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  1. Have the people who read the Target Painter rules realized that the Target Painter(Primary) on the Savannah was going to be useless if it remained? Target Painters now only work for a single activation. Since the Savannah does not have Primary weapons it has no use of the painter for them. Changing it to Rockets would have been my choice but oh well.
  2. Excellent work Ruckdog however there is one thing I would to double check. Is there any change to when generators activate, specifically the utility generators like Target Painters? Sorry, checked elsewhere. Seems each generator now states when it is activated.
  3. ???? ?? What would make you think it is regulated over here?
  4. This pic should pretty much be mandatory in any thread where activation spam is being discussed.
  5. Why? What section of the rules reinforces that is the correct way?
  6. They are not baseless. The Crimson League battleship makes it very clear that Spartan has run out of ideas and that not even the mad scientists are able to stay ahead of the game. Compound that with the fact we are back to the reasoning that "new ships must have unique rules" and we are even worse than the MAR bloat of before.
  7. This community would never agree to a layout so just stick with a professional editor.
  8. The singular issue with using SAS to block movement is this: You only use the least disturbance rule if a model MUST be forced move into a space occupied by another another model. This only occurs during a models minimum movement since that is the only time a model MUST move. After your minimum movement you have the option of stopping early. With the slow movement and turning template SAS can be used to easily halt a larges forward movement or prevent it from turning to one side since it will seldom be able to move completely past the wing.
  9. I would vote to keep them as they were. Utterly unique and overpowering. They need revamped in order to get their power level back but they are the single faction I believe that should keep their crazy special rules and faction only crit table. OR, Spartan could shelve them and release Darwin's monsters like they all hope they one day will.
  10. For me, the advantage is that my flyers can also see everything on the surface. Corvettes can't hide behind islands. Support and repair ships can't hide behind the front line. Being able to negate terrain advantages and disrupt the enemies plan is a fair trade for some built in weakness. Besides, I usually run a pair of advanced deployed Halifax bombers. Never have I had both obscured shielded mediums removed in the first turn. Wave after wave of fighter sas have come close but never succeeded yet.
  11. I agree. Relying on Devastating against the faction with the most retardant armor is a pretty bad idea. Especially considering that Britannia has nothing with enough Devastating AD to overcome the odds. As for the Widsor, I stand by my main method for fighting all of the dreadbots. A solid punch in the face.
  12. I am delighted by all of the hilarious and extremely over complicated attempts to fix SV by adding yet more percentages to list building. Scrap SV and replace it with something that actually makes sense. Or just re-balance the cost of the models properly.
  13. Lifegiver: Throwing torpedoes against undamaged naval larges is the definition of 'doing it wrong'. Britannia ships take quite a few games to get their movement and preferred ranges correct. You will likely lose these first several games. Our turrets do fall into the weaker category but we tend to have a large number of them and they are Redoubtable. Britannia takes damage well and keeps dishing it out all the way down. Hood battlecruisers and the Halifax heavy bomber are both great support pieces. Zupka, if your only looking at carrier value and points you seem to be taking a very narrow view of each fleet. Yes the FSA fleet carrier is cheap as dirt but unless you driving directly at the enemy you will only be shooting with a single broadside attack. The Avenger is expensive but it will spit hate and discontent at mediums and smalls all game long. Neither ship though is able or designed to take on opposing battleships.
  14. If I was Russian facing French I would expect my opponent to have at least one large aerial. A minimum of one Tunguska would likewise be in the lineup.
  15. If ships sank at a quarter the rate they do in reported battles navies would be cowering in the bunks and refusing to leave port. Boarding is fine as is. Yes it is powerful. All that means is you have to work a plan for blunting it into your overall game. If an intact squadron of corvettes makes it to within four inches of a battleship you are doing it wrong. Advance deployed flyers and frigates are able to scatter most corvette squadrons with ease. Five corvettes is a serious threat. Three in a minor nuisance. When I have set ships and dice on the table and walked a player through how the pools and rolling work I have never had an issue teaching boarding.
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