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  1. are you using the stats from the downloads page or the ones that came in the box? the download page states that it has 2 main turrets both with a 270 degree fire arc
  2. while luck can be a deciding factor in battles such as blowing up an enemy dreadnought with a lucky crit / chain reaction, most of the time it acts as luck does in other games by making things slightly more random. tactics also have a major part to play in victory's as each nation of each game system plays differently with its own inherent strengths and weaknesses, the sheer number of tactics posts on this forum can attest to the strength that strong tactics can give you in these games. as for which one to pick, have a look at the background, the factions and the models and pick the one that you like best. fracas is true though when he says that DW is the most popular and supported with firestorm in close second and US somewhere in the distance with a broken leg.
  3. I may be wrong but I think those stats are in the operational assets pdf.
  4. why would you ever use safari?
  5. it comes with the energy drop ons and you can use a lot of the british ariel stuff, check their stats page for details. Edit:you can use all the units in the british ariel box
  6. I dont have those problems. it may be just you i'm afraid to say
  7. generally superglue works well, if you want a stronger bond then you could try scoring the surfaces beforehand.
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