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  1. I went back and read the updated rulebook - it mentions nothing about placing models and then moving. The updated rulebook is much newer than the December FAQ, is it not?
  2. 2) When Disembarking, do you first place the Infantry models in base to base with the transport and then move them, OR do you simply measure the Cruise move from the transports base and then place the Infantry models? Place the Infantry models in base to base with the transport and then move them. Any models that cannot be placed are removed as casualties, incurring a Disorder Test where applicable. So my question is, do you have to place the whole disembarking unit in base to base (any that can not fit die) and THEN move? Or, do you place them in contact and move them one by one as they exit the transport? (making way for those behind them). I can see losing models because there's no space to fit them as they exit the transport with enemy very close, but not because the transport happened to land next to a building...
  3. ToySoldierMick, Amesbury MA USA thanks for doing this!
  4. You dislike your infantry because you never get them into buildings! Once you do that, I'll rue this advice I keep giving you
  5. My friend Zak, in the above quote you were staunchly defending the current Firestorm Armada against possible future morphing into a system you wouldn't enjoy playing, and I appreciate that. Fiercely holding on to what we love is our lot in life. Zak, you should know how much I value your opinion (before I started pushing Planetfall in my shop I asked your opinion on it first!) However, Zak, I think you're treating Planetfall unfairly. I think it's a great game (definitely much better than "not a really good one"). I love the scoring system (objective scoring each round and unit destruction) and yes, the ease of play. I find the game elegant with solid rewards for tactical maneuvering and sound decision making. I'm VERY much looking forward to a combined campaign system with Firestorm Armada. I know you've read the rules, but if you could ever be convinced to try the game out, on the tabletop, there's plenty of us at the shop that would enjoy your company. If you can make it on a Wednesday evening, I'd even buy your first round at the Alehouse If after slurred debate, you are still staunch in your aging beliefs, my Dindrenzi will welcome you clearing the path to that planet over there, so we can fall upon it and take it's riches... sincerely,
  6. Nice catch! I felt this would be the way to do it but didn't find it under the movement rules or the end of turn rules. Thanks!
  7. Heya gents, during a game tonight a couple questions came up. 1. Terquai infantry and Portal. Is it correct that it takes an activation to deploy the portal and THEN on future activations you can bring infantry through it? Is it correct that if the portal gets destroyed the infantry can not deploy, even by walking on to the board? (reserves seem to be "scenario specific" but there doesn't seem to be even a generic scenario, just "quick play".) 2. Moving Flat Out. If a unit moves flat out, do they count as moving flat out until their next activation or until the end of the turn? thanks much!
  8. REMINDER: Toy Soldier 1000 point Firestorm Armada tournament is tomorrow at 11AM. Hope to see some of you fine fellows there!
  9. Sorry I missed ya! But thanks for the purchases
  10. NOTICE: Due to a wave of players stating they can not play on this date, we will be changing it. Date to be determined. (You may message me if you'd like with a date that would work for you )
  11. NOTICE: I've had a wave of customers come in stating they can not play on the 17th, so we will be shifting the date (TBD). Meanwhile:
  12. Heya gents. We'll be holding our first Firestorm Armada Tournament at the Toy Soldier on Saturday May 17th 2014. I'll be updating the details as we go, but I wanted to get this out there for anyone who would be interested and would appreciate as much time as possible to plan attending. Firestorm Armada Tournament - 1000 Points 3 Rounds, Swiss Pairings. 150 minutes per round. Entrance fee: $10 (all returned as prizes in form of Gift Certificate/Store Credit) 10:30AM Sign ups. 11AM Start time. @ Toy Soldier 113B Main Street Amesbury MA 01913 Hope to see many of you there! Apologies: If a moderator could change the topic title to 1000 Point.. that would be much appreciated. /chagrined
  13. Next Toy Soldier Firestorm Armada Day is Saturday April 19th. I'll make sure to post what scenarios we're using for the league so any that want to participate can come prepared. In fact, I'm prepared to say that until further notice, we will make the 3rd Saturday of every month Firestorm Armada day (I feel confident we can sustain that through the summer, where it may turn into a "Spartan Games Day" as I look ahead to the eventual release of Planetfall...)
  14. Heya gents, have you tried playing at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie? I own a store in Massachusetts but grew up in Annapolis. The owner Ed is an awesome guy and that shop is one of the very few that I'm jealous of. I'm not sure if they carry Spartan Games aggressively, but they're a top notch store with lots of gaming space (they also have a miniature centric full time guy, Patrick, who seems to harbor a lot of love for non mainstream miniature games...)
  15. Hey guys - I was thinking - should we make a Firestorm Armada day be a monthly thing? 1 Saturday every month? Just to give the out of towners a day to focus on?
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