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  1. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Well, killed tiny flyers don't return to the carrier. They are dead. The carrier was always launching a brand new squadron from its many reserves of planes they have. Which is realistic. V2.5 could possibly have had a max number of TFT they could relaunch a game, instead of the always available carrier points the game already had. So, for example, if the Elbe was used, it could have had a max TFT capacity of 20 tokens, (60 planes per ship due to its size). So the carrier can do any action it likes (replenish, rearm or relaunch) but to do the replenish or relaunch digs into its limited supply. That's what it should have been in my opinion.
  2. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    To be honest, the only way to stop them will be to kill the carrier, or just put hurt on it. It's not like they are powerhouses who can take a hit like a dreadnought (except the Russian carriers. Ablative Armour makes it so). Not sure I like the way the tiny flyers will just be removed after an attack run. Doesn't feel realistic for the scale. And more importantly, it feels too Firestorm Armada for me...and that is a really boring game to play.
  3. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    I was refering to Stuarts comments. Not the rules that have been brought up in this thread
  4. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    So Tiny Flyers are going back to mostly v1.1 rules, requiring them to land on carriers for a turn then relaunched? Not only that, they are getting the Firestorm Armada treatment in that they do not act independently? Both of these I can take it or leave it. Though for the latter, while i think its a bit daft, I hope you don't go whole hog with the Firestorm rules, in that they can only ever be within so many inches of the carrier at all times, unless they go on an attack run. That would be horrible.
  5. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Or they all must activate first inside their own phase, before all other moves. Carriers can still perform their actions on them, Or respawn them when they have been destroyed as normal. But they cant do anything until the next game turn and SAS Activation Phase. It's not a complicated fix and doesn't need a full rework of the rules.
  6. New company...

    Last I saw, WC were going to put some of the most viable models back into production, if the moulds and/or master model that Spartan developed are still good for use. In my mind, that means most of the models from v2 should be fine. For example, for the Prussians I suspect that models such as the Uhlan Cruiser, Kaiser Karl HBB, and Elbe carrier might be completely fine to put back into production as they are now without modification. Other models like the Frigates, Corvettes, and the battlecruiser might not be in a good enough condition anymore for making new moulds and casts for. So these might need revamped, or just dropped in favour of a new model with drop on options to make sure that older models aren't left behind and the stats come in a Mk1 and Mk2 stat configuration, where the Mk1 is the current version and the Mk2 is the new model. Some models though will be going the way of the dodo though, like the Emperor Battleship, Riever Cruisers, and maybe the Geier. These models will be discontinued and folded into the stats of other models. The Emperor can easily be folded into the Eider stats as they are almost exactly the same. The Riever can be folded into the Uhlan Cruisers, but the Uhlan stats can be modified to have the original stats and a Tesla version to allow players to use the Riever as it is. Last I saw these were their plans for the current range, but you can't blame them for trying to do something different with the models to stamp Warcradles identity onto the range, misguided as it could well be in the end. Their modifications can quite easily backfire and instead of getting more people into the setting it might just put more people off the game entirely. However, that's not something we can predict at this stage and we can but wait to see what else they plan to reveal to the public. Sooner would be better than later, as the DW community in general has been slowly dying since WC did the Q&A, (theres only 2 topics being talked about in the forum by the same 6 people) and the Facebook page they took over has nothing but picture of people with their rulebooks, rather than a place for discussion and showing off paint jobs. That could be just most have decided to wait in silence, or they've gone their merry way. But we can't force them to reveal anything until they feel they are ready.
  7. New company...

    It's the same rocket part the Japanese cruisers have. Though, I do prefer the rocket drop on the Chinese had. They were so large that it was easy to say that they had on board manual targeting system (or put another way, a Chinese soldier is inside the rocket guiding it to their target)
  8. Ottoman's in 2.5

    I won a tournament at 1500pts with the Ottomans in v2.5. Absolutely trampled my opponents in my first two games (won the first game 2000vps to 90vps vs British, 800vps to 300vps vs a submarine japanese list, and scraped a win vs another Japanese fleet when I mag exploded their dreadnought) My List was: Kanuni dreadnought with 3 frigates as escorts Hisar Sadrazam with extra GNE to give my cruisers a movement boost for capturing ships or objectives. Sinop monitors with extra SAS Sinop monitors with extra SAS Fettah cruisers Arci destroyers 17 Activations in total (Not that I was trying to get that many but it was just a perk of the Ottoman Orbat) I won my games mostly through storm template and cloud shenanigans, blocking chokepoints with them to mess with my opponents shooting (in my first game I had the cloud activated on my dreadnought, plus 1 storm template on top of it at one point so both my dreadnought and frigate escort would be 6s to hit which was lucky as the dreadnought and frigates were all the British dreadnought could see all game). Bit of advice for your list, ignore the Minelayers and anything to do with Minelaying with the Ottomans. They are the definition of worthless. They are too easily countered in 1) mines are only on one model in the fleet, so 2) They are very easy to kill before they get close enough to make use of their mines, which 3) are too easy to destroy as your opponent gets to use AA to neutralize the Mines instead of the normal CC and we all know that there is more dice in AA than CC. Devastating on the Mines is actually very very powerful, but the Mines are just too easy to neutralize and after a game or two you'll just go back to a normal list without them. That's what happened to me. Also, try playing at 1500pts per game. 1000pts is just too small a game for v2.5 and it's damaging critical hits. A 1500pts game can easily be concluded within 2 hours of playing with a definitive winner. But that's just my two pennies on that. Also, the dreadnought is the only large model you should be looking at for any game. The Sadrazam is not a very good ship and should be relegated to an add on large model if you have the Cruisers in your list to help give them a speed boost. The Hisar is a very good unit, but I struggle to get it into lists because it's an Armoured model instead of Naval. So the dreadnought is the best compromise as it gives the extra SAS and packs one hell of a punch for a fairly lacklustre Orbat. That's my advice.
  9. New company...

    The Chinese do not have fixed channel broadsides. Just a minor correction.
  10. Questions and Answers Blog Post

    It's the way you say it that makes it read as though you have contempt for those that still disagree with your changes. And so what if some still comment on the same point repeatedly? You've made it clear more than enough times that it's changing. They have an opinion, let them voice it. It's not going to change anything either way, so why say anything to discourage the talk? It's a general discussion thread afterall. That's what it is for. Instead of just saying it's changing and basically telling fans to just get on board or stay quiet, engage and try to get them to see your point of view and why you think it's a good change. So far, only Stuart is trying to do this. But the information he has shared is limited, either because warcrasle hasn't fully thought everything out or he can't go into too much detail yet. You, on the other hand, just say what's happening, effectively stating (without actually saying) that fan opinions don't really matter, or at least that's what it comes off like in text. All I'm saying is that you need to choose your words much better. Of all the Warcradle staff that post comments on the forums or facebook, your username is the one i personally least like seeing in the threads. Not because what you say is wrong, but I dislike the way you say it.
  11. Questions and Answers Blog Post

    Seriously Richard, your comments over the last couple of months keep suggesting that you are the least diplomatic of the Warcradle staff. I know you mean well, but comments like the one above are not necessary. All fans know the scale is changing and that there is nothing we can do or say to keep it at it's currant scale. However, there is no need to write comments that suggests contempt for those that aren't on-board with your point of view or vision for the game. Like the old saying goes, "if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all"
  12. They aren't obsolete. They will still be usable in Armoured Clash. But I was talking the tank tokens still being usable in DW as a tiny boat.
  13. Nothing a little paint job wouldn't fix. I've textured up the bases on my Walze tanks, and I'm more than happy to repaint it up. And to make them usable I'm sure most others would do the same
  14. When V3 drops and the tiny tank tokens become irrelevant and dropped completely from the game, what will players with existing models do with them? Will they just be something to throw into the rubbish since they won't have any use anymore or could they be repurposed? Obviously I think most players are in favour of the repurposing option, but how could they be repurposed? I think some of them could be used as a naval unit of sorts. The Prussian Walze could easily be converted to act like a small boarding craft in DW or a gunboat. It looks boaty enough. The Japanese Ke-Ho tank also looks like it would be a cool boat, rolling over the water. The STO Faust could easily be a Multi Purpose model. But I'm not sure about the other small tokens. What do you think? Do they have a place left in the game?
  15. But the rabbit is cute and fluffy....and who wouldn't want to have tea with the mad hatter?

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