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  1. Fallen

    Question about decking

    Have you thought about white decking with a wash of some kind? Helps make the army feel brighter than most too for additional contrast.
  2. If only I could find an FSA map with the flag overlaid could I make that picture any better ---- In general I think it's because of a couple of reasons that it is currently not metric. 1 - The UK likes to be different than other Metric using countries (seeing how you still actually have/use different terms) 2 - Mainstream US does not really know the metric system, unless milligrams/grams of drugs I mean medicine, or in 2 liter soda increments. 3 - the main players of the Table Top World (GW, Bolt Action, Flames of War, Malifaux, WarMachine & Hordes) all use Inches, sometimes its easier to just go with the flow. 4 - It means redoing all of their current templates (do we still use templates - it's been a while since I've played)
  3. If you like the card idea then feel free to look at @varnos's cards, they are pretty top notch.
  4. Hopefully new units/nations getting released. Egypt SUSA Greece Romania LoIS Aussies T.O. Ottomans Canuck Land (Canada) Belgium (again? - or at least a new model - Kinda sad that they went kaput and got rolled into the RoF, they should at least have a box available for them) All of these factions make sense sorta for them to get either a rule set with current models (T.O. and Aussies) or a new shiny box (LoIS/Canada/Ottomans) ---- Also I would expect to see either a massive upgrade to the units or a slight to massive decrease in point costs.
  5. Cruisers tend to make our lists a lot, mainly due to a lack of spamming and small array of models - we mostly have frigates (old starter set) and a single corvette/BC squadron between us.
  6. I would vote Brits between those choices. mainly due to 2 reasons 1) Access to close allies (Raj, Aussies, Canuck Land & EIMC if you wish) 2) Global Empire - very easy to write a quick 5 min background for why the battle is happening; to get some creative juices flowing...or the enemy's blood.
  7. Making the Aufseher a carrier... It's an interesting Idea. I like it, I think it would give the T.O. some added flexibility - I think it would be really cool if their Fighters got the Heavy Ack Ack (or Sustained Fire) MAR like the Russians; more to show that they are excellent pilots rather than the "lots of dakka" approach.
  8. First off @thyphs your making me laugh super hard with these - also I kinda wish that if Spartan adds more fluff that there is a Dr. Pfirsich (Peach in German) of the T.O. who has a pet rabbit - just for the kicks. ---- Onto the Serious discussion - I think to allow the T.O. to have more units there are two routes that they can go. 1st route being the "augmented" models - variant weapon systems for existing models - of which there have been several noted in this thread. 2nd route being the new & shiny models - Flying robots, borrowing robots, hovering robots - etc etc. I personally am more interested in the later choice, with a minor exception of some different Schildtrager variants - especially in the medium and small/tiny portions of the T.O. - I am ATM their bread & butter is that they are a small elite "assassination" squad effectively, in the overall battle - wherever the T.O. go, ruin follows. Whether that means that they are used to stem the tide and stop the Russians from breaking through, or having them assault a key area. ---- Fluff wise I really REALLY want to see the T.O. liberate Konigsburg from it's 4-ish year siege, and simultaneously assault St. Petersburg.
  9. I could see a D3 crit effect - that wholly impedes an enemy's movement. 1 Nothing 2 Half Movement 3 No turning Crit (rudder jam - I forget the name) Also for Larges, perhaps they only have "pocket" BBs and the like that have altered silhouette "Medium" - since deployment is by "Line of sight" so the Larger ships are placed first, so if it was medium the player could place his cruisers first before his BB - to help with deployment since it seems like SUSA would be a VERY fickle fleet that requires movement, deployment and plotting to great effect. (kinda like running corvettes in SW: Armada by FFG). I could also see every ship have some sort of Tiny model (Activation advantage) but they are also supposed to help augment the fleet with the things that they are pretty bad at (like haveing all the smalls have 1 tiny AA ship *cough* escorts effectively), Mediums have 2 rocket ships each (I would go with rockets since no one has a rocket firing ship), and larges have eitehr 4 or 6 tiny rocket things things. Also maybe a specialty MAR on their tiny ships that works like this "Shallow Hull - Models with this MAR are immune to Torpedo attacks and do not block line of sight/path for torpedoes." Also I think Mimic Generators would work well with SUSA.
  10. I think it would be cool if the League of (Extraordinary) Honorable Gentlemen were an independent force of Robots - like the Teutonic Order or (MIA) Knights Templar.
  11. In General I think that Lend-Lease should always be Core (assuming it's the right "core" of the game (Naval, Armored, Air)) Just because it's from a different country, but used & manned by someone has always stroke (striked? - damn grammar) me the wrong way. ---- I also wouldn't mind more Naval Italians (in general I want more) A Heavy Cruiser Another Generic Medium (Medium Sub?) or something like a long range version of the Aussie Victoria Monitor (aka bombard?) Subs (small or Medium) ---- I really like that this thread has turned itself around from being negative about the lateness - to a thought pool for ideas to help the play testers. *Note: if any of my ideas are taken, I would like to be mentioned in short - like "That dude Fallen from our forums helped us with some of the ships here...and he is sorta of a jerk for always watching us (Avatar)*
  12. well, we can change that to mean a minimum amount of points. Thanks Nazduruk_Bugzappa for the save...too bad I forgot before posting.
  13. I like that heavy destroyer base! - maybe have it be able to swap a turret for a generator (Magnetic mine mover OR target painter: Primary weapons?) *nudge nudge* ---- In general what are the thoughts of perhaps lowering (or at least not to approach dread high AD levels for weapons) and giving certain ships get a Mk2 version of themselves with a "Hunter surface +1 OR flying +1" MAR? with a suitable negative counter for taking the upgrade of course. Probably most likely on smalls (escorts to help deter flyers / SAW for example). Especially since it has been sorta "confirmed" that several minor nations won't have Dreads (Italians) or much more of a model line (Aussies) for the foreseeable future.
  14. give them another coat of "white" maybe if you do not like them? Not certain (No one has taken France yet here) to know if those are actually naval units or aerial ones; but if they are naval then maybe you could have a whiter "bottom" and a darker top (as is) so keep them as a gradual transition from pure naval, GNE, and Aerial units.
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