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  1. Bombard ! So purpose built and predatory looking. Halberd Again purpose built and looked great on the table For something special Neil................. The SHANTU of course The Jowrion Perditor [Destroyer] Class Leviathan
  2. The Fixed firing arc restriction has been removed. Kinetic': 'All Kinetic Weapons are Direct Weapons. If ALL Weapons contributing to an Attack are Kinetic Weapons, and the Attack forces enemy vessels equipped with Shields to roll using the [BLUE] Dice Mechanic to defend themselves rather than the [RED] Dice Mechanic. See this is why you don't let Dindrezni players be involved in development.
  3. I'm sorry I meant bases as in starbase, battlestation,defense platform etc....
  4. It is realistic as a last desperate measure. Happens in the real world during war. Worked great in 1.0 with its restrictions. Never stopped using it. FA is best with a mish mash of different editions rules and charts .I'm sure 3.0 will be the same way. To quote the great Egg Shen "There's Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoist alchemy and sorcery. We take what we want and leave the rest... Just like your salad bar."
  5. Greetings ! So with Sorylians " Fewer SRS, but they pack a bigger punch " do you mean fewer than they have now or compared to other 3.0 fleets ? Do they have more PD now to make up for less SRS ? The bigger punch is one of there own things or SRS in general are more powerful in 3.0 ? And with the comment about Veydreth does that mean Sorylians mount fewer torpedoes now ? Have Range Bands changed at all or have Primary Weapons been extended in range ? The Red/Blue dice mechanic , are we likely to see blue dice more on smaller ships as main weapons ? Have bases changed any in 3.0 ? Are there more terrain / space conditions types in 3.0 ?
  6. Wow , is it really only 1 week from a whole year ? Dec 20 http://www.spartangames.co.uk/fleet-building-competition
  7. Next year the Salute post will be officially titled The kaptyn_Krys Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Photographic Excellence Salute Pic Roundup
  8. The old original Spartan site. Were never released.
  9. LOL,If only there was something like square pigs in FA. Who knows, maybe there is ! At least in my head that's what's always being transported on the Mantis freighters
  10. Directorate DHK Robots. Yep, they're real !
  11. Shhhh, he's very sensitive about being " different" from all the others
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