link its "lower" and "upper" broadsides and were you wavelurking with either of them?
  15. It could be worse, it could still have hit n run! I like my Galens on the Aristotle and Pericles the most ( I have 12 of the dang things!) and they would be good with a Diophantus as well. I somehow some way by the grace of sturginium and luck of a penguin flipper got a fully escorted Aristotle into RB 2 unscathed. Ok I know how I did it, I sacraficed a Daedalus to get there but it took it like a champ! The turrets on the Galens being 270 degrees is pretty nice letting you screen an entire side of the parent vessel from torpedos while linking over to its broadsides for a full 8/6/-/- added to said broadsides (with a full compliment of escorts) or they can fire on their own with a 10/8/-/- spread or take individual shots on a squad of smalls closing in (they arent capital so should hit them better then its parent element).
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